Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010 and Hello 2011!!!

Last year I had our blog printed into a book so we would always have the pictures and journals that went along with them. I am doing the same thing this year, so this is my last post for our 2010 book. Compared to 2009, this year has been a breeze!! We have made a ton of good memories, been a part of my sister's wedding, watched a cousin have a baby and another one get married, started preschool, had our first real family vacation, and just had a lot of fun being a family of four!!!!

Maddie has grown up so much this past year and is our little independent, sometimes knows too much for her own good, silly, precious girl. Turner is our handful that is so loving and expressive, and in the past two months has started talking up a storm. Our kids love each other, copy each other, and fight with each other on a daily basis. They make our hearts melt and my hair turn grayer on a daily basis:) They have had a great year enjoying being three and one, and I can't wait to see what 2011 holds for them and how much more they will grow.

Kevin and I have considered selling the house, considered having another baby, considered a lot of things, but for the moment we have decided to be content with what we have and know that we are so blessed!! We have so much to be thankful for, and I am constantly having to slow myself down and just appreciate each day. 2010 has been good, and we are looking forward 2011.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Santa came and left lots of goodies for the kids and we have played all day!! We woke up about 6:00 this morning and had Megs, Bubba, Mimi, and Boo Boo over by 7:30. Turner loves his grill that Santa left him and Maddie really likes her snuggie, computer, and Laney. I was so proud to see that Santa left her a huge Disney castle and she could care less about it!!!! Hopefully she will like it in time. I thought Turner would be thrilled about his guitar and computer, hasn't touched either of them. I thought they would both love their dogs, maybe a little bit. I definately think they were overwhelmed and that more is not always better. Lesson learned and I will try to remember that next year, is just so much fun buying them toys and they don't really get any through out the year. It was a fun and wild morning at the Wilkes house.

After opening presents at home, we headed to Mimi and Boo Boo's to do Christmas with them. We had a delicious breakfast, and had fun opening more gifts. Maddie got a bed for Kylie and Zach, which she does LOVE and Turner got a Thomas the Train set which he has played at home now that we have it together. Bubba looks quite good in his Snuggie that we got him and Boo Boo has a new pillow that doesn't seem to be quite all I thought it would be:) Fun Fun Fun!!!

After we left there we came home and have spent the rest of the day playing!!! Happy Birthday Jesus! You are the true reason we celebrate today and I am so very thankful for everything you have given us!!!

Christmas Eve!

This year we had Christmas Eve at Aunt Debbie and Uncle Warren's. We spent day baking treats and looked forward to going over there for dinner and presents. As we were leaving the kids left some reindeer food in our yard. We didn't want Santa passing over our house!!! We had so much fun with everyone. It was baby Ellie's first Christmas and my kids love her! She is cute as pie and we had fun watching her take it all in. This was also Matt and Rachel's, and Meg's and David's first Christmas as a married couple!! Lots of happenings this year in the Young family. We had a delicious dinner, a visit from Santa (aka sweet Don) and lots of presents for the kiddos to open. Christmas Eve has always been one of my favorite nights-I love getting together with our family and that is about the only guaranteed night of the year that we do. It is so amazing that I remember doing it when we were our kid's age. I hope the tradition continues to carry on and always reminds me how blessed and grateful I am for our sweet family!

Leaving there we went straight home to put the kiddo's to bed. They were both excited and we had a lot of work to do before the next morning!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas in Savannah!

This weekend we went to Savannah to do Christmas with the Wilke's and Lawson family. We had a great time! Friday night we exchanged gifts and had everyone over. Nonna and Big Da got the kids a John Deere Rider and they were thrilled! It is a two seater so they can ride it together. They also received a few other toys and some cute clothes! It was a fun night.

Saturday the kids spent a lot of time playing outside with their cousins and Nonna and I did a little shoe shopping. They have a shoe store in Savannah that carries name brand shoes and discounted prices and I usually always find stuff for the kids. I bought myself some boots as well. Kevin's cousin and wife had their third baby Friday, so Nonna and I also went to see them Saturday night. It was a tough pregnancy for Christy, but she and baby were doing well. Acesyn is super cute and has a head full of dark hair! It reminded me of mine when they were first born.

Sunday we all went to Nonna's church for the Christmas program they were having there. Brayden, Ander, and Addison were in it, as well as both Maddie and Turner!! Maddie was a star and Turner was a cute little cow. It was so fun seeing them all up there. I knew I would get to see Maddie in another program-didn't know it would be two days later:) After church we came home and ordered pizza. The kids were ready to go outside again and it was time for me to head home. That is right-I left my family in Savannah because I had to come home to work for a few days. This will give Kevin and the kids a little more time to visit and help Kevin out since he is out of school for the next two weeks.
I can't believe it is already the week of Christmas. We spend so much time preparing and it is over in a flash. I hope to just enjoy this week and cherish the time I have to spend with my family. We had a great Christmas in Savannah and there will be more to come!!

Christmas Program at School!

The preschool had their Christmas program Friday morning in the Sanctuary. It worked out great for me since I don't work on Friday's, but Kevin couldn't get off work since it was exams and the kid's last day of school:( He hated to miss but Mimi and Boo Boo came to support Maddie and help Mommy with Turner:) Maddie's class sang a few songs and the kindergarten class did a short play. It was a sweet program, but this momma was a little aggravated-the boy standing in front of Maddie wore a Santa hat, which meant we really never saw her!! I had my video camera and camera with me, but ended up just griping and just taped a little of it. I have got to get a grip-you would have thought the world had ended because I didn't have a clear view of my daughter who usually has her hand stuck in her mouth anyway and probably didn't do a lot of singing. If Maddie had been blocking another child, I wouldn't have even noticed, so it is ok. I bet I will see Maddie in another program or two in her life:)

On a positive note, Turner was on his best behavior and sat through the whole thing while Boo Boo and I complained. When it was over we all went to Maddie's classroom to get her and tell her what a great job she did. We then went to Stevie B's with Mimi for some pizza and let them play games. Funny story-while the kids were in the gameroom Turner was going behind one of the machines. Mimi started freaking out, talking about electrcity, and how he couldn't go back there. So...I get him out and he runs around for another minute. Then he goes off to a different machine and starts getting behind it. I go and get him and start laughing-Little man was just trying to poop in private and we wouldn't let him!!!! It was time to go after that, I had a little stinker who needed to get home and be changed:)

Maddie's School Party!

Last Wednesday was Maddie's Christmas party at school. I took the day off so I could take her and go to her party. We had to wrap an empty cereal box with the top off to take. They sat them outside the room and a few of the mom's filled them up with goodies during the party. I had Christmas cookies made at the Busy Bakery to put in everyone's "present". They ate pizza for lunch, made reindeer food to take home, and played pin the nose of rudolph. It was a cute party and a great way to end the year. Maddie came home and looked through all of her goodies before we went to pick up Turner. She is having a great time at school and I am so glad it worked out between Mimi and my work schedule that she gets to go!!
The super cute dress she has on was made by Mimi with Love!!

Santa Comes to Dance Class!

Last week Maddie had her last dance class for the year. I was so excited because I knew we were going to get to watch them for a minute and then Santa came to visit!!! Maddie had no idea and seemed excited to see him. She was able to sit on his lap and tell him what she wanted for Christmas. She has seen Santa several times this year, and commented how they all look different!!! Thankfully she didn't question it too much. This has been such a fun season for her. She really understands everything and get so excited. I just love the innocence of my children and hope they keep it for a LONG time.

Gingerbread Village with Treybug!

About a week ago we had Treybug and Mary over to decorate a Gingerbread Village. This is our second year to do this, and I hope we continue the tradition! It makes me laugh at the differences between boys and girls. Maddie looks so forward to doing things like this and couldn't wait for Trey to get here. Trey sat at the table and decorated for about 5 minutes and then he was off to the toy room!! Turner was able to participate this year and enjoyed destroying his house:) They each got a bowl filled with candies and after the momma's finally got the houses put together, they got to work. Mary and I always enjoy catching up and the kiddo's had fun playing, eating, and decorating!! It was a fun night.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Storytime with Santa

Last night we took the kids to the Pink Palace for some Santa fun. They sat and listened to Santa read them stories, sang songs, ate cookies and milk, went through the Enchanted Forest, and each picked out a stuffed animal to take home. They did all this in their pj's!!! Turner sat in my lap and listened to Santa read books just about the entire time. He was definately intrigued. They loved their snack and were amazed by the Enchanted Forest. I haven't been to the Enchanted Forest since I was a child. It is so funny how you remember things and then see them again as an adult. I must say.....I was much more impressed when I was young:) The kids just seemed to take everything in and had a ball. We went straight to bed once we got home.

Since we have been so busy the past few days, we stayed home from church tonight. The kids acted so good and I think just needed to take a break. Tomorrow night we are having Trey bug over to decorate a gingerbread village. I will post pics from that tomorrow.