Thursday, February 19, 2015


  We actually didn't have much snow, but between the ice, sleet, and snow, we are just going back to school on Thursday.  It has been wonderful!  We were so tired Sunday night and thankful we didn't have to wake anyone up to go to school.  Kev got out about 9 that morning to go pick up Turner.  He said the roads were horrible!
  We left the house once on Tuesday to visit Mimi and Boo for a bit and then Wednesday afternoon I took the big kids to see Big Hero 6 with Mary and her kids.  The kids have painted, made bracelets, played outside and just enjoyed some lazy days.  Being at home as a family of 5 with no commitments has been nice. 
  We didn't go to the grocery store before we left so we have been making do and cooking up a storm.  I have loved it.  Most nights we are going in several directions and a hot cooked meal doesn't always happen.  I love cooking for the family and I had plenty of time this week to do so.
  We are back in routine today but have another chance of bad weather tomorrow.  I must get diapers before that happens!  Thankful for days God slows us down and thankful Spring isn't too far off:)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

VDay, BBall, and St. Louis!

This past weekend was a whirlwind!  Friday the kids were out of school and had a party at church that night.  It was a party for all ages and gave the parents a chance to have an epic date night!  It had been way too long for us and we thoroughly enjoyed a sushi dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.  It was a win for everybody!
  Saturday morning Turner had his last basketball game and awards.  He has so enjoyed playing and can't wait for the next season.  Every player got a new basketball and he loves it.  We are glad he has found an activity that he enjoys and looks forward to doing.  Next up is soccer for him and M.
  As soon as that was over we hopped in the car to head to St. Louis.  Turner decided to stay with Mimi and Boo Boo this trip.  These car rides with such a short stay in between are wearing on him:)  We had big plans though once we got there.  We met up with Nay Nay and Tucker at the AG store and ate California Pizza for dinner.
  It was great spending time with them and the girls really enjoyed the store.  Maddie has never been a big doll lover, but she had McKenna with her and picked out a few things.  Harper, on the other hand, loves babies/dolls and had a ball in there.  It was a perfect time to go since Turner had stayed in Memphis.
  We got back to the hotel around 9:30, and got everyone ready for bed.  Maddie's meet didn't start till 2 on Sunday so I knew we could sleep in.  Harper slept till 9!!  Maddie woke up not much earlier than that.  Maddie was kind of in a funk and doing a lot of coughing.  We gave her a breathing treatment and figured this probably wouldn't be her best meet.  She just seemed off to us.  We checked out, grabbed some Hardees, and headed to the meet.
  Nay Nay and Tucker met us there.  It costs money to go to these meets, it was Valentine's weekend, and they spent most of the weekend with us.  We were beyond thrilled and it made the trip...for all of us!!  Harper has been talking about Nay Nay as if she used to keep her:)  So thankful for this friendship and hope so much time doesnt pass before we can hang out again.
  Maddie had another good meet.  She started on beam which had us nervous, because that has been her weakest event.  She ended up with a 9.45 and placed 1st in beam.  It was a beautiful routine.  She also scored 9.45 on vault and bars, which landed her a 2nd and 5th place medal.  Her floor was a 9.25 and she didn't place.  This was by far her toughest competition.  There were some really high scores and she had 3 personal best scores that day.  She tied for 1st in the All Around.
  As soon as awards were over and we laid hands hands on was say goodbye and get out the door as fast as possible.  Snow was headed our way and we prayed we could make it home that night.  It was 11 before we pulled in the garage and there was ice all over our van...but we made it!  And we already knew school was out the next day.
  Winter storm post up next!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Turning 6!

Last Monday Turner turned 6 years old...that sounds so old since I still picture him as 2.  He took crazy straws to school to give his friends and I ate lunch with him.  Daddy had made him a cake the day before, so that was our afternoon snack.  He requested Italian casserole for dinner so that is what we had!
  Turner, you are our thoughtful child.  You love to make us things and give to others.  I hope you are always this way.  You are loud, goofy, and full of life at home and church.  But you manage to reign it in at school and always have great conduct.  Your teacher adores you and has been a huge blessing this year.  You like routine.  Everyday as soon as you get in from school, you do your homework immediately and show us things from the day.
  A child from each class was given a self- discipline award and you were chosen in your class.  We are so proud of you!  You just finished your first season of basketball and loved it.  You did great and are ready to play again.
  You are our cautious child.  You can be fearful of things and I pray that with time you can hand those fears to the Lord.  Most nights you join us in our bed.  You worry about forgetting things and wants things done as soon as you think of them.  You are a lot like me!
  We are so proud of you and can't wait to see this year brings.  We love you more than the sky!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Atlanta Centenniel Classic!

We had a great weekend.  I have so many pictures I debated doing 3 different posts, but I will just narrow them down to save some time.  Thursday afternoon we headed to Atlanta because Maddie had a meet at 8 am Friday morning.  We didn't get to the hotel till 11 Atlanta time.  We put the kids to bed immediately since it was going to be an early morning.
  Maddie had a great meet.  She has really surprised us this season.  She fell off the beam but got right back up and finished her routine.  Our girl placed 1st in vault and bars, 2nd on floor, and 5th on beam.  She finished 1st in the all around.  The coolest thing about it Shawn Johnson was there and Maddie got her picture made with her and she signed her shirt and one of her medals.  It was really neat.
  After the meet we ate Moe's and headed to the Aquarium.  It is the biggest aquarium in the US and it didn't disappoint.  All 3 kids loved it!  Our favorite part was the dolphin show.  We stayed till closing time and then headed to Johnny Carrino's for dinner.  It was Italian and was pretty good.
  We ended up going back to the meet that night to watch Maddie's big sister compete.  One of the coaches stopped Maddie and told her he had heard she had a great day.  She said "yes, we went to the Aquarium".  I don't think that was what he was talking about:)  It was cute and reminded me that she was only 8.  Trying to teach the girls about both winning and losing gracefully is tough, and I think we tend to forget how young they still are!
  Saturday morning we rode the subway back and forth from the airport before we headed out.  Out last stop was Legoland Discovery Park.  We decided last minute to do this and I am so glad we did.  Again, all 3 kids loved it.  Turner picked out a new lego set for us to give him for his birthday.  We ate at Johnny Rockets for lunch and headed home about 2.
  Harper was coughing a lot of the weekend and a trip to the doctor today confirmed her ears were infected.  The kids are turning into great travelers and I am so thankful for the Lord's provisions and a way to make these trips fun for Turner and Harper as well.  As long as Maddie is having fun, we want to allow her to continue using her talent.  It is a struggle financially, but our families are so supportive and help us so much.  We are blessed and the 3rd meet of season is done.  Next up - Saint Louis this weekend.
  Before we get to that though is a special boys 6th birthday.  That post next.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Scrabble wins over Super Bowl!

Yesterday after church we decided to spend the rest of the day at home.  It was Super Bowl and our Sunday School class was getting together to watch it.  We love spending time with our friends, but desperately needed a night at home.  So I headed to church alone for a town hall meeting and then went home to play.
  The kids wore their jammies all afternoon and Kev played Scrabble Jr with the big kids while I entertained H.  It was nice.  It was needed.  Maddie and Turner painted pictures for Mimi who is having knee surgery Tuesday.
  We have a busy week ahead.  I spent this morning making freezer meals for Mimi and Boo Boo to enjoy while she is recovering.  I made 4 meals in about an hour.  I have got to do this more for our family.  It is so nice to have meals already prepared on those busy days and it doesn't take much time.  We are heading to Atlanta Thursday afternoon for the weekend and I am trying to get packed ahead of time. 
  Harper and I ran a few errands and I decided to buy her some big girl panties.  She picked out Minnie Mouse and couldn't wait to put them on.  She enjoyed them for about 5 minutes before having an accident:)  We are traveling a lot through the end March so we will get serious about it then.  Ready to quit buying diapers but not for my baby to grow up!