Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trunk or Treat!

Tonight we took a Jake and Izzy to church to play games, eat food, and get lots and lots of candy.  It is always a good time spent with good friends and we know the kids are safe.  I am listening to Turner cough in his sleep though now and hope that we aren't getting sick:(  Aubry was there as a cute little cow and we gave out lots of candy.  The kids enjoy doing that just as much as going car to car to get it!  When we got home we let the kids go to our neighbors house.  They are so sweet to our kids and they had a bag full of goodies for both of them.  Maddie and Turner adore them.  Fun night, but first time I have had to get someone to school the next day.  We shall see how tomorrow goes:)

Turner's Harvest Party

Turner had his first school party Monday.  They had a petting farm come out in the morning and then the party the last hour of school.  I was excited to go and see him in the classroom.  That boy is a ham!!  He had so much fun and was glad I was there.  We had pizza, fruit, chips, a juice box, and cookies for dessert.  We did a craft and played a game.  His teachers are both very sweet and I think are really enjoying having Turner in class.  This is one of my favorite parts about being at home-knowing that I can be involved in everything!!  It meant a lot to me to be part of his first little school party!

Pumpkin Patch!

Yesterday we took the kids to a pumpkin patch to take some pictures.  They had already carved pumpkins with Boo Boo, so we let them pick out a few little ones for them to paint.  Daddy has been so busy getting ready for the playoffs-that's right Bolton made the playoffs.  I can't remember the last time that happened, so his season has been extended.  Back to pumpkin patch.....waiting 4 days before Halloween was a bad idea.  Especially if you wanted to get a lot of pictures.  There sure weren't very many pumpkins left!!  Oh well, we can say we did it, they rode around in a little train, and I did get a picture or 2.  We also ran into two old friends that used to go Nay Nay's.  They kids enjoyed seeing them!  Next year I know to go sooner. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Creative Kids:)

I think my kids spend 80% of their time at home doing craftts, drawing, cutting and gluing paper is never ending!!  I walked in Maddie's room tonight and she had a picture on the floor that she had copied.  She comes home from school with all kinds of things that she has made during "paper play".  She says when they are finished with their work they can go to different stations.  She always does paper play and comes home with anything and everything that she has cut, glued, and colored out of paper.  Today she told me that she didn't make anything today.  She told me her teacher told her she needed to go to a different station today--Maddie was using too much of the paper!  Ha!!  Guess I need to send her some replacement construction paper:)

Turner and I made this ghost one day last week while M was at school.  He really enjoyed making it.  I laugh every time I look at it.  I handed him the marker and told him to make a face.  I thought he would make it a little bit bigger!  Glad her chose a friendly ghost rather than scary one:)  Our plan tomorrow is to paint some small pumpkins while Maddie is at school and she can do hers that afternoon.  Turner loves doing things with his sister so gets a lot of paper play in too.  Most recently he made me a paper purse.  Love these kids!!

When anyone asked me what to get M for her birthday, I would just say she loves doing arts and crafts.  Needless to say, that girl came home with lots of projects to keep us busy!  Yesterday she painted a wooden jewelry box that is now sitting on her dresser.  I need to post a picture, she did a great job! 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Maddie's 6th Birthday Party!!!

Whew, what an exhausting day!  Maddie Rae turns 6 this coming Friday-so hard to believe.  We celebrated today with a bunch of friends (24 to be exact!!) at the bowling alley.  Maddie had a great time and I think her friends did too.  They were able to bowl for an hour, eat pizza, cupcakes, and ice cream, and then were given tokens to play in the game room.  We had both sets of our parents there to help out and all the parents were eager to jump in and help with the kids as well.  We are so blessed!!
  After the party we met Nonna at Kohl's where Maddie was able to pick out some clothes for her birthday.  She picked out a lot and told me later that was her favorite store.  She said it had so many pretty clothes:)  I think now at 6, I am going to have to take her with me when I buy her clothes.  She is getting so big!  We also had a hayride/bonfire at some friends house tonight.  We are all tired from our full day.
  We plan on having my parents and Megs, David, and Aubry over next Friday for dinner on her birthday.  I also plan on eating lunch with her at school and taking cupcakes for her class.  I think our girl is having a pretty special Birthday WEEK:)  Here is a picture overload from our day!

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Full Fall Fun Day!!!

Saturday was busy busy day.  We started the day off at the soccer fields watching Turner play.  He scored his first goal and had a great game!!  Maddie opted not to play in her game because she wanted to go her school's fall festival.  So after the game, we headed to Oak to play games.  The kids had a great time and we got to meet several of Maddie's new friends.  After the festival we headed home for a little bit to rest.  That night we went to Boo Boo and Mimi's for their neighborhood party.  There was a bouncer, band, and ton of food in the cove and the kids ate and played.  It was a fun day spent with my favorite little people:)