Saturday, May 30, 2009

Finger Painting and Birthday party!

Turner enjoying the show

Maddie and Ethan being the magician's helpers

Maddie and Ethan

Maddie's handprints

Maddie finger painting

We had a fun filled day today. I bought Maddie some washable crayola paint this past week and decided to take her outside and let her go at it. She made a huge mess, but also did a great job on doing her handprints. She is such a crafty girl and that didn't come from me. Luckily both her Mimi and Nonna are, so she must have picked it up from them. She will spend hours coloring, playing with playdo, and not painting. I am so glad she prefers this to sitting in front of the tv. After she painted, we came in so daddy could mow the yard this morning. Turner took a long nap and then we all got ready for Ethan's 4th birthday party. Ethan is the son of one of Kevin's friends from work. He is also Maddie's fishing buddy, and I think they are kind of sweet on each other:) DJ, Ethan's dad, thinks it is hilarious while Maddie's daddy does NOT:)

We love going to birthday parties and in the past year have been to a BUNCH!! This year, Maddie has been able to bowl for the first time, go to pump it up, been to 2 other bouncy parties, Maple Grove Farm, several home parties, and today seen her first Magic Show. She always has lots of fun and we are grateful to have so many friends with kids close to her age. Turner has gone to most of these parties as well, but tends to sleep through a lot of them. He already has several buddies close to his age, so in the next year or so, we should be going to parties for him too. Today there were games for the kids to play, a magician, hotdogs, snocones, and lots of other goodies. There was swimming as well, but we didn't know and didn't bring the swimsuits. Maddie managed to get sopping wet in her clothes and rode home in her panties. Thank goodness I had an extra pair of those. We had a good day and both kids are out for the night. I have posted some pics above.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bittersweet Endings

Today we had the funeral for my 93 year old grandmother in Clarksdale, MS. She died Monday morning in the hospital after suffering a heart attack sometime last week. She had suffered from Alztheimer's for several years and had spent the last two not talking, having a caretaker with her at all times. I have so many memories of my funny little grandma, and know that she would not have wanted to go on the way that she was. She did such a good job raising my mother and her brothers and sisters. She left behind an incredible amount of memories and I laugh almost every time I hear a story about her-the things that came out of her mouth:) I hate that my children weren't able to know her, but am hoping that in their later years, their Mimi can keep them entertained like Grandma did us. But not at the expense of my mother's mind. It was so sad watching Grandma begin to forget things and become confused. Alztheimer's is a terrible disease and I know especially hard for my mom and aunt's and uncle's to watch slowly take Grandma away. I pray that she had given her life to Christ and is in Heaven, so that one day I will see her again.

My Kids love looking at themselves

It never fails-if Turner is fussing, stick him in front of a mirror and he will start to smile. Maddie was the same way. They must think they are pretty darn cute, because it always puts a smile on their face. If Maddie is crying, she wants to get up on her stool and watch herself wail away. It is so funny. I think that is part of the reason Maddie enjoys brushing her teeth so much-because she can watch herself while she does it.

Fun Day with Nonna and Da

Saturday we enjoyed a visit with Nonna and Da. They came for the whole day and we never left the house except to pick up some food-for both lunch and dinner. Maddie had been looking forward to it all week and enjoyed getting her time in with her Nonna and Da. We watched her play outside and Da pushed her in her wagon. Turner also enjoyed the day in between several naps-when he is tired, he has no problem going down in his bed. Maddie also receieved a new dress that day from her Dee Dee. It is a sweet yellow pillowcase dress that has her initials monogrammed on it. She was very excited about it and wore it to church the next day. I am afraid she is going to be like her momma when it comes to clothes. We were very glad to see them and wish Savannah wasn't 2 hours away.

Memorial Day "Picnic" at Church

We were so looking forward to the picnic at church this past Sunday. Maddie had a great time last year and we were excited to take Turner this year as well. Due to it raining AGAIN, it was held inside the gym this year. It was more of a potluck, but we took the kids and several of our friends from Sunday School were there. Maddie was able to play with Natalie, Madison, and Gabby and they all had a good time. Maddie sure does love eating Cheetos!! We rarely have them at home, so it was a treat. I can also tell when she has them at Jene's because they will still be on her face when I pick her up:) Turner was quite fidgety while we were there, but seemed to enjoy himself. Here are a few pics from the day.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Things don't always go as planned

I think it is better if I don't think too far ahead as far as plans for the day go. I had hoped Friday would be spent with the kids playing outside and cleaning for Nonna and Da's visit Saturday. Well I call my mom Friday morning to check on kids and she says that Turner is fussing a little and pulling at his right ear. Kevin had mentioned the day before that he had done the same thing, but we thought that he was just "discovering" his ear-WRONG! So I make a dr. appt., got get the kids, and off we go. On the way there, Maddie starts complaining about her eye and it scratching it a lot. By the time we got called back to his office, the nurse asks if she has pink eye. Now both kids are being seen by the doctor and my plans for the day are all but forgotten. Poor Turner has not one, but 2 ear infections, but luckily Maddie's eye is not pink eye, but due to allergies. Off to Walgreens I go for eye drops for Maddie and an antibiotic for Turner. $90 later we are back at home and praying for an uneventful weekend.
In the past month, Turner been to the doctor for croup, thrush, and now ear infections. Maddie has been to the doctor 3 times for coughing-asthma issues, and now her eye. Turner will go back in two weeks for his 4 month shots. Thank the Lord for insurance, because we definately use it!

Pictures for last post!

Kevin and Turner

Kelly's sweet baby London

Maddie in her new dress by Mimi

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

God is so Good!

I have several new pictures I am wanting to post but am having trouble downloading them. Hopefully tomorrow I will have more time to figure it out. This has been a good week. We started the week off by Maddie wearing a new dress to church on Sunday. One made with love by her Mimi. It is precious and I can't wait to post it. We love having handmade dresses and hope that Mimi keeps them coming. Maddie and I both really appreciate the time and work she puts in them:) Then Monday I got some terrific news at work. This is my 3rd week back since having Turner and it has been much harder for me this time than it was with Maddie. I think I knew that come 2 o'clock I had the rest of the day to be with her. Now that we have two, it is harder dividing up my time. great boss/uncle has let me start working an hour longer Monday thru Thursday and I will have Friday's off. It will give me a day to keep the kids home from Jene's and just do whatever. It will also be nice during the summer, because Kevin will be home too. I am so thankful and looking forward to having that extra day!!
My dear friend Kelly also had her first baby Monday. She was due last Friday but wasn't going to be induced until tomorrow. She went to the hospital early Monday morning and had a beautiful, healthy girl named London Grace. I was able to go and meet her Monday and can't wait for Turner to meet his new little friend. Turner had another friend stop by yesterday, Kevin Byrd. He is the son of some friends of ours and is only a month older than Turner. While they didn't play a whole lot, we did get some pictures of them sitting together that turned out cute. Which brings us to tonight. I am supposed to be playing Bunco, but am just too tired. My parents sweetly offered to keep both children for the night, so I decided to stay home and plan on going to bed soon! I can sleep in a little bit on my first Friday off and then grab the kids for a fun day. This plan is to get in Maddie's baby pool for the first time this year.
Lot's of exciting things happened this week, both kids are healthy, and we have a lot to be thankful for. I left my camera at my parents but planning on posting pics of Maddie's dress, baby London, and Turner's playdate soon. Nonna and Da are supposed to be coming to visit Saturday and Sunday we have a church picnic in the afternoon. Lot's going on in the Wilke's household and I can't wait to update more. God is so Good!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday School Social

Saturday night we had a get together with the Sunday School class. We went to DC's parents house and grilled out. We had the kids, and the older ones went fishing and got on a slip-n-slide. Maddie loves to fish, but wasn't so sure about the slip-n-slide. The water was cold, so she mostly just watched the other kids. It was nice being able to visit with our friends and let the kids play. Turner is still so young I was just having to hold him. Mimi and Boo Boo were nice enough to come and get him so I could move around a little more. We were able to spend 2 hours together before the rain started to come and then we went to pick up Turner and went home. It was a fun evening for everyone!

Friday, May 15, 2009

A Playdate for Maddie

Maddie enjoyed a playdate with Madison yesterday afternoon. Madison is our friends Mark and and Bethany's daughter from church. I picked her up yesterday so she and Maddie could play together. As I said in my last post, the plan was to make and decorate cupcakes. The girls had a different plan. We played inside for all of two minutes, and spent the remainder of the time outside. They played with sidewalk chalk, rode Maddie's jeep, and got in her play house. The biggest hit of the afternoon was running up and down our hill in the backyard. They did this 20 times and laughed the whole time. After 2 sippee cups each full of Sunny D, the girls had a good workout and both slept well that night. Playdate was a success:)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My kids and some things they enjoy

Turner enjoying his exercaucer

Turner in his Bumbo seat
Maddie is my particular child who decides that she likes something and does it ALL the time. About six months ago it was puzzles. We probably have 30 and she did all of them every day. We would get out 5 or 6, dump all the pieces on the floor and she knew exactly which piece went to which puzzle. It was amazing how quickly she could put them together. Then, she decided that she loved the movie Dunston Checks In. It is a silly movie that has a real monkey in it. We have probably watched it 500 times and that is all she wanted to do every day for weeks. The newest obsession is BOOKS (which I think is an ok obsession to have:) A month or so ago we started reading books before bedtime. Since she is 2 years old, I told her she could pick out 2 books that daddy or I would read to her. (Thanks for the idea Heather!) Well, since that night, all she does is read. She will say that she wants daddy to lay with her and he will read to her. Then she tells him that she wants me, but it is only in hopes that I will read 2 more! She is always grabbing books throughout the day and will sit by herself and read out loud. Tonight she read that God was going to Walmart. I don't know where she comes up with the things that she says. I love watching her as she goes through her little phases and can't wait to see what she comes up with next.
Turner is learning new things as well. I bought a bumbo seat from Kids Town this year and he enjoys sitting in it, especially while we are eating supper. I didn't have one for Maddie and have really enjoyed having it for him. We also put him in the exersaucer for the first time this past weekend and he likes it as well. It is fun now that he is starting to try new things and so alert. He is definately a paci man and has been sporting a pink one for the last two days. I took him to the dr. on the Monday for the thrush and was told to throw away all of his old pacis and to buy a different kind. Well, he doesn't like the new ones and after 2 days, I took the kids to my moms and ran to Walgreens to buy the kind he likes. Wouldn't you know the only kinds they had were pink!! So, until I get to Target, pink it is. It makes Turner a happy baby and that is all that matters to us. These are some of the activities going on in the Wilke's house and I will update again tomorrow-Maddie is having a playdate with Madison, a friend from church. The plan is to make and decorate cupcakes. I can't wait to see how they turn out!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

Today has been a great day!! Not only did we celebrate Mother's Day today, but Turner was dedicated at church as well. I woke up this morning to find a few goodies in the bathroom for me. When Maddie was born, my mom gave me a bracelet that has Maddie's name on it. So, Kevin had that bracelet combined with one that has Turner's name on it as well. I love it. I was also shocked to find a fish bowl that had a bunch of colored construction paper folded up in it. My first thought was that we were getting a fish! My sweet husband wrote notes for me to read every day for the next year. I can't think of a more thoughtful gift and was floored when he told me what it was. So if anyone has any suggestions for an outstanding father's day gift, please let me know!!

We all got ready for church and little Turner was dedicated this morning. He was awake the whole time and did great! We are so proud of him. After church we had Mimi, Boo Boo, Megs, and David over for lunch. We grilled out hamburgers and hot dogs and everyone had a good time. I told Maddie that she needed to be extra sweet to me today since it was Mother's Day and she told me that I needed to be nice to Mimi!! Kevin and I are so thankful for Mimi and Nonna, who have been a great example to us and are loved very much!! Here are some pictures from the day.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Getting Back in the Swing of Things

Well I went back to work today and have lived to tell about it:) It involved me waking up at 3:45 this morning to feed Turner, put him back to bed and then taking a shower at 5. I was ready by 5:45 and woke Maddie up. I fed and dressed her by 6:15, woke Turner up, dressed him, and off we went by 6:35. By the time I got to work I was ready for a nap, but it didn't take long to get back in the swing of things. I picked up my sweet children at 3 and they were both happy and playing. Turner is definately not used to waking up so early and so much action during the day. I put him down at 7 this evening. I am hoping he will sleep till 5 and Kev can feed him while I start getting ready.

When we got home this afternoon, I got some of Turner's toys out. He is reaching for things with his hands and was pushing the buttons on a car toy he has. He loved it and Maddie enjoyed watching him. Maddie loves to play and kiss on him and when he gets bigger, she is going to pick him up. Daddy told her that he would probably be picking her up since he is already half her size:) I can't believe he is 12 weeks old today. It has gone by so fast and that also means Maddie is 3 months older. She also told me Thursday she was going to a birthday party, Friday she was going to Mimi's, and Tuesday she and Turner were driving to Nonna's-ALL BY HERSELF. But, she said if I wanted to go with her, I could ride in her carseat-how I love my little 2 year old!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Maddie is working on the books of the Bible!

We have been working with Maddie for a few months on her books in the Bible. Nonna started teaching her one weekend while in Savannah and Mimi and I have continued to work with her. She is doing very well and I video'd her saying them. Just thought I would share.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Turner's 3 month pics

Nonna came yesterday to spend some time with the kids before I went back to work. We took the kids to Sears today and had their pictures made. I had Maddies pictures made every month her first year. I am wanting to do this with Turner as well, and end up having Maddie in a few of them too. I am very pleased with the way they turned out and can't believe how quick Turner is growing and changing. Here are some the pictures that we had made.
I meant for the pictures to show up below the post-this is going to take me some time to figure out:)


I am now a blogger!

I am finally doing this. I intended to start a blog when I first had Turner and work on it while on maternity leave. Well, I am going back to work on Monday and am just now getting started. I hope this will be a way for family and friends to keep up with the Wilke's and will let me look back and remember the day to day accomplishments and funnies of Maddie and Turner.