Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bball, Baby Bumps, and Bdays!!!

Lots of B's going on today:) This morning Maddie had her last basketball game. We have really enjoyed the season and are kinda sad it is already over. Next Saturday morning we are having a pancake breakfast/awards ceremony for the three teams. It should be fun and I know it will make Maddie feel special!!
I also got some pictures today of Meg's baby bump, whose birthday also happens to be on Tuesday. She has recently just sort of "popped" and it has been fun taking pictures:) Maddie is always kissing Megs belly and both kids are really excited about meeting baby Aubry! We had a family birthday celebration at Boo Boo and Mimi's tonight and the food was delish! Everyone made a dip (we love some appetizers!!), pizza from Pizza Hut, and a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake!! We went ahead a gave her some gifts and enjoyed the evening with the family. I think Megs had a good time celebrating her birthday! It has been a good day!!
Tomorrow we will be spending the morning and night at church, and going to some friends house in between. A great way to spend a Sunday!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Loving this Weather!!!

The kids played outside for 3 hours today!! It was beautiful and a perfect day for playing basketball, catching worms, and getting some use out of their outside grill set. I have been a little sad that we haven't really had a winter. Not anymore!!!! Bring on the spring weather. I am expecting my little ones to sleep well tonight! I think I will too-I am on day 2 of kickboxing and it is kicking my tail. I felt ok this morning, but think tomorrow might be a different story:) I am also throwing in a few pictures from the weekend of them riding their bikes.

A Few Crafts!

We have been spending a little time at the kitchen table this past week doing a few crafts. There are so many things I find on pinterest that I want to do with the kids. So...the day AFTER Valentine's Day, we did a Valentine's craft:) We took broken crayons, unwrapped them, put them in a heart shaped baking dish and baked them. Then we put them in the freezer so they would harden. So cute, would make perfect gifts, but this year the kids can just continue coloring with them:)

Today I pulled out a few crafts that I had bought at the dollar aisle at Target. We are all about foam stickers! Both kids enjoy playing with them and today I pulled out some plastic eggs and we decorated them and made chicks out of them. Easter is still a bit away, but I am hoping to do lots of Easter themed crafts over the next several weeks. Just wanted to share a few pic of the kids working on their projects:) Also-we did our crafts today in our superhero costumes!! Maddie would live in one if we would let her:) Turner likes it until he has to go to the bathroom!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Having a relay race at school!

Enjoying ice cream sundaes at school

The Valentine's I made for the kids to take to school

The kids woke up to heart sayings taped on their door

They really are best friends!

I made Red Velvet heart cake pops for Kevin!

The kids both had bags full of Valentine goodies from school

We got them a few happies as well:)

The kids have had so much fun year, both going to school and having parties for Valentine's Day. This was Turner's first "MDO party" and had such a great day. I went to Maddie's party on Monday and she had a great time as well. It was a great day to show our love to each other!! I took a night off from cooking and we had Little Ceasars pizza for dinner:)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Handy Manny Extravaganza!!!

Today was the big day!!! Let me just tell you what helps make a great party-a great family!!! I have been planning this party for a month and was pretty stressed out most of the week, but it turned out great.

Nonna painted a poster board for the kids to play Pin the screwdriver on Handy Manny's hand-it was precious and the kids had fun playing it.

Mimi made chocolate Handy Manny suckers-they looked great and everyone enjoyed eating them. She also provided chocolate tools to set on the table and some of the serving wear.

Megs made a corn dip and brought chips-the dip was gone and everyone said how great it tasted.

Boo Boo bought the fruit for me and put the ice cream in cupcake holders for me so that I didn't have to. It was great and saved me lots of time.

Mimi and Boo Boo kept both kids for us last night so that we could finish everything up and keep the house clean before the guests arrived!! That was the biggest help of all-thank you!!!

The hubs did a lot of the cleaning up for me and put up with my bad attitude for a week graciously. No one really commented on the house, but would have been impressed if they knew what is normally looked like:)

I think I took care of the rest. We had lots of cupcakes, chocolate covered marshmallows, fruit skewers, fruit in waffle cones, ice cream, hot dogs, and chips. The kids had construction hats with their names on them to wear, colored handy manny pages, played pin the screwdriver on handy manny, and had a saw pinata to break into at the end. We had a full house.

Parties at the house are so much more stressful, but so much more personal and I really do enjoy doing them (especially once they are over:) Turner melted my heart by 3 different times telling me "thank you for my birthday party". I kind of think Mimi encouraged him to tell me but it melted my heart just the same! He received more tools, a bike, art desk, scooter, a beach towel, some imaginex planes, an outfit and build a bear, and a John Deere truck. This kid just doesn't realize how blessed he is with friends and family that love him.

We had so much fun celebrating his day and I am now going to bed!!!

Turner Turns Three!!

Thursday, February 9th, our sweet boy turned 3! It was a busy day. He had MDO and was able to take cookies for a birthday treat. I didn't go all all. Originally I just picked some oreos for him to take to school. Then I decided that was a little bit tacky, so I did a little bit better.....I went back to the store and picked up some cookies from the bakery:) I spent all week preparing for his party that was today, so I didn't stress too much about MDO treats. His class sang to him and his teacher said he had a good day.
Daddy had parent teacher conferences that day so he wasn't home until late. I made the kids spaghetti and got Maddie ready for bball practice. My dad kindly picked her up to take her so Turner and I didn't have to get out. Well.....there wasn't practice that night. But since they were there, Boo Boo ran up and down the court with her for an hour and let her practice anyway. What a sweet Boo Boo we have!! Mimi and Boo Boo had brought Turner's present by earlier to give it to him. He got a new toy chest!!! We all love it!
Megs and Bubba stopped by later with cupcakes, new pj's and swim trunks for the summer. Maddie gave him the movie Dumbo and we gave him some more tools and a truck that shoots balls out ninety to nothing. He had a GREAT day!! The sweetest thing to me about the day was the number of phone call he received. Thursday he spoke to Megs, Mimi, Boo Boo, his daddy, Grandmother Dee Dee, Nonna, Brayden, Sophia, and NAY NAY on the phone. He was a popular little dude and he definitely felt the love.
A big event that happens in our house when you turn 3 is you are allowed to chew gum. Maddie looked forward to her 3rd birthday for a year and is an avid gum chewer today-all sugarless of course:) Turner was excited about being able to chew gum as well. In the past three days he has had two pieces of gum and chewed it for approximately 10 seconds both times. He definitely isn't as impressed as his sister. But it was still fun giving to him when he asked. The days are going fast and I can't believe how big my kiddos are getting!!
Little Man we love you to pieces and our family just wouldn't be the same without you in it-definitely not as exciting!!