Monday, January 25, 2016

1st Snow Day of 2016!

We have had a mild winter.  It was in the 70's on Christmas Day.  They started predicting snow last week.  The forecast was calling for blizzard type conditions with 5-8 inches of snow for Friday.  Schools ended up cancelling school for Friday on Thursday afternoon.  No complaints here.  I really needed a day was my first week back since surgery:)
  We couldn't wait to wake up Friday and see all the snow.  We were heading to Alabama on Saturday, so we were just praying we would be able to travel.  Ha!!!  We woke up to very little snow and the roads were fine.  I know there were lots of areas with a ton of snow, just not in Memphis.  But we still had the cousins over and played in it for about an hour.  It was Rowdy's first snow and that puppy played hard and then slept the rest of the day!!  Hoping we have a few more snow days before spring arrives:)

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


This is just a random, out of order post.  We are getting back in the swing of things and have had lots going on.  Today is my first day back at work and one of my sweet kids brought me flowers.  They have loved me well during this season.
  Harper had her haircut for the first time a few weeks ago.  I took her to Sweet and Sassy and she was such a big girl. Mimi Boo Boo and best friend Aubry stopped by to watch.  We then headed to TCBY for some ice cream. Those girls sure do love each other.  They are best friends until one doesn't get her way;)
  Boo Boo had a birthday the 15th and we went bearing gifts.  We bought him a Memphis Tigers yard sign and I think he was pleased.  He then spent the evening at church for a men's retreat. His sons in laws joined him. 
  Last week the kids got report cards and we celebrated at Cheesecake Factory because we had a giftcard.  Yum!!  Both Maddie and Turner have made straights A's all year....we all deserved some cheesecake. School is hard work!
  We celebrated Austin turning 2 with a Thomas the Train party at the gym.  Megs did a great job and everyone had fun.  There was a train bouncer and my kids never tire of those!
  Mo has had her first competition as an Xcel Gold and it was an experience.  She didn't walk away with all 1st place medals this go around.  She placed 4th on floor with a 9.525, which is her highest ever score.  We think she looked great, but this a totally different program.  She spends a lot less time at the gym and competed against girls that practice 18 hours a week.  So we have tried lowering her expectations.  She was disappointed, but still said she had fun.  That is the main goal, so mission accomplished.  We head to AL this weekend and will see how it goes.
  Rowdy had his 2nd round of shots this week and is doing great.  Sleeps in his crate well and is having less accidents in the house.  All 3 kids are doing great with him and he is a perfect addition to our family!  He does add a little stress in the morning when I am trying to get everyone out the door.  But he is keeper!
  I was marked Monday for radiation and am set to start Monday.  I will post more on that next week.  They are calling for snow tomorrow night and into Friday.  I could use a snow day my first week back:) Pretty sure the rest of my family wouldn't complain either!!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

There is so much I wanted to post about and haven't gotten to yet. I usually do an end of the year wrap up and we are halfway through January.  Time flies...whether you are having fun or not! 
  Last year was a doozie.  There were days I literally couldn't put one foot in front of another because I didn't have the energy.  There were nights I didn't sleep a single wink because I worried about my future and was afraid I wouldn't live to watch my kids grow up.  I would watch Kev be super dad and husband and feel bad that I wasn't helping him....but literally couldnt.  There were lots of pokes and sticks, time spent in waiting rooms, time spent feeling super sorry for myself, and time spent on the couch or in bed sleeping more than I thought I could.  I didn't use a razor for about 6 months because I had no hair.  I threw about 20 bras in the garbage because I knew I would have no more use for them. (At least those particular ones)  My kids really struggled with my hair loss and were embarrassed if I didn't wear a hat. I have hot flashes with the best of them and am going through menopause a decade or two early.  I am a mess.
  Last year was a blessing!  I was able to see Jesus in my friends and family as they rallied around us and took care of my family.  My family was fed for 3 months through the take a meal site.  I had many friends take me to chemo, some of them more than once.  They gave up their day for me!!  I spent sweet time with my parents at chemo, especially my daddy!!  My parents set aside their life for the past 8 months and have been available to do whatever we needed.  They have had the kids more times than I can count, and are just so willing.  My sister and my in laws have been the same way.  Thankful, humbled, grateful.....the list just goes on and on.
  Our church family has prayed for and with us.  I was given the opportunity to share my testimony at church, which a year ago would have scared me to death.  (I was actually still scared:)  We have been given so many gift cards that got us through on the nights I couldn't or didn't want to cook.  We have been well loved.
  I have known all along that Kev was a gem.  He loves Jesus and he loves his family.  He is the best, most hands on daddy, and loves our kids so much.  He has done nothing but show his love to me this past year.  He has taken care of me and the kids, plus now a dog, and never complained.  I don't know how we would have gotten through without him.  He is our rock!
  I have learned so much about myself, God's grace, and what it really means to give to others.  Because so many people have done that for us.  I just can't express how much it means. 
  So, we have said goodbye to 2015...and hopefully cancer....forever!!  I am going to rock out 30 rounds of radiation and 1 more surgery in 2016.  We are going to be intentional in our giving this year.  We are going to make an extra effort to be there when our friends and family go through a hard time.  We are going to be present, diligent in our time spent with God, and not take a single day for granted!!  I am not going to look forward to the future, but instead be thankful for today.  Because today is good enough, and we are never promised tomorrow.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Year's Eve!

Turner is our planner, our organized boy.  He is a little like Mimi I think.  He saw an episode of Ruby and Max where they had a New Year's Eve party.  It consisted of cookies and blowhorns.  So he wanted to have one too.  We didn't have plans for that night, so we let Turner plan a party. 
  I took him to the Dollar Tree where he had a list of everything we needed.  He decided on the food, games, decorations...everything!  He wanted to decorate 4 days in advance but I was able to hold him off a few days.  He invited Megs and her crew and Mimi and Boo Boo.
  Wouldn't you know the day before he started running fever and woke up with the croup.  Everyone chose to still come, but he wasn't feeling his best.  Harper was still puny and the doctor closed early for the holiday. 
  We all enjoyed Turners party, but no one made it till Midnight.  I think everyone had gotten so wound up, that once everyone left the coughing began.  Harper and Turner both were getting sick from all the hacking.  For some crazy reason I have never handled coughing well.  It tends to given me anxiety and I don't sleep when my kids are sick with coughing.  So...Maddie and I loaded up and headed to Mimi and Boo Boo's to sleep.  We did that the next night as well.
  It was a sickly break, but we were home and together (for the most part;)

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Christmas Day!!

I have got to get caught up, before I forget everything!  The first person up in our house Christmas morning was Rowdy!!  He woke is up around 7:30 and Kev went on and woke the kids.  When I was growing up, I would wake up at 3 in the morning ready to go in the den and see what Santa left us.  I vividly remember laying in my bed reading books for hours until my parents would get up with us.  It amazes me we are having to wake up the kids!  But I am not complaining:)
  The kids had a great morning and were thrilled with what Santa brought them.  Mimi and Boo came by to check out everything and then we headed to their house around 10:30.  We exchanged gifts and had a great brunch!  Maddie wasn't acting real excited and ended up running fever for the next few days!  We spent most of break with at least 1 sick kid, but most of the time 2.  When I put away their laundry, I realized 90% of it was pajamas....they rarely left the house.  But I was well enough to take care of them and Kev has stayed well, for that we are thankful!
  Christmas Day was spent with family and celebrating the birth of Jesus.  This has been a crazy year, and Christmas meant even more to me this year than most.  It was a good day.