Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ring around the Rosie

Kevin and I LOVE watching our kids entertain each other. Turner is so interested in everything Maddie does and she always makes him laugh. Kevin puts a couch cushion on the floor and she likes to play ring around the rosie and fall on it at the end. I had to tape it today as Turner was mesmerized with her and having a ball!! I can't wait to watch them as they get older and hope that they are the best of friends!!
Disclaimer: Maddie's clothes do not match, but Kevin is at home with them right now and in charge of getting them dressed. Please know that Maddie would never leave the house wearing that outfit and I had NOTHING to do with it:)

Another one of Mimi's creations!

I just have to show off the dresses that Mimi makes for Maddie. The latest is a pillowcase dress that Maddie wore to church this past Sunday. The day before I had picked up some new sandals for Maddie. They didn't match her dress, but she insisted on wearing them and I decided it was a battle I would let her win. The dress looks precious on her and I can't wait for Mimi to make some more. Turner is going to be awful jealous though if she doesn't figure out how to make some boy clothes-he told me his feelings were a little hurt (hint hint)!

Playdate with London

Last Thursday while Kevin was at football, the kids and I drove out to Somerville to visit Kelly and London. I wish they lived around the corner so we could visit more often. London is 2 months old and just precious! I was so fortunate to have several friends have babies around the same time I had Maddie. It is always fun to get together to let the kids play. Luckily, Turner is the same way. There have been several baby boys born this past year from our Sunday School class, but London is his first little girl friend to have. Kelly and I have been friends since high school and I hope that these two are able to grow up together and share just as many memories as Kelly and I have. Maddie was a great big helper and enjoyed loving on London as well. Kelly was sweet to feed her Macoroni and cheese, watermelon, and canteloupe while we were there. Maddie enjoyed spending time in London's room while we were visiting in the den. Kelly and I both got some cute pics and I hope to be able to do it again soon!! Sharing your children with friends is so fun and I am so glad to be able to surround my children with godly people who wish the best for them as do Kevin and I! Thank you for playing such a big part in my kids lives Kel and I hope to be able to do the same for sweet London and future children to come!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Look mom-finger polish!!

Maddie is such a fun little two year old. There is not a day that goes by that she doesn't make us laugh. She is always into everything and keeping us on our toes. I don't have pictures, but the other night she took nail clippers to her hair!! We discovered it at dinner when clumps of hair started coming out at the table. I kept looking around to see if there were scissors lying around and finally she informed us that she had done it with the clippers. We now know to put those up when they are not being used. Of course, she thought it was hilarious. Before church one Sunday she had been coloring in her room. She ran out and said "look mommy-I did finger polish!" She had taken dry erase markers (thank goodness they were), and painted her fingernails and toes. She was proud of herself and was ready to go to church:) Never a dull moment in the Wilke's household. I can't wait to see what Turner has in store for us.

KY Lake Trip #1 for the Summer

Every summer we go to KY lake. We have been doing this for many many years and were excited to take Turner for the first time this year. My parents and us went down Thursday night and Megs and David arrived Friday morning. This was the first time Maddie understood staying in a lodge and thought it was a lot of fun. There were two twin beds, so I got a bed to myself the first night, and Kevin the next. Turner slept in his pack-n-play and did great! We spent all day Friday by the pool while the guys played some card games. Turner swam for a bit, but it was mostly us girls (and David, who is a sun king:) Maddie was so tired by three o'clock that afternoon, she slept walked back to our room. After her nap, we all went to eat at the Cracker Barrel. Turner acted great and Maddie picked out a stuffed monkey that Boo Boo insisted on buying her.
We planned on spending Saturday at the pool again and then eating at Patti's for dinner-everyone's favorite restaurant. Well, our day didn't quite go as planned. Saturday turned out rainy and we were just hoping it wouldn't last all day. After breakfast, we were playing games in the lodge and dad got the call. His mother, our "mom", had been in the hospital and had taken a turn for the worse. After little discussion, we did what we knew we had to, and packed it up and headed back to Memphis. Our trip was cut a little short, but we were all able to see mom and she is still in the hospital, but possibly doing a little better. We had fun while we were there, and are talking about going back in a few weeks to enjoy that dinner at Patti's that we missed. We love you mom and dad and appreciate you taking us to KY every year for some fun, downtime.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

Today we were just planning on hanging out at home by the pool. We were glad when Mary, Danny, Trey, and Megs decided to come hang out with us. We played in the pool for several hours and Trey and Maddie were able to play together again. They get along so well and seem to have a lot of fun together. Kevin and Danny played some cornhole, in between the kids trying to throw the bean bags themselves and the girls were able to catch up on what has been going on. Turner got in the pool again today and I was able to take some pictures. He really does enjoy being in the water now, which makes things much easier and fun. We had a great day as family and just relaxed at home tonight. I am now hearing a bunch of fireworks and hope they don't wake up the kids...we shall see:)

Fireworks-Round 2

We saw our second round of Fireworks Friday night. We went to watch the show Bartlett puts on every year and were able to hang out with some good friends. Megs went with us and we met up with Mary, Danny and Trey, and Kim, Chad, and Olivia. That meant Maddie was able to play with Trey and Olivia and she ran wild. Maddie and Trey got their faces painted and looked adorable. Turner, who is used to going to bed at seven, was a great sport about the whole thing. He fell asleep on the way there, but woke up around 7:30 and was in a good mood. My parents and Megs boyfriend's parents were there and we all sat together. My parents decided not to stay the whole time and took Turner home with them so he could get a bottle and go to bed. Maddie really enjoyed watching the fireworks and fell asleep very quickly when we got home at 10:30! Very late night for, but a fun one for everyone. I am posting some pics from the night and the precious dress Maddie is wearing is another one her Mimi made. We love it and hope she keeps on making more.

Friday, July 3, 2009

First Trip to Children's Museum

What a fun morning we had. We decided to take Maddie and one of her friends, Madison, to the Children's Museum. Mimi and Boo Boo kept Turner for us so we could focus on the two kiddos. Thank goodness they did, because the girls were running every which way the entire time. They had a great time. They had a mini grocery store where the girls went shopping and scanned their own groceries. They played dress up with different costumes, went down a slide, got in a police car and fire truck, and danced on a light up dance floor. We had brought each of their lunches and ate in the Kid's Cafe in between playing. The girls got along very well together. We stayed for a few hours and as soon as we got home, Maddie layed down for a nap. Tonight we will be heading out to watch the Bartlett Fireworks show. I will post on that tomorrow.

Baby Food or Feet?

Turner is now eating baby food!! We have tried peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, and squash so far. I love giving the kids baby food for the first time to see what their facial expressions will be. Well, so far Turner has just eaten up whatever we have given him and hasn't really had a reaction. I guess he is just going to like them all:) The funny part about feeding him is that in between each bite, he sticks his foot in his mouth. So no only are we cleaning his hands and mouth, but his feet as well. It is quite an entertaining chore. I can't believe it is already time for him to be eating baby food, but we sure are enjoying it!

My Little Swimmer

We finally opened our pool and Maddie is having so much fun! This year we have been able to put floaties on her and she just swims and swims. She has the kicking part down pat, but isn't really using her arms yet. As you saw from the video, Turner didn't enjoy the baby pool. But, we have put him in the big pool and he liked it too!! I love being out in the sun during the summer, so this a great way to spend some family time that the kids really enjoy. I don't have a picture yet of Turner in the pool, but here is one of Maddie.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy 5th Anniversary to Us!!

June 26th Kevin and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary!! I can't believe in August it will be 11 years since we met and started dating. So much has happened since then and it has gone by so fast. In five years, we have bought our first house, and added two great kids to the mix. Life is certainly different these days than it once was, but so much more meaningful and fun. My parents kept both kids Friday night and Kevin and I had our first date in what seems like a very long time. It seems that if we do ever have a night without the kids, we spend it catching up on our sleep or getting things done around the house. But this night, we enjoyed a rare dinner at Rafferty's (Maddie can't eat there because of her peanut allergy), did a little shopping at the mall, and went to the movies to see Transformers. We had a great night and look forward to celebrating anniversaries for at least the next 50 years:)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Annual Fourth of July Party

Kevin, Maddie, Megs, and David

Boo Boo, Uncle Warren, Maddie, and Mimi Mimi

Kim and I

Landon and Maddie playing ball

Family Pic

The Dunaway's with Turner

For the past 5 years, we have been attending my Uncle Bert's 4th of July party. It is always held the Sunday before the 4th and we always have a lot of fun. They have slides, bouncies, and little pools set up for the kids, and Bert had picked up Boo Boo and Kevin's cornhole games as well and set them up. There was food galore-they grilled hamburgers, brats, and hotdogs, and everyone that came brought a side dish or dessert. Maddie was excited to go and put on her swim suit as soon as we got there. She and Olivia played in the pool for a while, and Turner stayed inside where it was cool. We took his exercaucer with us so he wouldn't have to be held the whole time.

We enjoyed spending time with our friends, Kim and Chad, and Cameron and Rachel who came for the first time this year. Maddie played with both Olivia and Landon and everyone seemed to have a good time. Turner normally goes to bed around seven and this night was no different. He passed out and we made him a pallet on the floor and took turns sitting in the den with him. He missed his very first fireworks show! We are going to watch more on Friday, so hopefully he will stay awake for them. Maddie enjoyed watching them and ended up sitting in Tina's lap for most of them. We got home after nine and it did not take long to get both kids settled in for the night.