Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Trunk or Treating!!

Sunday our Church had their annual fall festival which included Trunk or Treating. The kids were so excited to go. Since the 31st is the last day of the month, I always have to work, but was able to spend some time at church before I went. This year Maddie dressed up as Belle and Turner was a little monster-I think both costumes were attitude appropriate:) We parked the truck so we could help hand out candy. I think the kids enjoyed passing it out just as much as they enjoyed receiving it! There was lots of food, bouncers, and games to play as well. I only stayed for the candy part, and then Kevin was on his own with the kiddo's. Fortunately Megs and Bubba (David's new name per Turner) were there to help and everyone had a good time.

I love our church family and the fact that my whole family goes there as well. My children are so loved and we have an awesome support system. It was a great night for everyone to be together, be safe, and have fun!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Time!

Last Thursday we took the kids to pick out pumpkins. Since we waited so long, the selection wasn't huge, but we did get 2 big and 2 small ones. Maddie wanted the biggest pumpkin they had, but since it cost $20 we had to downgrade:) They were some puppies in a kennel there that Turner kept telling to be quiet-too cute!

We came home and got to work carving and painting our pumpkins. Kevin carved a big one and the kids painted the rest. I think this is about the first time Turner has ever painted, and he had a big time. I will say just because paint says that it is washable, doesn't mean it won't stain your clothes!!!! Stupidly I left the kids clothes on that they had worn that day and Turner's outfit especially is ruined-I am so glad he was able to wear it that ONE DAY:( Lesson learned, but the kids did have fun ruining their outfits:)

Maddie's Harvest Party!

Last Monday Maddie had her first school party! It was a harvest party and I was able to go! I left work for 2 hours to be able to participate and am so glad that I did. One of the other mom's got it together and the kids had so much fun. Maddie was so surprised to see me and wanted me by her the entire time. It started at twelve just in time for lunch. They had popcorn chicken, cheese cubes, grapes, cheetos, a juice box, and oreo's for dessert! After lunch the parent's helped the kids make a scarecrow craft and then they played some games. I thought for sure every mom would be there, but there was only five of us there. I hate to think that being a working mom is going to cause me to miss some things over the years. I am so glad that wasn't the case for this and took lots of pictures to record the event. Maddie is really enjoying school and her teachers say she is doing great. Here are a few pics from the party.
---My camera has somehow gotten on a setting where if someone is moving the picture turns out blurry. I have to figure out what is going on before Maddie's party next weekend!! That's right, our baby girl turns 4 on Tuesday!!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Turnk or Treat #1!

Kevin and I had an adult weekend and had a lot of fun. The kids spent the weekend with Nonna and Da and we went to Ky with our Sunday School class Saturday. We had dinner at Patti's (delicious!) and spent the night at Patti's Inn and Suites. We stayed up till one in the morning talking and playing games and headed back today. Nonna and Da brought the kids all the way back to Memphis so we didn't have to get on the road again-so nice!!!! We enjoyed our weekend but were super ready to see the kids.

Bartlett Baptist is right next to our house and that is also where Maddie attends preschool. They had their fall festival tonight, so we threw the kids costumes on and went. My kids LOVE candy. Going from car to car and getting candy is my kids idea of a great time!!! Turner wasn't digging his costume, but we finally got it on him (minus the head piece) and off we went. We were able to see Maddie's teacher and get candy from her and several other people that we knew. It started lightning, so we didn't go inside to play games, but headed home instead. We came home and dumped all the candy to remove any peanut items, and Maddie snuck a few of Turner's candies into her bag. It definately reminded me of my sister and I growing up. It was a quick fun outing!

Kevin goes back to school tomorrow but football is over, so will be home early each afternoon. Maddie has a petting farm visiting her school tomorrow and then a Harvest Party that afternoon. I will be at the party and will try to take a bunch of pictures. I am looking forward to it and will try to post more tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Broken Yuck!

Turner is twenty months and really attached to his yuck. He has always slept with it and used it alot during the day as well. A few months ago Ney Ney started only giving him his yuck at nap time. He knew when he woke up he would have to give it to her and she would put it away till the next day. At church, his new Sunday school teachers didn't want them having it either. So slowly but surely we have been reducing "yuck time". Kevin wanted to get rid of it a long time ago but I just wanted Turner to understand why he didn't have it anymore and felt like he was too young.
We finally took the plunge and took it away. We are on day 2 and Turner is adjusting better than I am. I feel like we just took the last bit of him being a baby away and now he is a full blown toddler:( I am sad, but so happy that he is doing so well. We cut the nipple off of his yuck and gave it to him. He has tried sucking it a few times but gives it back to us and says that it is "brokt". This morning that was the first thing he said to me....tonight he didn't ask for it at all. He is such a big boy....and momma is the baby!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Trey Turns 4!!!

It amazes me that we are celebrating our friends children's fourth and fifth birthdays!! I can't believe how fast time flies and am so thankful for the friends in my life!!! Today we helped Mary and Danny celebrate Trey's 4th birthday! He and Maddie have been around each other since birth and play so well together. He is her little Treybug:) They have just recently moved and it was our first time at their new home. Maddie doesn't realize it but Karsey actually lives with them now. After two moves and needing to be relocated again, Mary graciously took Karsey to live with them. Their dog Lilly is Karsey's best friend, so it means the world to us to know that they have her. We were very worried about going over there today thinking that Karsey would be there. Maddie still asks about her often and I didn't want it to confuse or upset her at Trey's birthday party. Mary already had plans to take the dogs to her mom's during the party so we were able to enjoy the party and not answer a lot of questions. It has been a year and a half since we gave her away and we have not seen her since that sad day in May last year. We still miss and love her but are so comforted knowing she is in a good home. She was such a big part of our family and I also worry about how Karsey would feel if she saw us. I am sure she loves Mary, Danny, and Trey, but we were her Mommy and Daddy for so long.....

Wow-that is a sad way to start what was going to be a fun post! Back to the party-lots of great food, a fun bouncer, and a bunch of kids, it was a fun way to spend a Saturday. The kids had a blast, Trey got lots of fun presents, and we were able to catch up with our friends. I hope Trey had a special 4th birthday and we were thrilled to help him celebrate!

Fall Pictures!

Yesterday the kid's and I had a full day. We went by Pump it Up to pick up birthday invitations for a little girl that is turning four in a few weeks, stopped by my work to say hi and get a balloon, went to Sears to have our pictures made, and finally met Mimi and Pitty Pat at Stevie B's for some pizza and games. Their pictures were my top priority and we ended up at Sears for over 2 hours!!! That is way too long for a 1 and 3 years to be stuck getting their pictures made. We probably won't be going back.....the pictures aren't that great and I don't blame the kids for not wanting to be there. Maddie was all about cheesing for the camera, but Turner just wasn't having it. I think he would have done better had I been in the pictures, so I am hoping to have some family photos done for Christmas.

I was mainly wanting pictures made in their halloween costumes, but had some done in regular clothes as well. Turner's monster costume didn't impress him, and it will be interesting to see if he wears on Halloween. I think it made him hot, and he definately didn't want to wear the head piece. But I did get one picture of them together that turned out ok. I haven't done as well getting their pictures made this year, so I glad to be able to buy a few different poses. It was a fun day though and reminds me why I am so blessed to have Friday's to spend with the kids!

Here Comes the Bride!!!!

Saturday, October 9th Megan Young became Mrs. Megan Williams! The weather was perfect, the flowers were perfect, the bride was beautiful, and the food was delicious. It was a great day!! We started off by getting our hair done and then meeting at the church at noon. There were lots of pictures taken and lots of nerves to be calmed (Meg's). The ceremony went off without a hitch and Maddie played flower girl well. When she got to the alter, I am afraid she felt a little like Miss America. She was waving and smiling at everyone. I sent her down to sit with my mom and she ended up with Nonna, Marci, and Turner. But both kids were quiet and that was all I cared about. Turner was able to sit in the church the entire time!!!! I thought for sure Nonna would have to take him outside. Granted he did sleep through most of it, but I was proud of him nonetheless:) After the ceremony and pictures were done, we headed to Colonial for the reception.
I thought the food was wonderful and everything looked great. Megs and David had their first dance and then Boo Boo and Meg's had theirs-Priceless!!!! It was quite entertaining and I am so glad they did it! Maddie and Turner loved dancing on the dance floor and had a great time. Nonna and Marci were a huge help and I am so thankful they were there! It was a beautiful wedding and I am so happy for Megs and David. I also can't believe the downtime we are having now that it is over. It was quiet last week at the Wilkes house without the nanny popping in for visits. I think we all have some adjusting to do but I wish the Williams nothing but the best!!

The Friday Before....

As always, I am behind but I had to share pictures from Meg's wedding weekend. Friday was a big day as we had the bridesmaid luncheon, manicures and pedicures, and then the rehearsal dinner. Turner went to Ney Ney's for the day and Maddie joined me in all the fun. The luncheon was at Paulettes and everything was delicious and super nice! After that we all went to Royal Nails for our hands and feet and Maddie had a ball. She had her nails and toes painted and acted like such a big girl!! Nonna and Marci came into town for the wedding and to help with the kids. So they watched Turner that night while we went to the rehearsal and dinner at church. Everything was nice and Megs and David were super excited. The rehearsal went great and we were home by nine and got everyone in bed. It was a full fun day spent with Megs as she prepared for her special day!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Asthma Stinks!

We had a pretty low key weekend....we had a girl that needed some extra attention!! I love fall time and have been so ready for it to be here. I forgot how hard it was on my kids when the seasons change. Maddie woke up Thursday morning coughing a little bit. It was month end so I had to work late that night and Kevin had a game. Nonna came into town to keep the kids while we were gone. When I got home that night Maddie was in bed with Kevin wide awake-it was 10:30!! She woke us up at 4:30 coughing a ton and sounding like she couldn't get a good breath. Nonna was here so both Kevin and I went on to work. I called a few times to check on her debating whether to take her to the doctor. Nonna called me at 10 saying she was coughing a lot and running a fever of 100.3. I made the appointment and left work shortly after to go get her and take her on in. I am so glad that I did!!!

Maddie hates going to the doctor....HATES it. She is so afraid every time we go that she is going to get a shot. I think she was having anxiety about it and when we got back to the exam room I almost started panicking. She was very short of breath and I could feel her heart racing. I slipped out of the room and the asked the nurse if she could listen to her because I was nervous. The nurse said that she was struggling but her oxygen levels were still ok. I ended up asking Mimi and Megs to join me since they were in the area. The doctor came in and was great!! He was making Maddie laugh and made me feel much better about the situation. For three days we have been giving her a breathing treatment every 3 hours, even throughout the night. She is on a steroid twice a day that I am going to cut back on tomorrow. She is much better, but we are going to continue with the breathing treatments for a few more days. The doctor said that if she got any worse, we were to take her to the ER-that is SCARY!!!

I am not very familiar with Asthma and am often playing a guessing game on whether or not she is wheezing, is she having a difficult time breathing, etc. etc. I did go out a buy an oximeter, which will tell us her oxygen rate and has made me much calmer. A few times it did get in the 70's but went back up rather quickly. I think that will be a good tool on judging how serious it is. I sure have put it in my purse and check her fifty times a day:) We are going to try and send her to school tomorrow. As long as she doesn't back track, I think we will be ok. I took a picture of her during one of her many treatments-she is a mess!!
We have a busy week ahead of us-the nanny is getting married and we need everyone to be well!!! I am sure that I will have tons to post on next weekend!!