Friday, August 29, 2014

Family Day!

It has been a whirlwind these past few weeks.  School is in full swing, Kev and I are back at work, and something is always going on.  Family time with everyone is hard to come by these days.  But last Sunday we had no plans and had a great day!  After church we all went to Steak and Shake for lunch.  We always forget about it and we all love it.
  After lunch we went home and crafted while Harper slept.  M and T love crafting and we dont do it near as much now that we have little hands that like to get into everything:)  I had bought a cute photo booth craft set on clearance at Target and we worked together for over an hour.  It was wonderful.
  After that Kev took the big kids swimming and Harper joined them when she woke up.  Now that I am back at work, it is easy to find a hundred things to get done when I am home.  Things that dont always include quality time with the kiddos.   I dont want the kids to remember me cleaning the house when they are grown.  Especially since it always seems a mess anyway:) I dont want to just be their chauffeur either.  The times we spend at home just doing things together are the best.
   As a mom you are given many different hats to wear.  It can be hard at times juggling everything.  But the rewards are priceless.   Our three treasures deserve the best of us from us.  Love our family days!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Donut Hutt Party!

Last weekend we celebrated Hunter's birthday at the Donut Hutt in Collierville.  You would have thought it was Turner's party.  He was in Heaven!!  Maddie had been to a party there before but they both had fun.  They made donuts, ate donuts, and played with their friends.  They had a few toys that kept Harper entertained while the big kids were baking.  Kev was there too since he is finished with his weekend job.  It was great!  We loved celebrating Hunter!!


I have so much to tell about....but this girl is keeping me busy!  She is painting her face with polish, markers, anything she can get her hands on quick.  If she is being quiet then she is up to no good.  She has learned the word "no" and she likes to say it a lot.  I love this age, but I forgot about some of the not fun parts!  We will make it through:)
  This is her 2nd day of MDO pic and I finally figured something out!  I have a million pictures of her leaning over like that.  She squats down and yells "cheese".  Harper is mimicking me and I didnt even realize it until this day.  Every time I take her picture, I get in that position and am yelling cheese at her:)
  A few biggies for her-she pooped in the potty!!  It was totally random and I am sure wont happen again for a while.  But we were excited for her....then later that day she pooped in the tub:)  Not quite as exciting!  She is talking a lot.  Everyday I feel like I hear a new word from her that surprises me.  She will NOT watch tv...not even for 5 minutes.  I know this is a good thing, but I really would welcome even a 15 minute slow down.
  She still loves MDO and can see me through out the day without crying for me.  I am so glad.  I was scared I would have to hide from her, but church really is her second home.  All is well in Harper's world!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

We Love School!

Turner loves school!!!  The smile on his face when he gets in my van in the afternoon melts my heart!  Yesterday, they ran to my car together holding hands.  I love them and love even more watching them love each other.   This summer was hard at times.  M and T fought a lot.  Maddie some times acts bigger than she is.  But at school she is playing the role of big sister beautifully!  They are both off to a great start.
  Harper and I headed back to MDO today.  It was a good day for both of is.  I take pictures of this girl daily....except for today.  I forgot, but will make up for it tomorrow.  Getting back in the swing of things!!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Why I Blog

I have been slacking lately in my posts.  Some due to time and some due to frustration in getting them published.  I thought about just calling it quits.  Then I remembered why I do it in the first place.
*My kids.  The main reason I do most things.  I have 3 baby books.  One is almost completely filled out.  One is lost and has been searched for a million times with no luck of finding it.  One is completely blank minus about two pages..they are listed the order I got them.  This blog makes me feel a little less guilty about that.  Because everything is documented here and they will always have this blog.
*Our family, especially those in Savannah.  I know many dont read this blog I spend hours of my time publishing.  But when they do, they see us and know what is going on.  It is great keeping family up to date this way.
*My memory stinks.  If it happened 5 minutes ago, I probably have already forgotten it.  Remembering when Harper got her first tooth....couldn't tell you off the top of my head.  But I can look on here and find out:)
*Memories.  They are priceless.  We went to school with a family who lost their entire home a few days ago to a fire.  Thankfully, they werent home and are safe.  Unfortunately, they lost their pictures, keepsakes, and many things that cant be replaced.  I cant imagine.  This blog preserves our memories should tragedy like that ever happen to us.
  All this to say...I love my little blog.  It shows the good, better, bad, and ugly that occurs in the Wilkes house.  I share our triumphs and struggles on here.  I think I will continue to do just that.  I love my family and feel like I owe them this.  Now I am just praying this will actually post.  Until next time!

Monday, August 4, 2014

First Day of School!

I have so much to post but this blog is giving me trouble. I have one post that has been "publishing" for a week and one for "hours".  First world problems I know.  So this is my second attempt at this post and isnt going to say near as much!
  We have a kindergartener and second grader this year and they were both excited to go to school!!  Turner has a great teacher that I pray is the perfect for for him.  Maddie has a great teacher too, but not the one she had been talking about....all summer long.  I am so ready to hear from them about their day!
  This is the first day of the new Bartlett school system and they had city officials at all the schools.  Well, wouldn't you know Boo Boo ended up at Oak:)  The principal included the kids and they were able to walk throughout the whole school ringing the bell.  What a proud time for our city!!  It was sweet to see the kiddos walking with their Boo Boo around the school.
  Praying they have a great school year, that they make friends easily, that they are a good example to others and always kind,  and that their ears and eyes are protected.  Kev is also at his first day at Bartlett and cant wait to hear from him.  I think this is going to be a good year!