Thursday, February 21, 2013

Almost 37 weeks!!

Went to the doctor today and am 2 cm dilated, 70-80% effaced, and heartrate was 145.  To say I am ready would be an understatement!!  The kids are so excited and Maddie hopes everyday will be the "day".
  I have gained the most weight this time-a whopping 40 pounds!!!  That should be no problem to get off, right??  We are scheduling an induction for March 15th, just a day early in case it hasnt come.  I woukd love to go into labor on my own, so I am hoping it will be before then.
  Maddie and I think its a boy and Turner and Daddy are saying girl.  Cant wait to find out!!!!  This is definitely going to be the most exciting surprise we have ever waited for.
  I have been taking aspirin and folguard the whole pregnancy for my clotting disorder.  They took me off aspirin at 35 weeks until after delivery.  I found out I will be taking both for the rest of my life!  Yuck-folguard is expensive!!  But if that is the worst I have to do, I know I am blessed!!  Makes me that much more thankful for the two we have and the mystery baby on the way.
  Counting down the days to becoming a family of five!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sick Day!

I kept Maddie home from school today because she has been coughing a ton and was running a fever in the middle of the night.  This is her first day to miss and as you can tell.....she is real sick!  Definitely going back tomorrow.
  I have lots more to post but have to take the time to download pics from the camera:)  For now Aubry and I are playing with my "sick" child while Turner is at school.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

T's Valentine Day Party!!

Turner had his party at school yesterday and had a great time.  They handed out valentines and had a bag full to bring home.  We put graham crackers, a mini hershey bar, and a heart marshmallow peep in bags for the kids to make smores.
  They also made cards, a foam teddy bear, and played a game.  They made sundaes for a treat.  It was fun and I just love watching him at school.  He is so different than he is at home!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Sleep Tight!

Just went to check on kids and this is how I found them....they are each others best friend!  Love them:)

Sweet Baby Shower!

  My sweet Sunday School class gave me a baby shower yesterday and it was so pretty and thoughtful.  They used yellow and gray to decorate, which is the colors we used for the babies nursery.  With this being baby #3, we in no way were expecting a shower.  But the girls went over and beyond, and baby H or B received a lot of great things yesterday!!
  Not knowing the gender has made it difficult to buy a lot in advance.  But we received tons of wipes, bathing supplies, some teething toys, bibs, burpcloths, diapers, blankets, gift cards......I could go on.  My favorite gift is a canvas that my friend Kellie painted and is now hanging above the changing table.  She did an amazing job and it matches the nursery perfectly!
  My mom, sister, and Maddie joined us and it was a great afternoon spent with great friends!!  The food was delicious as well.  One thing for sure is our SS class knows how to fix a spread:)  I am so thankful they are all in my life and over the years have become some of my best friends!  This baby is coming in the world with a huge support system and we are ready to meet him or her!!!

Turner's 4th Birthday!!

  Whew!!!  We had a wild fun weekend.  I can NOT believe that our baby (at least for the next few months:) turned 4 on Saturday!  He had the best day.  He woke up and his daddy made him pancakes and put candles in them.  Maddie had made him a card and we gave him his present from us.  We pretty much count his party as his gift from us, but we did get him one of the castle/houses that goes with all of his Jake stuff.  He loved it.
  I took Maddie to a gymnastics clinic that morning and daddy took Turner to get his haircut for his big party.  This was the first year he had his party away from home and it was great!  We had a pirate theme at Pump it Up and all of his friends were there.  I ordered a cake from Costco and decorated it myself.  Saved a bunch of money and time by not trying to bake 3 dozen cupcakes this year.  I definitely took the easy route, but since baby #3 will be here in a month I think people understand:)  The kids were able to take home gold coins, an eye patch, and a sword.  The pirates at the party were great and interacted with the kids the whole time.  Turner was able to sword fight one and I wish that we had it on video.  He took it very seriously and had no mercy on the guy:)
  After the party we went to the kids favorite restaurant for dinner-Mo's!  Mimi, Boo Boo, Nonna, Da, Bubba, Megs, Aubry, Brayden, and Sophia all joined us.  We got home around 6:30 and thought that the kids would be exhausted.  They had a full day!  They didn't go to bed until 9:30.  Turner and Maddie had so much fun playing with some of his toys and Mimi and Boo Boo stopped by to see everything.  We have so many wonderful friends and family and they all made Turner's day so special.  He was smiling from ear to ear all day long.  He has grown so much this past year and we love him more than the sky!  This adventure called life that we are on would not be the same without our little man!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

We love Gymnastics!!!

We spend a lot of time at the gym.  Both kids LOVE gymnastics.  We just recently signed Turner up and he goes one day a week for an hour while Maddie is in class.  At home we have a tumbling mat and trampoline that the kids got for Christmas.  I feel like that is all they do.  Maddie has started doing back handsprings on our bed, back flips on the trampoline, and if she is in the den......more than likely she is watching tv while in a hand stand:)  It is great exercise and I love they have something they both enjoy so much!
  Turner is doing it just for fun, but Maddie has been on a developmental team this past year with the plan to begin competing one day.  We should find out in 2 months if they think she is ready to start competing in January or needs another year on a developmental team.  Gymnastics is a very expensive and time consuming sport, so we are just praying for discernment as we decide what comes next.  Maddie definitely enjoys it enough and wants to be at the gym all the time.  Turner didn't have school yesterday so I took he and Aubry to playtime there and Maddie was livid when she found out. 
  I took this video today.  She decided yesterday to try out a back handspring on our bed and since that went well, she started doing them on the trampoline today.  She also got her back tuck down as well.  She makes me nervous as she is fearless!  Thankfully Turner isn't quite as fearless and didn't just try to imitate his sister today.  He is still pretty proud of himself for doing a front roll:)