Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Party kind of Weekend!!

Yesterday was BUSY!! We love birthday parties-we love going to them, having them ourselves, and just helping everyone celebrate their special day. Between the 2 kids, we go to a lot of them! Sadly yesterday we had two at the same time-one in Jackson, and one here. We didn't want to miss one so Kevin and Maddie headed to Jackson to celebrate Ellie's 2nd Birthday and Turner and I headed to Arlington to celebrate Briley's Birthday. This was immediately after Maddie had a basketball game yesterday morning!!!
Both kids had a great time. Ellie's was at a gymnastics place, so I knew that was right down Maddie's alley. I wasn't there, but have seen a bunch of pictures and it was a Barney spectacular:) Briley had a Minnie Mouse party and Turner enjoyed playing with his little buddies. I didn't have my camera but stole a few pictures from facebook to post here:)
After the party, Turner and I headed to Germantown to Mary's Kellys Kids show. I love their clothing and can't wait for the kids outfits to come in. My cousin Emily had an eshow as well, so I really had no choice but to buy from both-so both kiddos got an outfit:) Kevin and Maddie beat us home. I have no sense of directions and got lost once trying to get out of Arlington. Well on my way from Germantown, I got really lost and was going 48 in a 35. So after getting pulled over by a super nice police woman (she didn't give me a ticket, I think she felt really sorry for me. I had several sheets of paper with directions to all my destinations and couldn't even tell her what street I was looking for:), we finally made it home!!
It was a fun day!! Turner is turning three in a few weeks and I am busy preparing for his Handy Manny party at home! Fun Fun!!
On the agenda for this week......Megs and Bubba find out what they are having!!!!! We can't wait and are having a reveal party on Saturday. So this will be an exciting week and I have some baking to do!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A No Sweat Dentist Visit!!

Yesterday was a visit to the dentist for my two and it went great!!!! Both kids have a fear of doctors and dentists have been added as well. BUT.....since Maddie had several fillings done a few months ago, she knew that a simple cleaning was no big deal! She did great and the whole time Dr. Josh was looking at her teeth, her little fingers were crossed that there were no cavities! It was precious and by the time I got my phone ready to take a pic, they were done:( Her teeth looked great (Praise the Lord) and we think one of her top teeth might be SLIGHTLY loose. Her friends are loosing their teeth and apparently we are really looking forward to loosing some of ours:)
Turner kept saying he didn't want to go to the dentist, but once we got back there he did great too! He is getting to be such a big boy. They wanted to take some pictures of his teeth and he went back there and did exactly what he was told. I was so proud of them. I know how hard anxieties can be to deal with-they get it honestly, but this dentist visit made mommy and daddy proud!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crafting Fun Day!!!

Today has been a stay in our pajamas, relaxing kind of day! We have been pretty pooped around here lately and we all have runny noses. So it seemed like a good morning to get the craft box out and hang out around the kitchen table. The kiddos made rainbows out of scrap construction paper, and then painted stain glass window ornaments for Easter. Mo definately has much more patience and interest in these projects, but Turner did pretty well!! When he was done, he just ran to the toy room to cook:) Fun Fun!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Boo Boo!!

Today is Boo Boo's birthday and we are so thankful to be able to celebrate him!! Sadly our kids went to Savannah this weekend, so they weren't here to celebrate his day at lunch. I say sadly, but really they had a great time celebrating Brayden's birthday at the bowling alley and we were given a little break:) We went to church this morning and then headed to J. Alexanders for lunch. It was delicious!! I didn't get any pictures but Boo Boo had a good time!
Grandmother Francis's birthday is also today and we hope she had a great day along with Brayden whose birthday is on Tuesday. Lots to be thankful for in January!!
This past week has been crazy busy--Life Action Ministries is at our church and we are spending every night there for 2 weeks!! It has been an amazing, exhausting week and we can't wait to see what is in store for us this week!! God is doing some work in our church and the hearts of the people there-ours included!!!!
I will get back on track soon!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Maddie's First B-ball Game!!

Saturday Maddie played in her first basketball game. She is playing with Upwards at our church and is really enjoying it!! We recruited Treybug to play and it is a hoot watching them and gives Mary and I more opportunities to chat:) I don't think Maddie really understands all the rules of the game yet, but she sure does love running from end of the court to the other.
My whole family was there to cheer Maddie on and Kelly came and brought her kiddo's. So Turner had friends to run around with during the game. It will be a fun way to spend our Saturday mornings for a few months. We are having a revival at church over the next two weeks so all other activities have been put on hold. I will post more in a few weeks when we start back up. I will say the revival started yesterday and I am so thankful to be a member of EBC and to be able to be a part of it!! Looking forward to going back tonight!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Turner Starts MDO!!

Turner started Mother's Day Out last week at church! He is going to go on Thursday from 9:30-2:30. Now that Nay Nay has moved, he was going to just be with me every day and I thought a day with friends would be good for him. He will begin preschool in the fall and I want him to be ready. (and I admit, a break is always nice too:) This also gives me a day just for Maddie and I, which is nice great she will start Kindergarten in the fall.
Turner was so excited to go!! We packed his lunch, took his picture, and he was such a big boy. We get there, he walks right in......we get to his class....he cries:( His teacher got him in the room and he was ok shortly after. Maddie and I go to pick him up-he is sawing logs snuggled up with his giraffe! I wish I had brought in my phone so I could have taken a picture. We finally woke him up and he had a good day!!! I am so glad and hope he enjoys the rest of this semester!
We celebrated by getting ice cream with their friends Katie and Allison. Daddy met us there and it was a fun treat!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Maddie's Questionnaire!

Well, I interviewed Maddie after I picked her up from school Wednesday. She didn't know how Turner answered his questions. I am telling you....these kids really do baffle me. Here are her answers:

1. How old are you? 5
2. What color is your hair? Brown
3. What color are your eyes? Brown
4. What is your favorite food? Lunchables
5. What is your favorite song? We Wish you a Merry Christmas
6. What is your favorite treat? Cotton Candy
7. What is your favorite color? purple
8. What is your favorite animal? alligator
9. What is your favorite book? Fox's Lucky Day
10. What is your favorite store? Target (we have got to stay out of there!!!)
11. What do you like to do with Daddy? Clean Up ???????
12. What do you like to do with Mommy? Fold towels ?????????
13. What is your favorite movie? Toy Story 3
14. What is your favorite tv show? Dino Dan
15. Who are your friends? Natalie, Gabbey, Turner (so happy she included her brother:)
16. What is your favorite thing to do outside? baseball
17. What is your favorite thing to do inside? play with Turner

What in the world was she thinking? Her favorite things to do with us is clean....I don't know if she was trying to earn brownie points or what. As many things as we do with our kids and the only things they can say about us revolve around cleaning. You would think our house stayed immaculate......I can promise you that is far from the truth!!!
Oh well, I enjoyed hearing their answers and think their answers will be different 3 months from now, so it will be fun having standard questions to ask periodically!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Turner's Questionnaire!

It is a new year with lots of goals and plans. As I have said before, I love pinterest and have gotten so many good ideas from it! One thing I came across was a questionnaire to do with your children every year to see how their answers change. I am going to document their answers here. During lunch I asked Turner his questions and was amused and confused at some of his answers!! These are his answers without help from his momma!!!

1. What is your name? Turner
2. How old are you? 2
3. What color is your hair? Brown
4. What color are your eyes? Brown
5. What is your favorite food? Mac N Cheese (he was eating that for lunch and it is for sure his favorite!!)
6. What is your favorite song? Nonna gave me (he calls his guitars songs and Nonna had just given him 2 for Christmas:)
7. What is your favorite treat? Bubblegum when I get older:) (you can chew gum once you turn 3 in this house and apparently he is looking forward to it)
8. What is your favorite color? purple and pink (I hope he was just repeating what he hears from Mo:)
9. What is your favorite animal? elphanet (I spelled it how he says it:)
10. What is your favorite book? Fox's Lucky Day
11. What is your favorite store? Target (HA-mine too!)
12. What do you like to do with Daddy? Play Hide and Seek
13. What do you like to do with Mommy? Clean up with Books (your momma must be barrels of fun!?!?)
14. What is your favorite movie? Gotta Catch Santa Claus
15. What is your favorite tv show? Calliou
16. Who are your friends? Sammy, thats it. (his words, too funny)
17. What is your favorite thing to do outside? Play
18. What is your favorite thing to play inside? Playing songs (that would be his guitars)

Too Too funny!!! I love that kid-who by the way has been wearing underwear for 2 weeks now!!! I had posted before about potty training and it never actually happened until now. We wear diapers to sleep and are in big boy underwear the rest of the time. He has done so well!! He has no issue with pooping in the potty and we leave the house in undies and I don't worry about his having an accident! This is one happy momma!!
Turner will be three next month and I don't know where the time has gone! He is our full of energy, silly, strong willed, but still sweet little boy! He wears both 2 and 3T clothes, but I have to buy 4T underwear:) I guess he has a booty on him. He is starting MDO out at church in the morning and will go 1 day a week. Since Nay Nay has moved I wanted to give him one day away from me and with friends. We shall see how it goes....
I will do Maddie's questionnaire this afternoon and post it later!!