Monday, September 28, 2009

Disney on Ice

We finished up the weekend with taking Maddie to see Disney on Ice. We had wanted to take her, but wasn't sure about spending the money for the tickets. They were VERY expensive. Well.....for a few hours of my time on Friday morning, and looking silly on Fox 13 news, we got 3 free tickets for Sunday nights show! Our friends, Mark and Bethany, told us about this as Mark does business with a woman who works for the Autism Foundation. I really don't know what the segment was about, but it included them, and we were given comp tickets for participating. All I can say is-thank goodness we didn't pay for the tickets!! Because we left the show having spent $60 and didn't come home with much. Those souvenirs are ridiculous-Maddie enjoyed a $12 sno cone that came with a $2 spoon. I enjoyed a $5.75 coke and we all ate $7 worth of popcorn. She also got a Tinkerbell spinner for a bargain of $18. She watched the whole show and was still talking about it today, so I think it was worth it. I don't know what we will do when Turner is old enough to go too! I'm thinking we will bring food from home and bypass the toy stands:)

My Little Football Fans!

Mimi and Boo Boo bought the kids the sweetest outfits for the fall. I love all the smocked clothing, but our budget does not allow for a lot of it. So, I was thrilled when they gave us these outfits for the fall. Seeing as their daddy coaches football, they are perfect! I think Turner looks adorable in these, but I don't think daddy is going to allow them much longer. So we plan to get as much use out of these as we can.

Happy Birthday Olivia and Trey!

September is such a busy month for us, especially the last weekend of it. Not only is it Kevin's birthday, but also Olivia's and Trey's. We spent Saturday at Maple Grove Farm celebrating Olivia's birthday and Sunday at Mary and Danny's celebrating Trey's birthday. I have mentioned this before, but we love that most of our friends have children the same age as our kids. Maddie already has so many little friends and loves celebrating their birthdays with them!

Daddy Turns 30!!!

Kevin turned the big 30 last Friday and we had a surprise party just waiting on him. Let me tell you, this took weeks of planning and then the week of, all the plans were changed. Originally it was going to be at our house in the back yard. As it got closer to time, I noticed how early it was getting dark, it had been raining for 2 weeks straight, and I just wasn't finding the time or energy to get the house cleaned up for a party. So....a few days before we moved it to the church gym. It was a hit!! I had a ton of help from Mimi, Nonna, and Megs. We got a bouncer set up for the kids and cornhole for the men. There was BBQ, plenty of chips and dips, and 2 cakes. Kevin thought we were all eating at Outback for dinner and was dropping off his cornhole game for a "family night" at church. He was very surprised and had a great time with some family and friends. Thanks to everyone that helped make his 30th birthday so special!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wilkes Update

Wow, a lot has happened since I last posted. A LOT! I will post pics and tell more later, but I just wanted to remain in the blog world and give a little update. The kids are doing great, minus an ear infection for Turner, which resulted in an all night visit to the ER. He is now crawling, sitting up like a pro, has two teeth, and can pull himself up and walk across the couch. That is a lot of accomplishments since I posted last. Maddie is her adorable, bossy, almost 3 self, who is very much my "little helper". They have been juggled around a lot these past two weeks, but have handled it well and mommy is ready to get back in her routine!
Now for the crazy stuff! In two weeks Kevin has suffered through the flu, my grandmother was put on hospice and passed away, my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer, my dear friend developed some health issues of her own, Karsey's new parents told us they couldn't keep her any longer, and today, my parents, sister and David were in a wreck that might have totalled my mom's car. WOW! How's that for a fun few weeks. But, we have had amazing help from Nonna, such supportive family and friends, and we all know that God is watching over us and is going to take care of us all!!! So....with all the bad times, we know good times are right around the corner and are ready (one is Kevin's 30th birthday on Friday:) Dad will have surgery and might be minus a prostate, but as he has said, will still have all his hair!!
So, I will post some pics soon, as I do have a cute video of the kids, and we did have a relaxing weekend in Savannah. Turner did get a fever Saturday night, but is on the mend. I hope everyone has a stress and drama free week, as I think we have had enough for everyone!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Playtime Upstairs

In an effort to try and keep the house somewhat presentable, the upstairs room is the gameroom. There a million toys up there and Maddie is just getting to where she will even go up there some by herself and play. Turner is now sitting and crawling (more like leap-frogging) and there are a ton of toys up there perfect for his age. So, last week the kids and I went up there to play. Turner loved it!!! I think he was a little overwhelmed, but enjoyed trying out some toys that were new to him. It was pretty easy child proofing the house for Maddie, but it has proved a little more difficult with Turner. Maddie has so many toys with little pieces that I am constantly moving things and making her put them away when he is around. His little hands will grab whatever they can. Maddie is now my "little helper" (she tells people that) and is so good about doing things when I ask. She has really grown up these past few months and plays so well with her brother. She encourages him and kisses on him and I sometimes feel like I am watching myself when I see her with him. I sure do love those kids:)

Trying out a teething biscuit!

Turner has been having a lot of trouble cutting his 2nd tooth. We had many long nights waiting for it to break through. I decided to give him a teething biscuit while I was cooking dinner one night to see what he would do. He liked it, made a big mess, and kept him entertained for quite a while:) Maddie had to have one too, but I don't think it impressed her as much as it did when she was a baby.