Friday, October 23, 2009

Carving Pumpkins

Last weekend we decided to go ahead and carve our pumpkin. We set out a blanket and was going to let Maddie color her pumpkins while Daddy did the big one. She decided she would rather ride her bike in the garage and chase Turner in his walker. They had a fun afternoon, but Daddy did the work mostly by himself.

Watching by the Door

Maddie has gotten to where she can unlock and open the doors by herself (kind of scary). So, when we know someone is coming, we will ask her to open the door for us. Immediately, Turner takes off to sit in front of the door. I love watching them sit by each other and just take in everything. Mimi was stopping by on this day and they were awaiting her arrival.

Maddie and Boo Boo Time

A few weeks ago, Mimi and Boo Boo took Maddie to a Fall Party at one of their friend's house. Maddie was able to spend some quality time with Boo Boo carving a pumpkin. She also colored with some friends and then stayed the night with Mimi and Boo Boo. They took some pictures for me and I wanted to share them. Notice how good she did coloring her picture! This is still one of her favorite things to do.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Portrait Innovations

I have been trying to get Turner's pictures made for a while now. The kids have been sick off and on for the past month. We have rescheduled and finally took them today. We had Maddie's 3 year pictures made, Turner's 8 month pictures, and pics of them together. Maddie did great! She couldn't get enough of the camera and was smiling the whole time. Turner...not so much. To be normally such a happy baby, Daddy was practically turning cartwheels trying to get him to smile. He just stared straight ahead the entire the time. We were able to get a few good ones, but that was after taking almost 100!! We went to Portrait Innovations to have them done, which I love, and then went to Crepemakers for lunch. I love getting the kids out and doing things as a family. These past few months have been so busy with Kevin having football, that family outings seem to be few and far between. But, next week is his last week and I am looking forward to the coming months of some family fun:)

Picking out Pumpkins!

Maddie is obsessed with pumpkins! She loves them, can't seem to get enough of them. We have gone driving around several times at night to see the few houses that decorate for Halloween. Megs and I took the kids to a pumpkin patch by our house so they could pick some out to carve with Daddy. They had the cutest scenery and I was excited about taking some pictures. Well...I took some, but the kids weren't very interested in participating. It was fun picking them out though. I posted some pictures from the afternoon.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wagon Ride times 2!!

Last week Turner enjoyed his first wagon ride. We bought Maddie a wagon for her 2nd Easter and it has two seats, preparing for 2 kiddos in the future. Well, I didn't think we would be using it this early, but Turner loved it. Last week the weather was beautiful and Megs and I took them for a stroll. They had a good time.