Saturday, October 31, 2015

Cancer Update

The past two weeks have been filled with lots of doctor appointments....surgeon twice, plastic surgeon, radiologist, and the regular Monday chemo.  Harper told me the other day that I have to go to the doctor every day.  It feels like it.  But we have a plan!!  And I can see an end in sight!  And the chemo worked!  So we are going to do everything that we can to keep this from coming back.
  Which means on December 11th I will be having a bilateral mastectomy with expanders put in.  They will do a sentinel node biopsy which will determine how many lymph nodes have to be removed.  I am praying not meaning.  I will spend that next month recovering and going in to have the expanders filled.  Then I will have 30 rounds of radiation to my chest, underarm, and neck.  I will go everyday Mon-Fri for 6 weeks.  Then, hopefully there will be no complications and a final reconstruction surgery will be about 6 months after that.
  So we are looking at a year....a year that cancer has disrupted our life, but definitely not controlled or claimed it.  I am tired, ready to have my hair back, ready to move on to the next chapter.  But one thing this has taught me is to take and be thankful for one day at a time.  We aren't guaranteed tomorrow so I am not going to wish the next 7 months away.  There is no telling what they have in store.  God has met all of our needs and more.  He has given us the most incredible support system and he has allowed me to get through chemo a lot easier than it could have been.  I hate this, but am thankful for a lot that has come from it.
  Cancer changes you.  The small stuff is no longer worth sweating.  This has strengthened my relationship with God, my famiy, my friends.  It has taught me to be brave, to not be cling to bible verses such as Joshua 1:9.  I pray that once this is over that it never comes back.  I don't want to go through this again, buy I also don't want to forget what I have learned.
  Last Monday Nonna came and sat with me through chemo.  I loved having her there, but I did manage sleep through some of it.  My parents stopped by to say hi and we all enjoyed Cheesecake Factory once I was done.  I have enjoyed some yummy lunches after chemo:)
  The ballgame that Friday recognized breast cancer survivors before the game and Kev was able to walk me out.  The Pink Heals truck was there and I was able to sign it along with my mom.  It was a nice thing for Arlington to do for Breast Cancer Awareness month.  October is coming to a close, but I hope everyone remains aware.  It is so important to go to your yearly exams and check yourself regularly.  Mine was hard to detect, but very big.  If it hadn't been in my lymph nodes I think my story would be a lot different.  Another example of God taking care of me.  You don't want it to spread, but by doing so we were able to find it.  God is good:)
  I have so much else to post, will get to it soon:)

Monday, October 26, 2015

Pumpkin Picking, Painting, and Carving!

Last week I took the kids to a little pumpkin patch by our house to pick out pumpkins.  Maddie us at the age where she wants the biggest one.  Had to talk her down a bit!  They always have cute backdrops for pictures and the kids went on a small train ride.  The highlight for Harper was pushing the wagon that held the pumpkins.
  Let me note that a few years ago, I would have made sure the kids were dressed picture perfect and matching for this event.  Ha, these days I am content as long as they are clothed!  Priorities change people, and Cancer is one way to make that happen.  Don't get me wrong, I still like buying them cute clothes, but it isn't quite where it was on the chart of importance.  With Maddie getting close to 9, I am definitely more concerned with heart issues than what she looks like on the outside. (Thank goodness, because that girl hates dressing up)
  We held unto the pumpkins till yesterday, when they carved them with daddy.  Harper and Turner painted one, Maddie carved her own, and Daddy carved T's after he drew it.  They turned out cute and once it quits raining I will get a final pick of them with their pumpkins.  I can't believe how fast time is going, going to have a lot to do in the next month. 
  Cancer post up next!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Boy's Camping Trip!

8Turner went on his first camping trip with his daddy and they had the best time.  They went with the RA'S and it was in Linden, TN.  They left Friday around 10 and got home Sunday at 5:30.  We missed our guys, but I am so glad that they went.
  It got cold at lower 30's cold.  Kev was worried Turner would want to come home after the 1st night, but he was a trooper.  He made fire, did obstacle courses, used a machete, shot a bow and arrow, and much more.  The Cowell's were there and they have a new puppy.  Apparently, Turner just couldn't get enough of her....he wants a dog so bad.
  Kev took pics for me to share.  I think it was a great father son weekend!  They both came home exhausted!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Kev and Turner went camping last weekend with the RA'S, which will be my next post.  Since the boys would be gone and Maddie's birthday is 2 weeks away, we decided to have her a surprise sleepover party.  I had so much fun getting everything together and she had absolutely no idea!  It was inexpensive, and my favorite party of hers to date.
  Several of her friends were out of town for fall break, but we had 7 girls spend the night.  I decorated while the girls were at Mimi and Boo Boo's and everyone arrived at 6.  They hid behind furniture and I acted like I was sleeping on the couch.  When Mo walked in everyone jumped out and yelled surprise.  She was shocked.. I can still see her face and it makes me grin:)
  I fed them chik fil a nuggets, fruit, and chips for dinner, they decorated Halloween cupcakes, painted pumpkins, painted faces, had a baby food challenge....I tried to keep them busy:)  They also watched a movie and had popcorn and ice cream.  I didn't sugar them up at all!
  It was a loud night!  They sang karaoke and had a talent show.  Maddie had the best time and that was my goal.  The girls were all asleep by 12:30 and up by 6:30.  Mercy me!  It was such a fun way to celebrate her turning 9!  We will celebrate again with the family on her special day.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fall Break Fun!

We have had the best fall break!  It began with chemo where I learned that my cancer is possibly completely gone!!  If there is any left, it is small.  Thank you God for allowing this chemo to work!  Kev was with me to hear the great news.  We celebrated by having sushi for lunch during treatment:)
  Tuesday we met some friends at the movies to see Pan.  It was Harper's first movie and she did great.  She stood for most of it, but really enjoyed her popcorn.  Afterward we headed to the Bellevue playground to play for a bit.  We didn't last long because Mo started wheezing.  It scared me as she hasn't had any breathing problems in a few years.  We headed home for a breathing treatment and she was fine shortly after.
  Wednesday we went to the zoo with the Gaines.  My kids LOVE the zoo and going with friends makes everything better.  We were late getting there thanks to a flat tire on the van.  It happened close to a tire store, which was also close to a sonic, and we only had to patch it.  God was watching out for us as always:)  Once we got there, we enjoyed the sting ray exhibit, and all the other animals.  We stayed for several hours and were pooped by the time we left.  We took the wagon and Harper walked just about the whole time.  Hard to believe we wont be hauling that thing around much longer:(
  Thursday I met with the surgeon and the kids played with Mimi and Boo Boo.  I have decisions to be made and will be meeting with a radiologist and plastic surgeon this week.  I definitely will have to have 6 weeks of radiation and we are undecided about surgery.  Seems that it is my choice.  I am leaning more towards a double mastectomy but have a week to decide.  Praying for wisdom!
  That brings us to this weekend which will be a separate post...or 2!!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Weekend in Savannah!

Fall break is here and and we are excited.  We are heading back from Savannah, where we spent the weekend.  We spent lots of time with Nonna, visited with Christy, Lacie and baby Eli, saw Marci, and the grandparents.  The kiddos loved the baby!!  Harper sure would make a great big sister! (Will never happen:()  She wouldn't quit tickling his feet, blowing on his belly, and trying to hold him.
  We spent some time with Landis and were asked to pick out a few things to take home.  Dee Dee sure did love Christmas, and we are thankful to have some keepsakes of hers.  It was sad being there and her being gone.  Thank you Lord that we will see her again one day!
  We went to Corinth yesterday to a place called Tad's.  There was pizza, lots of games, and a few small jumpers.  The kids had a ball and we spent a couple of hours there.  Maddie hit the jackpot on a game and won 750 tickets.  She is the proud owner of a wooden alligator.
  It was a quick trip, but a good one.  Now heading home and hoping to have a fun, yet productive week away from school and work.  I had an MRI Friday and am praying we find out the results tomorrow while at chemo!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Chemo Day!

It is 2:20 am and I can't sleep.  Chemo is supposed to wipe you out, but most nights I spend awake.  Weird.  My good friend Jennifer took me yesterday and we passed the time chatting and laughing away.  Delia, who is also in the picture is a 17 year survivor who now volunteers at West.  She has been a huge encouragement to me.  My numbers were a bit better yesterday which is good.  After chemo, we enjoyed Sekisui for lunch-my fave!
  Friday I go for an MRI.  I would appreciate prayers.  I am praying that no cancer will be found.  I meet with the surgeon the following week and might not know the results till next Thursday.  I am
also praying for calm nerves and less anxiety.  That test is no fun and now I know what to expect.  I am praying Joshua 1:9.  I am praying God will receive glory from this no matter what the results will be.  Pray with me!!!!  He hears us and listens!!


In the past week, we have gone to Disney on Ice, Daddy had a birthday, played football, complete Chemo #10, and had Ram Run at the big kids school.  Instead of doing separate posts, I am lumping them together to save time.
  Disney on Ice was a great time.  We went downtown early eat at Hueys and then headed to the Forum.  The kids all loved it, but Harper was on cloud 9!  She smiled the whole time. She wore her Anna costume and looked adorable.  We had to have a few Olaf snocones and they each picked out a treat (stuffed animals and sword) after the show.  Daddy's birthday was the day before and he had a football game, so we really didn't see him.  Disney on Ice was a way to celebrate as a family;)  So thankful for him and all he does for us!!
  I had chemo #10 and Mimi and Boo Boo joined me.  A sweet friend kept Harper for the day that has a son the same age.  They had a great time.  My numbers and blood pressure were a little low, but I was still able to get chemo.  I slept through most of it.  Getting closer to the end and I can not wait!  I have an MRI Friday and I am praying that there will be no trace of cancer.  Then the following week I will meet with the surgeon and see what's next.  I am ready for a game plan.
  Friday I took off work so that Harper and I could watch the kids run at Ram Run.  Mimi and Boo Boo came too and the kids booked it.  It is fun watching them run and  it was cold outside that day!!  Fall has arrived.  Ramy (the mascot) was there and Harper loved him.
  Yesterday Turner had a game and we all froze!!!  It was at 8:30 and we all drank hot chocolate and I made several trips to sit in the car out of the wind.  Turner played a bunch and hustled more than usual...Probably just trying to stay warm!
  It was a good week!  We have 1 more week of school and then it is Fall break.  We are ready!!  We have a trip to Savannah planned, a few doctor appointments, a camping trip for daddy and Turner, and a surprise I will share more about later!
  I have been trying to get this to post forever!  Not sure what is going on.