Saturday, June 25, 2011

Father's Day 2011!

This year for Father's Day we enjoyed lunch at Bahama Breeze after church. We were able to love on Boo Boo and Kevin. We gave Da his presents the weekend before in Savannah. I am so thankful to have been raised by a christian, loving, daddy and am proud that my kids are being raised the same way. This day reminds me how blessed my children and I are, and I was glad to be able to show our love to them!!

A weekend in Savannah!

A few weeks ago we went to Savannah for the Weekend. We spent lots of time playing with cousins and just relaxing with family. The kids spent the majority of their time in the pool and Megs and Bubba came to spend Saturday with us. It was a great weekend and we loved being able to get away for a few days. We had a shrimp boil at Marci and Timmy's and a fish fry at Grandmother Dee Dee's and Paw Paw Landes's. There was lots of good eating and relaxation!!!

Dance Show #2!

I am literally making myself sit down get up to date on my blogging! I debated just skipping ahead tonight but I have some pictures I want to post to be able to remember these special days. That being said, I might not have a lot to say but I do have some sweet pictures of two little kids:) Almost a month ago, Maddie had her second dance show for the year. She didn't disappoint again!! She smiled and shaked her little booty with the rest of her class. Mimi, Boo Boo, Turner, Megs and Bubba came to watch the show. She received several goodies at the end of it and we had a great night. Both Maddie and Turner enjoyed watching the other dancers and we are gearing up for another year of dance. It ended on a great note!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cathcing Up!

Well, this month is going to get away from me if I don't get back to blogging. I haven't downloaded my pictures but I still need to post dance recital #2, a trip to Savannah, and Father's Day!!! In between that we have had playdates, gone to the zoo, and gotten in the groove of having daddy home for the summer! We have been busy and I have been stressed!! Lots of changes going on at my work and I have have been having a few health issues. After several trips and tests run at doctors, I think I am getting everything under control. This coming week will mark my first week going back to work on Fridays in two years. While I am thankful to still have my job, I have been struggling with giving up my one day that is just mine and the kiddo's. I know that another door will open should this not be why I am supposed to be doing. I am learning quickly that God's timing and my own are not always the same!!!
Hopefully I will get pictures uploaded and back up to date this week!! I hate getting behind on my blogging because it is so hard to catch up. But...this is such a great way to record our memories and will give the kids something to look back on whey they are older. So I will get her done:)

Friday, June 3, 2011

First Real Swim and playdate with London and Cade!

Today Kelly brought London and Cade over to play and swim with the kids. It was the first time they got in the big pool this year and it was a hit. I didn't know if Maddie would be able to just jump back into swimming on her own, but she did. She is all over the pool and absolutely loves it! Turner wasn't real sure about it last year, but he did great too. We put his floaty on and he just swam around on his own today. It is going to be a lot easier this year to let them swim even if just one of us is in it.

Kelly brought some pizzas and we ate and chatted for a bit. Then she took Cade to a doctor's appointment and London stayed with us. I was worried she would want her momma, but she did great. She wasn't a fan of the big pool, but loved the baby pool, sprinkler, and play house. The kids played well together and we all loved just being outside. Turner skipped his nap today and everyone was asleep by 7:30:) I love these summer days and am looking forward to outside family time over the next few months.

Dance Show #1!

Maddie's first show was last night and she did great!!! She was a precious little Snow White and we are so proud of her! Nonna and Grace came down to watch her and the kids loved spending time with them. Nonna gave her flowers and Minnie Mouse pj's after she danced and she was so proud. Her big girl that danced with her also gave her a sand bucket filled with necklaces and suckers. The show started at 7 and didn't end till 10! It made for a long night and we were so thankful for Mimi and Meg's. They came to watch Maddie dance and then took Turner home with them. They are coming tomorrow night to watch her dance so didn't stay the whole time. Turner did good, but I don't think he would have made it the whole time.

We had about decided to take Maddie out of dance to do gymnastics next year and I am having doubts. She really does enjoy it and has made so many little friends. All the dancers are so sweet to the little ones and I love seeing her interact with everyone. We will probably just not do anything this summer and then figure it out in the fall. It was a fun night and there was definate improvement from last year.