Friday, June 25, 2010

My Silly Little Man

Turner is 16 months old and a handful! He is so full of energy and fun. He loves his "yuck" (paci), which we are soon going to be getting rid of, and is Maddie's biggest fan. He isn't a big talker but does say "momma, daddy, nonna, mimi, boo boo, ney ney, snack, all gone, come on, bye bye, night night, Mae Mae (Maddie), milk, more, bowl, please, feet, stinky, thank you, go go, bath, spoon, and probably a few others. Did you notice that most of those revolve around food?? He loves to eat and usually eats well. He is a great milk drinker and big kisser. He thinks it is hilarious to run around naked, and we are often chasing him trying to put his diaper on.

He loves taking a bath. You say the word and he is running down the hall trying to jump in the tub. He still loves playing kitchen. He is always cooking up something. He can point to his nose, eyes, ears, mouth and feet. He will smell your feet and scrunch up his nose. He thinks it is so funny to have "stinky feet". He always wants whatever Maddie has at the moment. I can't believe I thought we could buy one guitar in Gatlinburg. Maddie wanted the guitar, and we got Turner a dog that barks and walks. He liked it in the store. He hasn't looked at it since we have been home. He always wants the guitar. I see duplicate purchases in our future. He loves being held...all the me. He claps a lot, does little jigs around the room, and likes to play patty cake. He is such a blessing to us and keeps us entertained.

Swats on the bottom aren't very effective. Most of the time he laughs. He is very mischevious. At least 10 times a day, he turns the tv off and gets in trouble. He doesn't care if we spank him, minutes later he is doing it again. He loves turning his milk upside down and getting the couch and furniture sopping wet. I am so glad our couches are old and not real valuable to us. I can guarantee they will be ruined before Turner gets out of toddlerhood. I was afraid we were going to have another biter on our hands. He has done it on occasion, but I am crossing my fingers it won't be habit forming. He has already gotten hot sauces-he wasn't such a big fan:) I think he has twelve teeth. For the longest time he only had four. Well they are now popping in left and right. For the biting purposes, we rarely stick our fingers in his mouth to check. But he does have a mouthful:)

He loves to feed himself and if we aren't about to go anywhere, I usually let him (I posted a picture from lunch today-as you can see it gets messy) He loves playing in clothes and "helping with laundry"-again I posted another picture. He is our sweet little man that is growing way too fast. He learns a lot from his big sister and keeps us on our toes! We love our little Turner man!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!

I would like to wish a Happy Father's Day to the most special Daddy's in our lives-my husband, Boo Boo, and Da!! We have had a great day and hope they have enjoyed it as well! We woke Kevin up this morning with cards from both the kids and I. We had gone to the mall last night and Kevin bought a new game (because he has so much time to play these days:) and new underwear (exciting stuff!!) We got ready and went to church. After church, we went with my family to lunch at TGI Friday's. It was a pretty relaxing lunch-Turner slept through most of it!!! We gave Boo Boo his gift, which was some new plaid shorts and a golf shirt. I can't wait to see him in it-he is going to be one hip Boo Boo:)

After lunch we came home and got the kids packed up to go see their Nonna and Da for a few days. Kevin is leaving in the morning to help with church camp and will be gone till Friday. Nonna and Da are keeping the kids till Wednesday. The kids will have a ball playing in Savannah and hopefully I will get rested up to keep them the rest of the week by myself. Vacation was so much fun, but tiring as well. Poor Kevin is going to come home Friday EXHAUSTED. We were able to see Nonna and Da for a few minutes and give Da his Father's Day gift. We got him three new t-shirts that say some pretty funny things on them. I think they fit him perfectly!

It has been a good day with family and our kids and I am just so thankful for the men that are influential in our life. I have been so blessed to have such a good dad and now a husband that does just as good of a job with our kids, who also learned well from his dad-that is a mouthful! We also all have a relationship with our heavenly father and are teaching our children about him in hopes that they will choose to have a relationship with him as well. I hope everyone has had a great Father's Day and thank you Boo Boo and Da for everything that you do for us! We love you both more than the sky!! Kevin-thank you for being such a great Dad and Husband. The kids and I both love you more than the sky and don't know what we do without you!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gatlinburg 2010

What a fun week! We had been looking forward to going to Orange Beach since February when I booked us a condo there for the week. Well...with the oil spill I got very nervous about going there. I didn't want the kids first trip to the beach to be spoiled in any way. So, about 2 weeks before we changed plans and decided to go to Gatlinburg. I am so glad that we did. We had such a great time and stayed at a great hotel with its very own outside water park. That is where we spent the majority of our time. All Maddie wanted to do was swim and Turner was happy being in the pool before and after nap time.

We took the kids to Dixie Stampede, Wonder Works, a little amusement park, and did some shopping. It was quite an exhausting week for Daddy and I, but Maddie cried about having to come home. I think I could write a small book on our trip, so I am just keeping it brief here. The kids were great on the car ride there, and Turner was quite fussy on the car ride home. We couldn't have asked for better weather and am very pleased with our first family of four vacation. It was fun times!!!

T-Ball Players in Training!

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever! We just got back from our very first very fun family vacation that I will post about next. First, I wanted to share some pictures of the kids and their daddy playing t-ball. I am not sure about Turner yet, but I think Maddie is going to be a little athlete. She loves hitting the baseball, kicking the soccer ball, and just running around like crazy. A few weeks ago they were hitting the ball, and Kevin set up bases and showed Maddie how to play. Turner got in on the fun and it was hilarious. He finds so much pleasure out of aggravating her!!! She will be yelling at him and getting so mad and he just laughs. I think we have a mini me and mimi daddy in the making. One is looking to be a little high strung and the other just a laid back, easy going little man!! I caught some of the fun on camera-I just love their expressions!
**After posting the pictures, I realized it doesn't look like Maddie is having very much fun-I promise other than arguing with Turner, she enjoyed herself:)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dance Recital #2!

Sunday was Maddie's second and last recital for the year. Nonna and Grace came into town to watch her perform. Maddie and Turner both were so excited to see them. Unfortunately, they didn't get to see what we saw on Friday night. I think Maddie was tired and simply not in the mood to perform. So....she didn't. She stood on the stage with a big frown, her fingers in her mouth, and shook her head no the whole time!! I hated she didn't look like she was having very much fun up there, but she was still cute as button. Nonna brought her a bag full of candy, workbooks, and bubbles and Maddie was thrilled. We also gave her a necklace with a ballet shoe charm that she really seemed to like.

When it was over, the whole crew went to Stevie B's to eat. Boo Boo and Turner met us there. Their afternoon together went well and it was a fun dinner. Ok...I'll be honest, not so fun. For everyone there knows that it was a little tense due to Mommy and Daddy having a small falling out. I think we actually entertained Megs and David and they seemed to enjoy us not getting along!! (Thanks a lot Megs!) I think we were just exhausted and am happy to report that all is now good and well. I am sorry Nonna that we didn't visit like we would have liked and can't wait to see y'all again!! Maddie and Grace did enjoy playing in the gameroom and of course Turner loved eating:) This blog is used to post our daily life and this just wasn't one of our best days...but we love each other anyway:)

Sunday Morning Funny

Kevin and I are really good about each taking a morning during the weekend and letting the other one sleep. Well Sunday I was up with Turner a little after five-I fed him breakfast, played, he was full of energy. Seven o'clock rolls around and it is time for me to get in the shower and get ready for church. I get Kevin out of the bed to watch Turner. I take my shower, dry my hair, put on my makeup, get dressed, etc....30 minutes go by. I walk into the den and Kevin is snoring on the couch fast asleep. I walk into the kitchen....Turner is on the floor with with a tootsie roll sucker in each hand having the time of his life!!! He had gotten them out of Maddie's goody bucket from the recital and he was in heaven!!! I took a few pictures of him dancing around and then promptly woke Kevin up and made him take them away from him. Turner went from being crazy happy man to crazy super mad man in a matter of seconds!!! There was no way I was being the bad guy for that one-Daddy's oughta know not to sleep while on the job:)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

All Aboard!!

We attended Jadon's 2nd Birthday party today and it was done choo choo style! It was at our Church and the kids rode around in a train...the whole time! Maddie only stopped when the train wasn't running. Turner rode a while with his sister and I think he liked it too! They had hot dogs, chips, cake and homemade ice cream-it was yummy! Maddie even took hers for along for a train ride:) It was a fun party, but I think by tomorrow my kids are going to be exhausted. We didn't get Maddie to sleep last night till almost midnight!! Then today, we swam for several hours and then partied with the Holley's and church friends. It has been a full weekend! We are so glad we helped Jadon celebrate his special day though and can't believe he is already two!! I say it a lot, but time flies!!

First Dance Recital-SO FUN!

Last night was Maddie's first show-she had so much fun and was cute as a button on that stage! Megs kept Turner, which was wonderful, so that we could just concentrate on Maddie and not have to get up and down with him. Maddie and I had to be at the BPAC at 6 and the show started at 7. My parents and Kevin got there around 6:30 and Mimi came and saw us in the dressing room. I had put Maddie's hair in rollers that afternoon and put all of her make-up on before we arrived. You could tell she felt like a big girl:) She was playing and laughing with all of her friends and then we went to sit down. The older girls that dance were looking out for the little ones when they weren't on stage.

Her little dance was precious. You could tell she was really trying to figure out where we were sitting and would stop dancing a bit to look around, but then she would start back up. She didn't act shy at all-it was great! After her dance, I ran back to her dressing room to see her. We put her back in her regular clothes so she could watch some of the dances before getting her redressed for the finale. The had a TV set up in the entryway where the concession stands were so you could sit out there and watch as well. Mimi and I laughed as us girls were drinking cokes and eating dorito's, while Kevin and Boo Boo were stuck in the auditorium watching the show:) Maddie went in and watched a few dances and then we had to go back out to get her dressed again. By this time, I could tell she was getting tired. The show was not over until about 10:15! That is late for me, but especially late for my 3 year old!! Well, when it was over, she had a bucket full of goodies from one of the older dancers, flowers from her daddy, and a ballerina figurine from Mimi and Boo Boo waiting for her. She was thrilled! This was her night and I think we managed to make her feel pretty special! We went to Sonic for ice cream afterwards and finally made it home close to 11. I think her first dance recital went great-everyone had fun, and it did kind of make the $1000 we have probably spent this past year on dance worth it:) She dances again tomorrow and has Megs, Davids, Nonna and Grace coming to watch her. Boo Boo is keeping Turner and Mimi has other obligations! I will let you know how it goes.

We couldn't take pictures or video during the show, so all the pics are before and after:)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dance Rehearsal captured on New Camera:)

Tonight was dress rehearsal for the recital this weekend. Oh my goodness-it's going to be cute!! I thought Maddie would just stand there, but I was wrong. She can smile and shake her little booty with the best of them:) We didn't get to see much, so I am really looking forward to this weekend. I took my new camera-the one I am paying Boo Boo back for in monthly installments...I hate that I broke my old one....but I really LOVE my new one. It has a strap that goes around my neck. That is where it will stay. Unless the strap breaks, this camera is not landing on the ground! (cross your fingers:) We couldn't take flash photography, so the pictures I am posting were without the flash in a pretty dark room. She might not dance for us at home, but she knows how to show off on stage-Love it!!!