Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Start of Fall!

My favorite time of year is here.  We love this time of year and all the activities that come with it.  We had a full weekend and I am just lumping it all in one post.  Picture overload ahead!
  We celebrated Kevin on Thursday...for five minutes before he left for school.  That was the only time M and T saw him:(  Harper and I did deliver a Java Chiller to him during 2nd period on our way to school.  He was surprised and happy we stopped by.  The kids made him birthday cards and Maddie's was hilarious.  You never know what you are going to get with them.  Kev turned 35 and we have been together since he was 18.  Crazy, and I love him more every year.  Thankful God allowed me to call him mine:)
  Friday night the kids and I headed to the football game to cheer on daddy and the panthers.  It was Oak night so there were lots of friends there.  The kids stood on the field as the players entered.  It was fun and I love being more involved this season.  It is a great time being able to sit on the field and letting the kids just run around.
  Saturday was crazy busy and I was tired by the end of the day.  Maddie had gymnastics all morning and then I took the big kids to the Bartlett Festival.  Trey turned 8 and had a get together there.  The kids rode rides and had their faces painted.  It was a good hot time:)  Trey met Maddie when she was first born in the hospital and they have been buddies ever since.  I pray they are always friends and love watching them grow up together.
  That night we all headed to Somerville for Kelly and Tim's annual fall party.  The kids fished with daddy, we ate, and went on a hayride. Harper and Aubry played together and the big kids ran wild.  Kelly and her mom always outdo themselves preparing for this and we always have a great time.  She is another forever friend and I am so thankful for her.  We came home, made the kids shower, and went straight to bed.
  Looking ahead, October has lots of things in store.  This season has us often going in many different directions.  I love nothing more than our outings as family of 5 and there are good times ahead for the Wilkes family.  So thankful for my little family.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fun times 2!

Great show, great time spent with family!  This was Harper's first time to go and it has been a few years since Kevin went with us.  There was a Halloween skit that had all the villians, Lilo and Stitch, a Toy Story skit, and lots more.  Harper did as good as a 1 year old could, and is in love with her Minnie Mouse:)  Turner picked out a Donald duck stuffed animal and Maddie got a boomerang.  I think Turner enjoyed it more than anyone.  Thankful we can do some little extras like this with the kids.
  I took the kids to the zoo yesterday and we had fun there too:)  The kids loved the sea lion had been a while since we have seen it.  They also liked the monkeys and Animals of the Night.  It was nice to have a day off from school/work and just enjoy the day.
  Kev's grandma is here at the Med and has been for a week.  Pam has been here but hasn't left the hospital.  Kevin has gone a few times to see her.  The kids have been praying all week (as have we) for her to feel better and get well.  In the middle of difficult times, it makes these family outings that much sweeter.  We definitely aren't guaranteed tomorrow and we try to soak in the time we have.  There is much more I need to share about the kiddos but I will in a separate post.  Gotta get ready to teach Sunday School in the morning!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Lunch!

Oak doesnt allow lunch visitors until after Labor Day.  Since Mondays are my only day, today was the day to go.  Mimi and Boo Book took Harper took the park and home to play so that I could go.  Turner eats lunch at 10:30 and Mo at 12:15.  My kids are SO different!
  Lunch with Turner-he sees me standing in the doorway and is smiling ear to ear.  He tells me that he just can't stop smiling:)  He marches me to the table like a little soldier.  He is very particular and sets everything out before he begins to eat.  A lunch helper stops by and tells me how sweet Turner is.  She told me he raises his hand every day after he is finished eating to ask if he can have his cookies.  Love him!  We enjoyed our lunch and I can't wait to join him again.
  Lunch with Maddie-she sees me and kind of skips to the lunch line.  She bought today and added an ice cream to her tray.  We sit down and she immediately eats her ice cream first.....definitely not raising her hand to ask anyone:)  She picks at the rest of her food and is a wiggle worm.  She is constantly turning around to talk to her friends.  When lunch is over she just waves goodbye and is off to class.
  I love the little time I spend with them at school.  Hard to believe we already have two in school!

Fair Day!

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the fair.   We didnt go last year and the kids were excited.  M and T both got wrists bands and were able to ride a bunch a lot rides.  Maddie is fearless and Turner a little more cautious.  Thank goodness Kev likes riding and was able to go with Maddie.  Turner, Harper, and I spent a little more time on the smaller rides.
  Turner wanted to play games and thankfully he and Maddie both won a dollar stuffed animal.  It only costs us $20:)  There was a Wipe Out game that Maddie loved playing.  We like to watch that show and it was even more fun watching them.  We watched a Lion show and listened to some singing while we enjoyed some ice cream.  We visited and fed the animals, which was about the only thing Harper could really do.  Poor girl really was just along for the ride.  She did great though!
  We spent about 4 hours there and the weather was perfect.  See ya next year Delta Fair!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Interims Came Home!

We are off to a good start.  Kids seem to be enjoying and doing well in school.  Turner has a little homework every night and Maddie has none.  She has weekly tests, but so far no written homework.  Turner likes to do his as soon as he gets home:)  He is our particular very on top of it child.   Maddie definitely waits as long as we let her and doesn't worry about it.  They are both doing great though,  so I will take it!
  Harper wants to be just like them and has to carry her lunch box and book bag now to school.  Precious!!!  Loving life with 3:)