Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gatlinburg Vacation!!

  We went to Gatlinburg two weeks ago with the big kids and left H at home.  It was a hard decision and she was very missed (especially by me), but I think we were able to do a lot more without her being with us.  I doubt Harper would have made it by the pool for six hours straight:)  Our kids are fishies and would have spent the whole week at the pool and been thrilled!!!  But instead....we spent a lot of money we didn't need to on some of these attractions-
Dollywood- complete bummer!  I already did a separate post on this day so I won't say anymore
Magiquest- Kevin thought it looked neat on the website and he enjoyed it.  The kids and I.....not so much.
Glow in the Dark Pirate Golf- First time for kids to play Putt Putt and they enjoyed it.  Score:)
Mirror Maze- Only lasted a few minutes but was pretty neat.
Wonderworks Museum- we had been here before so had decided not to do it again.  We really wanted to take the kids somewhere that they would enjoy and Turner was only 18 months the last time we went.  Praise the Lord!!  We stayed 3 hours and they enjoyed it!

We also ate at Fudruckers, Gatti's Pizza, Salsarita's, Applebees, Mel's Diner, and the Blue Moose.  Applebees was not on the agenda but we were greeted with a flat when we got to our van one night.  Luckily there was a restaurant within walking distance and Kevin got the van fixed the next morning.  We did a little shopping, stayed up late every night, and actually slept in every morning!!!  I think we all slept till 9 twice while we were there.  At home Turner has never slept that late!

We stayed at Governor's Crossing Resort which we loved and would recommend to anyone.  It was a great week and it was nice to be able to spend quality time with Maddie and Turner.  They did great on the car ride there and back.  I did buy them a bunch of surprises to keep them entertained and filled their backpacks before we left.  On the way home we met Nonna in Jackson to get baby H.  Were we all glad to see her:)  I am so thankful we were able to take them on vacation and am looking forward to our annual Kentucky trip in a few weeks.  They love Kentucky:)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

It doesn't take me very long to gey way behind!!  Lots going on here but I have to post about Father's Day!!  It was a great day spent celebrating the important men in our life!!  I hate we didn't get to see Da but we hope to see him soon.

We went to Church and had lunch at Mimi and Boo Boo's afterwards.  I am so thankful I grew up with a very loving and involved Dad.  I am proud that my children are growing up with the same kind of dad.  We are so blessed and I hope they enjoyed their day!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

3 Months Old!

Sweet H is 3 months old today!  She is now our happy, chunky, great sleeping baby!!  What a difference a few weeks can make.  She eats 6 ozs at a time and sleeps between 10 and 11 hours at night.  Praise the Lord for a gopd sleeper:)

She smiles and coos all the time.  She still hasn't rolled over but doesn't cry the whole time we have her on her stomach anymore.  Progress!!  When we lay her down, she is starting to scoot herself around a bit.  She is always kicking those feet and putting her hands in her mouth.

Harper is on a great sleep schedule at night but we don't have a certain nap schedule during the day.  She takes several throughout the day that might last 15 minutes or two hours.  As long as she sleeps at night, I will just go with her flow:)  She is still taking zantac for reflux amd spits up a lot!  But it doesnt seem to bother her as much as it did and it certainly isn't affecting her weight!

Love this baby so much and can't believe it is going so fast.  I just want time to slow down.  Maddie and Turner are huge helps with little H as well!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Kevin and I are in Gatlinburg with Maddie and Turner.  We left Harper with my parents for the first few days and she is finishing up the week with Nonna and Da.  We felt the big kids needed some extra attention from us and didn't think a two month old would get much out of Dollywood.  I really miss her:(  We are having a good time but I can't wait to pick up my baby on Friday!

  I have lots to post about but wanted to go ahead and post the pics from today since they were all from my phone.  We spent the day at Dollywood and the kids complained the whole time!!!  I could not believe it.  It cost $225 for the day plus we got a free day to go again.  Not sure we will use it.  They were hot, the lines were too long, they were bored...the complaining never ended.

  We were so excited to take them and they could have cared less.  We did wait in line 45 minutes to do the boat water ride.  We get to the front to learn the ride is broken and will have to wait another 45 minutes!!!  I thought Turner was going to lose it:)  Today was a perfect day for everyone to work on their patience.

  The kids were able to ride a few rides and after 6 hours there we called it a day.  So while we are having a good time, I don't think Dollywood is going to be a highlight of their trip.  Lots more to post once we get home.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Shelby Farms Park!!

Yesterday I took Maddie, Turner, and Aubry to the park.  Mary and Trey went with us and Maddie had a few learning experiences while we were there!

  The park is divided into 4 different play areas.   Turner was only interested in the first one which is sand and water.  Trey and Maddie really liked the last one which is a ropes course.  Mary spent a lot of time with the older two and I had Ted and Aubry.  Aubry did great at the park!!  She just toddled around and enjoyed seeing everything.

  Maddie ended up going to the ropes one without asking us and it took a minute to find her.  Keeping up with four kiddos is tough and obviously I didn't do a great job.  I was freaking out, sure that someone had grabbed her!   Mary calmly started walking around and we found her.  I had to explain to her why she couldn't do that.

  Fifteen minutes later.....she was almost hit by a car!!!  We were leaving and I told Maddie and Turner to stay on the sidewalk till I got up to them.  I think I said it a few times.  Maddie chose not to listen as a car was whipping into the spot next to my van.  I got some ugly looks from the people in that car.  It always makes me laugh....the way people judge you so harshly.  The evil eye lasted until they were out of eyesight.  I even had told them I was sorry.  Like I really want my daughter to be run over by a car.  That could be a post for another day!!

  Needless to say, we went straight home from there.  Maddie was wanting to say hey to Karsey but her behavior put an end to that thought.  Always a fun time with Mary and Trey...hopefully next time will be less eventful:)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Raising These Children of Ours!! (The Best we Can:)

  I have been blogging for three year now!!  I am so glad that I began doing this so that we can look back and remember everything and see how quickly our kids are growing.  There have been some slower months in blogging, but since Harper has been born I have been blogging like crazy.  I can't say the same for her baby book!  Typing it out just seems the easier way to go.  But....I have been slacking in the writing department.  Looking back, I used to write so much more as far as what the kids enjoy, issues we are having with them, etc.  So..I am going to try and do better.  I want to be able to remember the activities that we did of course.  But I also want to remember the hard times, behavior issues we had, and how we resolved them.

 What brings this up?  Well, today it rained a lot of the day and the five of us stayed at home all day minus Maddie's gymnastic practice this morning.  It was a hard day.  Turner probably got 5 spankings and is just having a hard time minding.  I know that part of the problem is consistency on our part.  We must stay on top of him.  A new thing he is doing-spitting.  I think this started being outside with his daddy.  They will be working in the yard and I guess Kevin sometimes spits.  So Turner sometimes spits.  Outside, I guess this is acceptable.  Inside the house, on our den floor, it is not.  Tonight Maddie made him he spit at her.  He got a spanking-a big one.  It breaks our heart, but we must break his bad habits.  Sometimes I wonder how many times it has to happen before he will learn.  I love our little boy to pieces, but he has definitely been the harder child.
  Another thing I have been horrible about-letting him watch too much tv.  When Maddie was at school all day and I have had two babies at home it was way too easy to let Turner just watch tv, and more tv.  I felt so guilty about it, and yet couldn't find the time to do anything with him.  I am so glad that it is summer and Kevin is home and there are more hands to go around for everyone.  Turner doesn't like playing outside by himself, but he loves playing with his sister.  Aubry is walking now and can go outside with them and one of us can watch Harper inside, even though she has been outside with us some as well.  Raising these kids is the most important thing I will ever do, and I want to make sure that no matter what decisions they make....we can look back and know that we did the best that we could!

  So how is Maddie at 6 1/2?  She is turning into quite the sensitive, dramatic little girl!  Spankings might not effect Turner quite how we would like, but they about do Maddie in.  She hates time out and spankings and fortunately rarely gets them.  She does whine more that Turner and gets her feelings hurt a lot easier.  She loves feeding and holding Harper and has been a lot of help.  If I am trying to cook dinner and Harper needs to be fed, then Maddie is my girl.  So while we have more issues with Turner at home, we have had more issues with Maddie at school (which really surprised me).  Turner is the model student and his teachers always sang his praises.  He is a little leader and absolutely loves going.  I am so afraid he is going to get bored at home this summer.  Maddie is thrilled to be on summer break!  She thinks school is boring and wants to be homeschooled.  Although if we ever tried that I am sure she would change her mind!  She made good grades and never had trouble academically, but our sweet girl has a hard time keeping her mouth shut in class.  I have no idea who she might have gotten that from:)  This past year, I received several calls from her teacher about her conduct.  A lot of it happened the months before Harper was born.  Luckily, once Harper was here everything calmed down.  I think she had some anxiety about the unknown, but fortunately must have felt better about things once the baby was here.  Praise the Lord!!

  So, in my opinion transitioning from 2 to 3 kids has been more difficult that from 1 to 2.  I think having Maddie and Turner older made it harder as well which really surprised me.  But they have had years with it just being the two of them and things have changed.  Harper was so fussy the first two months that we hardly did anything together as a family.  It seemed like one of us would have the baby and the other would have the other two.  Thankfully, Harper is finally getting on track and we are feeling more like a family unit.  It is getting easier for us all to go somewhere together.  Those first few weeks I probably could have benefited from some medicine.  I think my parents and the hubs were afraid I was losing my mind.  But I am much better now and couldn't imagine our family any different than it is.  We have three wonderful children, each so very different from the other.  I can't wait to see what kind of personality Harper is going to have.  Right now she is content to sit in her rocker or just lay on the floor and watch everyone.  Kevin said she is lazy:)  She has yet to attempt to roll over.  And that is ok...Harper will do things when Harper is ready.  She is smiling all the time and making sweet noises all the time.  Thank you Lord for blessing our family with another baby and giving us another child to love. 

  We aren't perfect and our children aren't perfect.  But we are trying to raise them to love the Lord and each other.  We are trying to teach them to mind and respect us and each other.  We want them to be kind to others and raise them to be productive members of society.  We want them to be able to live in the world without being worldy.   We want so much for them and we have to set the example.  I have to remember that.  They learn the most from us and I have to continually pray for patience and guidance.  I can't expect more from them than I expect of myself.  This parenting role is so much harder than I ever imagined....and so much more rewarding!!

  So no pics with this post, but hopefully more words will follow the pics next time.  The pictures can only tell so much of the story!