Tuesday, February 18, 2014

11 Months Old!

Harper turned 11 months old yesterday.  Our baby is crawling faster than lightning and changing every day.  She pulls her bows out quicker than I can put them in and has a mind of her own.  She dances along to music and is loving life.
  She is loving her some table food and I see our grocery bill going up soon.  She loves pasta, pizza, grapes, pancakes, muffins, turkey, mexican....so far anything we have given her really:)  She loves her blanket and drags it around with her.  She uses a paci some, but definitely doesn't have to have it.  She loves the car Santa brought her for Christmas and loves getting into our pantry.  She experienced her first chocolate high recently while I wasnt looking!
  She talks all the time and has the sweetest laugh.  She still loves MDO and Maddie and Turner are her favorite people.  She loves on Turner all day long. If she hears the word bath she takes off down the hall.  She could play in there forever. She is the sweetest baby ever and I can't believe she is about to be one!  We have a circus themed party in the works and just wish time would slow down.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine Week!

This past week I was able to party with both the big kiddos.  Monday I went to BOBS to be with Turner and he had a great time.  They had pizza, passed out Valentine's,  and made an animal heart mobile.  He sat at a table with three other little boys and it was the rowdy group for sure:)
  Friday I went to Mo's class to help her teacher.  It wasnt a party, but they did get a treat, pass out Valentine's,  and then did some worksheets using Sweetheart candy.  I love watching the kids in school and am so thankful that I can be involved!!
  Valentine's Day at home was pretty uneventful.  We gave the kids each a stuffed animal and a small toy.  We cooked breakfast for dinner and the big kids and I watched Frozen in bed.  We spent the day with the ones we loved the most and that is all that matters!!  The hubs did write me a sweet poem and gave me a coke-you would have to read the poem to n understand:)  He is a keeper I tell you!!

The Big Five!!

Hard to believe our little boy is 5!!  Turner, who was our baby for four years and is now a great big brother to Harper and a great little brother to Maddie.  Turner, who is full of energy, strong willed one minute, and very sensitive the next.  He is the one who wants to help me cook dinner, help his dad outside, and will clean up the toyroom knowing Harper will soon be in to mess it up:)  He loves school and does so well.  On the days he goes to MDO at Church, he helps all the ladies get their room together.
  He looks up to Maddie and lets her do the leading.  At school, I am told he is the leader.  He is such a complex little boy that we love more than the sky!!  He is not a dare devil child.  Some things make him nervous.  Most nights he end up in bed with us.  He is afraid of dogs.  He has nervous habits, such as biting his hands and even his feet (gross I know)!  We wear socks now all the time and at times even gloves.  Ever since Harper was born, I have worried about him being the middle child.  Whatever that means...our family wouldn't be complete without him!
  We started his birthday out with breakfast in bed-cinnamon rolls, his favorite!  After church the whole family ate at Mo's-his choice.  The afternoon was spent playing with his new remote control helicopter.  Max from Max and Ruby has one, so he wanted one too.  He and his daddy made a birthday cake.  It was delicious.  We just spent the day celebrating him.
  I still picture him as a little two year old.  I cant believe he is five and almost done with preschool.   We cant wait to see what the future holds for him.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Meet The Point!

We woke up Saturday morning to snow on the ground.  First time this winter and we had to head to a gymnastics competition at 8 in the morning.  It was only in Cordova, but seemed to take forever to get there.  Mimi amd Boo Boo joined us for their first competition experience.   I am so glad they were there!  Nonna didnt make this one but will be joining us in Nashville in a few weeks.
  Maddie did great!!  She placed 1st in bar and vault, which have been her weaker events in the past.  She actually scored higher than anyone else in her level on vault, not just in her group.  She was very wobbly on the beam and fell off once.  She only scored an 8.3 on floor, which is normally her best score.  The weird thing is we can't figure out what she did wrong.  She was a little ahead of the music, but we were surprised at that score.  That is the crazy thing about this sport-we still don't really know how all the judging works. 
  She placed 2nd in the overall and this was her best meet so far.  This is the only one we didnt video:(  The gym was small and I wouldn't have been able to get her up close anyway.  Usually Nonna gets all the good pictures so all I have are pics from the awards ceremony.  Turner and Harper have done so well at these competitions.  Turner gets so bored but he manages to hold it together pretty well.  We are normally there about 4 hours and poor kids are just sitting there.  Proud of all three of our kiddos!!
  Maddie has a big sister in gymnastics so after her session, she and I stayed to watch her.  We watched her on vault and bars, and she ended up placing first overall in her group.  Maddie loves her and enjoyed hanging out with a few of her friends and watching.  By the time we left, the snow was gone and the roads were clear.  It was a fun morning!

Bible Sunday!

Last Sunday the First graders were recognized in Church and given a new Bible.  It was sweet and I think Maddie will be able to read and understand it.  I love our church family!  I pray that Maddie enjoys reading her Bible and will always love Jesus!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bowling For Turner's 5th!!

Our one and only little man is turning 5 this Sunday.  Incredible!!!  We celebrated by inviting a few of our friends and family to the bowling alley.  With Maddie being in the middle of competition season, it was great to have a day all about him.  He was very excited to pick out a Curious George cake.
  He had a lot of fun.  Nonna brought B rayden and Sophia and the kids always love seeing them.  David brought Aubrey but Megs, Austin, and Mimi didnt make it.  We missed them but they will help celebrate this Sunday.  He received lots of fun gifts and loved bowling with his friends.  I will give a more detailed update on our big boy Sunday.  Here are some pics from the party.