Sunday, March 27, 2011

What I found.....

I just posted that I was getting off to go see what my children were getting into......Maddie has put Turner in one of her sleeveless satin nightgowns!!!!! He is running around wearing that and holding her purple guitar. I took a picture but am afraid Kevin would kill me if I posted it:) He would make a pretty girl! No more blogging when daddy isn't home!

Friends and Prayers!

We had a pretty low key weekend. I took the kids to a birthday party yesterday for Adelyn, Turner's little girlfriend at Ney Ney's, and then we had the family over for dinner last night. I haven't taken any pictures this week and have had a pretty heavy heart.

So many of our friends have needed prayer this week and I have felt pretty overwhelmed. We had friends lose a baby last week and she was 7 months pregnant. They had a memorial for her yesterday. This is their third miscarriage.... We had a friend's daughter have to have tests run Thursday and Friday due to her having a seizure last Saturday. We are still waiting on those results. Lastly, this morning while at church, I learned that one of my dear friends mother in law passed away suddenly and unexpectedly this morning. I knew her well. She was 64, only a few short years older than my parents. My heart hurts for my friends and all the hardships they are having to endure.

But......I know this was all part of God's plan and all these things can be used to bring glory to him. I know that God is still good, and hopefully we will all lean on him a little bit more. I am praying that these events will bring some to Christ who maybe didn't know him before. I am thanking God for my family, our health, and all of the blessings he gives to us daily. I am a little sad today, but still thankful.

Hoping to take some pictures this week and get back into the blogging world. I haven't done as well in 2011 as I did last year. I am getting off to go love on my little ones, they are unattended in Moe's room and there is no telling what I will find:)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Landon!!

Today we helped Landon celebrate his 3rd Birthday at River City Gymnastics. It was our second weekend to go to a party there and my kids are in love!! We are thinking about putting both in gymnastics when Maddie's dance recital is over in June. Maddie enjoys dance, but can't quit talking about gymnastics. She says it is exercise and that she really LOVES exercising:) Landon seemed to have a good time and we were so glad to help him celebrate his special day. He gots lots of great gifts and had a cute construction cake!! Thank you Dunaway family for including us and we can't wait to meet the newest addition when she arrives!

First Zoo Trip of 2011!!

We didn't go the zoo very much last year and decided to buy a membership for this year and went yesterday. Turner can now run around with Maddie and he loved seeing all the animals. Maddie cried at one point, said that it "stinked", and wanted to go home. She doesn't care for the smell of animal poo:) We enjoyed ice cream cones and ran into several friends. We watched the seal show and the kids loved seeing the monkeys and panda bears. On the way to the zoo Turner told us he wanted to see donkeys!!! We didn't see any, but I think he saw enough. It was a fun family day and I hope we get a lot of use out of the membership in the months to come.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Maddie's Prayers

I just had to write some of these down before I forgot. We just spent about 30 minutes praying with Maddie doing the majority of it. Here are a few things that she said:

"Dear Jesus, thank you not letting anyone die yet, but when they do, we know it will be ok because they will live with you."

"Dear Jesus, thank you for Karsey and letting her live with her mom and dad."

"Dear Jesus, thank you for being in my heart."

"Dear Jesus, thank you for all my toys and not letting Turner break them."

"Dear Jesus, thank you for letting us go to church and Daddy go to his bible study."

"Dear Jesus, thank you for spring break next week and for letting us stay home with daddy."


I am so very very blessed and thankful!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

No Nap Saturday!

What a fun day!!! I am pretty sure this is the first time Turner has gone a whole day without any sort of nap and he did great!! He passed out about 7:15 on the couch but he went strong all day long. It was beautiful outside today and we took advantage of it. Maddie and Daddy spent the morning organizing her room, which she informed me later that she never wants to do again:) Maybe that will be motivation for her to keep it clean!!

We had our cousin Gracie's Birthday party today at 1 at River City Gymnastics. It was our first time to go to a birthday there and the kids had so much fun. They were able to jump, walk the balance beam, swing on the bars, and just run around and have fun. Gracie had lots of friends there and it was so good to see them. I hate that I didn't get a picture of the birthday girl, but the kids were busy, busy, busy. Her daddy (who is a Chef and Turner must take after:) made strawberry lemonade cupcakes that were delicious!! We hope Gracie had a great 4th birthday, and as always we loved helping celebrate!!

After the party we came home and went straight outside. Mimi, Boo Boo, and Megs came over to watch and the kids did it all. We had sidewalk chalk out, bubbles, bikes, a john deere rider, and of course the swingset and playhouse were used as well. Maddie and Megs played baseball and the kids got dirty and worn out!! The weather today was perfect and we look forward to many hours spent playing outside. It was a perfect Saturday spent with those that I love the most!

Piggy Banks Emptied!

Friday was a fun day for me and the kids. Let me start by saying that Maddie loves Toy Story. She has been asking for a "Woody" for a while now. Both kids have piggy banks and earn "dollars" for helping out around the house. They have never really taken money out of their piggy banks. So I decided Friday that we would cash in our change at Schnucks and head to Target! Not really my favorite thing to do with both by myself, but they were great and had a good time. Maddie had almost $40 and Turner had $19.

Maddie was besides herself trying to pick out exactly what she wanted. She of course got Woody, a little Buzz and Lotso, and a Lite Brite. Turner picked out a cookie monster, and a smaller version of Woody. Not really sure why he wanted the Woody, but he did and that is what he brought home. This momma wasn't real good at calculating yesterday and had to throw in some money of her own. Truth be told, there might be a time or two where I "borrowed" from their piggy banks, so I decided it was ok:)

After Target, we met Mimi and Pitty Pat at Stevie B's for lunch and then headed home so Turner could take a nap. Once Daddy got home, we headed for the park. Turner LOVED watching the ducks and Maddie rode her bike all over. It was a fun Friday and great start to the weekend!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

A Nurse, a Cowgirl, and Big Boy Haircut!

I am having to make myself sit up here and update this blog. While I enjoy blogging, it can be overwhelming when you get behind. I think it has been two weeks since I last posted anything, so this will be a quick rundown of what's been going in the Wilke's world.

I don't get sick very often. I really don't remember being sick since Turner has been born. Last week I was sick-had pink eye in both eyes and tonsilitis. I had never had pink eye before and pray that I never get it again. What I didn't think was a big deal at all, made for a very long week for me. I rarely go anywhere without eye makeup. My coworkers looked at me like I was dying-it wasn't a pretty sight!!! I missed a lot of last week and Nonna ended up keeping the kids for us last weekend so I could rest and get better! Thank you Nonna for making things so much easier on us! That being said, last week is a blur to me and I definately wasn't snapping any pictures!

That brings us to this week-crazy, busy, but good! Monday was month end so I had to work late. I hate when month end falls on a Monday because it usually makes for a long week. We were so busy though it just flew by. Wednesday was Community Helper day in Maddie's class and she chose to dress up as a Nurse, which is what she wants to be when she grows up:) (for the moment) I founs her a cute outfit at Toys r Us and Mimi and I were able to sit in her class and watch everyone talk about who they were. I am so thankful my job allows me to be involved in her school!

Maddie had a choir program Thursday night that we had to dress her up like a cowgirl and decorate a guitar. She needed the guitar finished for practice on Wednesday. Well, being sick last week put me a little behind. After Wednesday Maddie and I went straight to Mimi's to get her done. Since purple is Maddie's favorite color, that is what we did. It was one cute purple guitar:) We went to church Wednesday night, I started a new Bible Study, and Maddie had one last practice before showtime.

Last night was the performance. So So funny-my pretty energetic child just stood there, refused to smile or dance, and did little singing. I don't think the stage is for her. Mimi, Boo Boo, Megs, Turner, Daddy, and I were all there to watch and I think she was just ready to go home and go to bed! She looked cute though:)

That brings us to today. So much of the week was focused on Maddie, I decided to take little man for a haircut today. Kevin has been taking him to a barber shop and so today we took him to see Margaret, who does Maddie's and my hair. Turner shook and cried the ENTIRE time. It was awful. Maddie stood by him the whole time trying to cheer him up but it just wasn't happening. We get his hair cut all the time and I had no idea it would be this traumatic for him. Maddie doesn't like shots, Turner doesn't like scissors! He looks super cute, so hopefully next time will be a little easier. After that I took the kids to Burger King to eat and play and then we went home for nap and Toy Story 2.

We don't have any plans for the weekend and I am hoping to just take it easy and maybe start going through the closets. I am always ready for the seasons to change, but do not look forward to switching out everyone's closets! We'll see how much I get done. Here are some pics from the week!
I forgot to mention that Monday was Meg's birthday as well!! So last Saturday while the kids were gone, Davids planned a surprise dinner for her at Shogun's. The family also got together for pizza on Monday while I was at work. I didn't get any pictures but I know Meg's had a good weekend. We love you and hope you had a special day!!!