Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our Yard Sale Finds!!

This morning we had a neighborhood yard sale. We didn't participate this year, so decided we would shop them instead. Megs and I took the kids around the neighborhood and came home with all kinds of loot! Turner got a Barney that sings and lights up for $2!!!! I think that was the hit of the day. He loves Barney, but we didn't have any Barney toys, until now! Maddie got about 12 workbooks for $1!!! Another great deal, we love us some workbooks!!
I got a brand new bible cover with its tags still on for $4 and the book "The Five Love Languages for Children" for $1. I didn't know they even had one for kids and am anxious to read it! We need some patio furniture and I saw a great set that had a table, six chairs, and two foot stools. I go running towards the house, adrenaline going strong, and know we aren't going to be able to afford it. I ask the is already sold.......for........$25!!!! Unbelievable-I know it probably cost $300 when they bought it. So sad.....
The kids both got a glass of lemonade for 25 cents, and we bought a few hot dogs for 76 cents. Pretty productive, inexpensive, fun way to start the day!!

Our Favorite Games!

My kids have quite the imagination these days and I wanted to document some of the games they have been playing. The sandbox is going to be a hit this summer! We put sand in it Thursday night and they played all Friday afternoon in it. I think Maddie "digs" it a little more than Turner. Here are a few other games they play with explanations following (even though they are pretty self explanatory:)

"Mommy, Baby"-both kids will suggest they play this game and Maddie is the mommy and Turner is the baby. It gives Maddie the perfect opportunity to boss Turner around and he does whatever she says!! (most of the time while he is crawling around on the floor)

"Corner"-this game makes me think my kids get in trouble entirely too much!! They LOVE to put each other is time out and spank each other. It doesn't hurt and they both laugh the entire time they are doing it. They probably play this game 5 times a day!! (the other five it is us putting them in the corner:)

"Puppy Dog"-They both pretend they are dogs, walk around on all fours and put things in their mouth and bring it to you. Yes, Turner is often seen with a flip flop in his mouth!! How I wish Karsey was still around!! They are both pretty afraid of dogs now and it is only because they are never around them. But they talk about them ALL the time.

Turner still cooks all the time and has really taken to his new tool box. Maddie is always coloring and like her babies and toy story toys. They spend as much time as they can outside and we are all looking forward to summer days in the sun!! (with lots of sunblock)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

We have had a wonderful Easter!!!! We started the morning at 6 am with Maddie wanting to know if the Easter Bunny had come:) So, we all got up and headed to the kitchen-sure enough he had!! I didn't really take pictures of their baskets, because it ended up being ridiculous how much they received. I have posted this before, but every year I say I am going to tone it down, and every year I end up going overboard. When I got everything set up last night and called Kevin into the kitchen, he kinda got mad. He wanted to know what happened to the basket filled with a little bit of candy....I'm not sure. I am sure that is what we will do next year:) So, in short, they did get a sandbox for the backyard, Turner got a Handy Mandy Tool set, and Maddie got the soccer outfits for her bitsy twins. We will just leave it at that!

So they go running in the kitchen and are super excited. They start throwing stuff out of their baskets and are thrilled that the Easter bunny ate his carrots. After playing for a little bit, we grab the Easter baskets and start their hunt for eggs. Maddie runs around the backyard like a madwoman scooping up eggs and Turner grabs some here and there. They are so different!! Maddie noticed the sandbox first and was thrilled. That thing is going to get some use this summer-we just gotta get some sand!

Once the hunt is over, we go inside and beg for candy while everyone gets ready for church. We had a great service at Ellendale today!! Some of our good friends joined the church after having visited for a few years. It was the perfect day to do it!! After church we headed to Mimi and Boo Boo's for lunch with Megs and Bubba. The kids had a few Easter treats waiting on them there and then we had one last egg hunt. Maddie and Turner both got some "dollars" and couldn't believe it. It was great food, company, and fun!!

We came home and planted our little vegetable garden for the summer. (this was another goody the Easter bunny left). Maddie was a big help and Turner hung out in the playhouse trying to stay cool. We then played a few rounds of kickball and decided to call it a day when you could see more dirt than skin!!! Turner skipped naptime today and both kids were in bed by 7!

So....we had a great day, the Easter bunny came, we hung out with family, and we were able to share with the kids what Jesus did for us so that we can go to Heaven one day! No matter what-when we start talking about Jesus, Turner starts singing Jesus Loves Me. Pretty appropriate for today!!

Easter Egg Hunt at Church

Yesterday we took the kids to the Church Easter Egg Hunt. The kids had SOO much fun!! Maddie is serious about hunting some eggs and Turner sure does like seeing what is inside of them. A lot of their church friends were there (ours too), there were bouncers, the playground, a train ride, and plenty of eggs for everyone. We stayed for almost three hours and the kids were pretty tired by the time we got home. We played outside some more, ate, took baths, and got ready for bed so that the Easter Bunny could come. It was a great day!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Bunny, Colored Eggs, and more Cooking!

Good Friday-thank you Jesus for dying on the cross, and forgiving us of our sins!!! What a special day! To get ready for Easter we had a few activities planned for today. Kevin helped some friends of ours move this morning, so it was just me and the kiddo's. I decided to take them to the mall to see the Easter Bunny and get their picture made. Well, I have a really cute picture of Maddie with the Easter Bunny.....Turner hooped and hollared and wanted nothing to do with it. So, I didn't make him and kinda wish I had. Even if he was screaming in the picture, at least they would BOTH be in it. Oh well!! After that, I let them play for a little bit and then we had a lunch date. I picked Maddie up a cheeseburger from Wendy's and we took it to Tellini's where Turner and I had pizza. So fun!!! I have never been one to go to a restaurant and just eat by myself. They are both at the age now where we can go and have conversations and enjoy ourselves just the three of us:) We did miss daddy, but he picked himself up a sonic on the way home.

After daddy got home and Turner woke from his nap, we got to work. We made chocolate bunny suckers and colored eggs. Everyone was involved and it was a great afternoon!! Let me add that if we are going to be home for more than five minutes, Maddie runs to put on her jammies. She loves them and wants to wear them all the time. I feel like half the pictures I take, she is ready for bed. She just wants to be comfortable:) It was a fun day and we are looking forward to the Easter Egg Hunt at church tomorrow!

Hoppy Thursday!

Thursday afternoon we headed to Mimi and Boo Boo's to make cupcakes while Daddy was at football. Boo Boo did up some scrambled eggs, bacon, and biscuits for the kids for dinner and as always, it was a hit. They love some breakfast food. The kids were involved in the whole baking process!! They mixed the cupcake batter, made the chocolate bunnies, colored the coconut, iced the cupcakes, and put on the jelly bellies. They were quite proud of themselves, and for a 2 and 4 year old, I think they did pretty good:) A baking night always makes for a good night for the Wilkes children. Thanks Mimi and Boo Boo for having us over and sending us home with goodies!! Thanks to Megs too for her adult supervision through out the process:)

--Maddie had rabbit whiskers on her face from Ney Ney's. Turner had them too, but they had already come off. They had a little party there and did a craft to celebrate Easter. The kids helped me put goody bags together to give to their friends!!!

Preschool Easter Party!

I took half a day Wednesday so that I could go to Maddie's Easter party at school. Bolton didn't have electricity that day from the storm the night before, so her daddy was able to be there as well!! We picked up pizza's to take and the kids had a great time. They ate, had an easter egg hunt, and made an Easter door hanger. I was able to get lots of cute pics with Maddie and her friends and was so glad I was able to be there. I have been able to make all of her parties at school this year except for one, and hate to miss anything! It is hard juggling everything being a working mom and wanting to be involved in everything the kiddo's do. I am always glad to show up at her school though, and hear her scream my name and give me a big hug. It makes me happy:)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter Crafts 101

We have been all about some "projects" the past two days. Yesterday the kiddo's made candy jewelry and today we decorated eggs! This is Maddie's favorite thing to do and it occupies Turner for about 5 minutes:) Both kids have been sporting the coughs this week so we have kept it pretty low key. I always struggle with Maddie wondering if it is asthma related or just a common cold. Probably a mixture of both, so we have been doing breathing treatments on and off with cough medicine along with their regular meds. The Wilkes family loves preparing for holidays and Easter is no different. We also made some bunny cookies today and have been practicing for Easter egg hunts. Maddie informed me today that she would let Turner get some too:) Turner cracks me up in these pictures. Everytime I tell him to smile, he cheeses real big but INSISTS on closing his eyes! These children make me smile and I love them so!!!