Wednesday, January 28, 2015

100th Day of School!

Kindergarten makes a big deal out of the 100th day of school.  I hear it is a pretty big cause for celebration.  Our sweet boy couldn't wait for today to get here.  He dressed like a 100 year old man complete with a cane and glasses.  He is precious and I can't wait to pick him up and hear about his day!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Crimson Classic 2015!

We checked the kids out of school early Friday and headed to Tuscaloosa for M's second meet.  Mimi and Boo Boo joined is.  Though it was a quick trip, the kids had fun.  We stopped on the way and at lunch at Mi Pueblos.  A Mexican buffet...yes please!  It was the quietest Harper was all weekend.  She ate chips and cheese dip for a good 20 minutes nonstop!  Daddy was the most impressed with the buffet and everyone was happy.
  We checked in around 4 and immediately the kids put on their swimsuits.  Nothing like an indoor pool in the winter.  Harper had talked about "swimming in Alabama" for days.  She had on her floaties and everyone was excited.  We got a cute pic of the 3 of them in the pool.  Kev and I stopped to admire the pic on his phone.....and Maddie dunked Harper.  No more swimming for her.  We were so mad at her!  Harper ran around the pool and eventually sat on the stairs, but she never got back on.  Hoping she is over it by the time we head to the beach this summer!
Turner swam like a champ and loved it.  The acoustics in the room were kids are SO LOUD.  Thankfully, we were alone most of the time.
  We got them out of the pool and got ready for dinner.  We ate at Baumhauwers with Mimi and Boo Boo and headed back to the hotel.  We had to be at the gym at 7:30 Saturday morning.  T slept with Mimi and Boo Boo and the girls stayed with us.
  We woke up at 6 the next morning and had breakfast at the hotel.  We love a hotel with a complimentary breakfast!  We got everyone ready, checked out, and made it to the gym on time.
  Mo had her best meet yet.  I am so glad that my parents were there to see her.  We hate Nonna wasn't there.  She placed 1st on bars, beam, and floor, and 2nd on vault with a 9.4.  She was 1st in the all around and actually placed 1st overall out of all the girls in her session.  What an accomplishment for her!!  We are so proud of her and are so glad that all her hard work is paying off.  I think my favorite part of these meets is watching her cheer on her friends and hearing her friends cheer for her.  It melts my heart.
  After the meet, we headed to Cypress Inn for lunch before heading home.  It had a beautiful view of the lake and the food was delicious!  Mimi had wanted to eat there the night before and the wait was too long.  I am so glad we were able to eat there for lunch.
  It was a good trip, but we were tired once we got home.  2 down, 5 more to go!
  This week a birthday party is on the agenda.  T is turning 6 soon and a nerf gun party is in his future.  Looking forward to celebrating him!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Life of a Chauffeur!

We spend a lot of time in the car.  Today we were going here, there, and everywhere.  I had Maddie at the gym at 9:30 and was meeting Kev and the other 2 at the gym for a basketball game.  I got there first and saw that Turner actually had 2 games this morning and missed most of the first one.  Whoops!  He is enjoying playing even though he is slightly afraid of the ball:)  He almost made 2 baskets and we were proud.
  After the game we ran home for a bit to lay Harper down.  I had to be back at the gym at 12:30 to get Mo.  She has reached a tired point and is talking of quitting after the season is over. I have talked to her coaches about this and I think they are trying to convince her otherwise.  We shall see.
  I dropped Mo off at the house and headed to Mimi and Boo Boo's to help get ready for Austin birthday party.  That sweet boy is 1 and I just can't believe it.  Since I kept Aubry that first year we were around her all the time.  We don't see Austin near enough.  But Meg's did a baseball theme and everything turned out great.  The kids had a blast and Austin cared nothing for his cake.  He did not take a single bite...he didn't get that from our side of the family!
  After the party I took the big kids to Target to buy a few gifts and let them spend their gift cards.  They both picked out footed pajamas to look like their sister.  Cuteness at its finest!  We got home close to 7 and I had to run back to mom and dad's to print stuff for Sunday School.
  It was a good day.  It was a long day.  I am thankful gas is so inexpensive right now.  It helps.  Looking forward to a day off Monday with not much on the agenda!  Tomorrow is church and 2 birthday parties.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Blues and Barbeque 2015

Yesterday was Maddie's first meet and it was her personal best to date overall.  She competed in the order of vault, bars, beam, and floor last.  Last year she consistently scored higher in whichever 2 events she did first.  She broke that pattern yesterday scoring a 9.45 on floor, her highest score yet.  We are proud of her hard work, the confidence she has to even get out there (no way I could ever do that), and we love hearing her cheer on her teammates as they compete against her.
  It was a long day.  Since River City hosted the meet, I had to work 2 shifts over the course of the weekend.  I decided to do it all yesterday so I wasn't going back and forth all weekend.  I got there at 7:30 and timed until Mo competed at 2.  I didn't take many pictures but she had a fan club there to watch.  Nonna and Marci came from Savannah and Boo Boo and Mimi with her bum knee came out as well.  They were able to help with other two and enjoyed watching it.  They really are fun to watch.  Turner was proud of his sister and did great.  I know it makes for long days for him and H.
  Maddie placed 1st in floor and bars and 3rd in beam and vault.  She was 2nd overall in her division.  One down, 6 more to go!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Interesting Week!

Monday was our last day of break.  We met little and big A at the mall for some Build a Bear fun.  Harper picked out a horsey, Turner a batman bear, and Maddie a purple rabbit.  They had gotten gift cards from there for Christmas and used their money to pay the rest!  There is a little ride outside the store that the babies kept getting on wanting to ride.  I didn't have a dollar and wasn't going to swipe my card.  Sweet Turner paid for them to ride it.  He even let Maddie get on while he just watched.  He can be the sweetest boy!
  We then ate at the food court and Megs and her crew headed out.  One of our friends and her crew there jumping on the trampoline when we walked by.  I had already told the kids we weren't going to do that today.  We ran into some friends and she absolutely insisted on paying for Maddie and Turner to jump.  They loved it and I really appreciated it.  I think it was just as much a blessing to her to be able to do it as it was for me to let her:)  It gets better...she then took the big kids home with her while I took Harper home for a nap.  We don't do many play dates where I am not there.  I know the kids loved it and I enjoyed my little break.  So thankful for this family for multiple reasons.
  Tuesday we had to get back in our routine and everyone had a pretty good week.  It is funny how quickly we can get out of routine.  Turner got an ant farm for Christmas and I can't tell you how much we all like watching them.  One of us can often be found just staring them.  Who knew ants could be so much fun?
  A high of the week was Kevin's grandmother passed her swallow test and is eating small amounts of regular food.  Praise the Lord!!  It has been 4 months and this is huge!  Praying she continues to take steps in the right direction.  A low was Wednesday night Mimi's knee went out and she has a torn meniscus.  Surgery is in her near future, but hopefully she will feel good as new soon.  The kids are impressed with her crutches.
  Another low....a family that used to go to our church received bad news about their son.  He is Harper's age and has been given 6 weeks to 6 months to live.  It is heartbreaking and their faith through this is absolutely inspiring.  I can't imagine being in their shoes and our whole family is praying.  Hours before I found out I was complaining about making the kids lunches every day.  I know now this is a privilege and one that I should not take care for granted.  We are never guaranteed tomorrow, but short of a miracle, their days are definitely numbered with their precious boy.
  Turner played basketball today and tomorrow is Maddie's first competiton of the season.  She is nervous and I am nervous for her.  The girls have worked so hard and I just hope they are proud of themselves once it is over.  A lot of sweat is shed at the gym.  Also, Harper has had what looks like hives the past two days.  Praying it goes away by itself or we might be heading to the doctor.  My kids have the weirdest skin issues!  I will post more tomorrow.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Brief Visit!!

Tonight my kids received the sweetest surprise with a visit from their Nay Nay.  It has been a few years since they have seen her and for me too minus a quick hug last year.  It did our hearts good.
  It has brought back many memories.  I remember crying for days when I found out the Smith family was moving to St. Louis.  My children's Nay Nay, who had become one of my best friends was leaving.  The thought of it was almost unbearable to me.  Looking back and seeing God's timing in everything is amazing.  As difficult as it was to say goodbye, it would have been so much harder had I been still working.
  I chose to say goodbye to the corporate world and spend time at home with the kids.  I remember the day I quit calling Jene crying telling her I wasn't going to work anymore.  As much as I loved sending the kids to her, I loved the thought of being home with them more.  The next few months I would send them for a day here and there so they wouldn't totally get out of their routine.  I knew eventually I would have to go back to work and Jene is where I would want them to go while I was at work.
  Then Shane got transferred to Saint Louis.  The Smith family, who felt like part of ours, was moving away.  It has been three years and I remember it like yesterday.  I am so thankful God allowed me to find someone to care for my babies like her own while I was at work.  I am so thankful for her friendship and the many afternoons I would stay an hour just to chat when I picked the kiddos up.
  We don't catch up near as often as we should, but seeing her tonight was like we hadn't skipped a beat.  She met Harper tonight for the first time.  I am back at work, but the big kids are in school and Harper gets to go with me.  What an awesome God we serve.  He knew all the details when I did not.  He is so faithful and I am so grateful!
  We are headed to Saint Louis next month for a gymnastics meet and I can't wait to see the Smith family again.  We love them and they all played a big part in our big kids "baby years".  What a great ending to our Christmas break!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas in Savannah!

We are home from having was a whirlwind.  We were able to spend time with a bunch of the family and had a good time.  Big Da came home from the boat the day we got there.  Our kids were able to spend time with all 4 of their great grandparents, which is incredible to me.  Granny Francis has had a hard 4 months and it was a joy to get pictures of them with her in her new home.  We don't know what tomorrow holds for any of us, but we are thankful for today.  I am thankful for the memories my children will have with family that loves them so much.
  We played with cousins, ate a ton, and enjoyed being together.  We don't get to Savannah as often as we would like, but I think we make each minute count.  We stayed up late, and even slept later than usual.  Harper slept till 9 one morning!  Maddie received a new game, Apples to Apples Disney version, and the kids love playing it.  We also shot fireworks on New Years Eve which was fun.
  I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked, but I do have a few to share.  Christmas 2014 was one for the books and we look forward to the next year!