Sunday, November 23, 2014


So I started to post this little instaframe on Facebook today.  Looks like fun, right?  That is why I didn't post it.  Looks can be deceiving!

  We have always done crafts together.  Maddie and Turner have always loved it.  We have slowed down some since Harper joined us and in the process Maddie just turned 8.  Not 16, but 8.  I have never heard so much complaining in my life!  She was not into it, got sent to her room for a bit, but finally came out and completed her project.

  Next up is Turner who was very excited to do his craft.  That brown house took Daddy over a stinking hour to put together and finally held together with glue.  I thought Turner was going to come unglued!!  By the time he started decorating his Maddie was long gone and done with hers.  But he did enjoy it Praise the Lord!

  Harper was given a tree to decorate and there was no drama.  Turner helped her and all was well in her world.  

  We have already started decorating for Christmas and are excited about the upcoming month.  We haven't forgotten about Thanksgiving though, and are so excited about celebrating with family.  We are heading to Savannah in a few days and can't wait.  Our pastor spoke on gratitude this morning and we have a ton to be thankful for every day.  Even during the hard moments, I am trying to count my blessings.  They are many and so much more than I deserve.  I am thankful for this finished project picture...even though getting there wasn't a ton of fun:)

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Things I want to remember-
  Harper has always had a paci at nap/night but didn't take it a whole lot during the day.  I knew time was coming to give it up and was dreading it.  2 weeks ago we couldn't find one before school so we went without.  I told Dotta if it caused two much problem at nap to text me and I would run to the store.  She needed a little extra patting but went to sleep fine.  That night she asked for it, I told her it was gone, and that was that.  Unbelievable!!  Since then, she has found 2 around the house and I quickly took them away.  Every now and then she will say "paci" and throw her hands in the air.  So thankful for her easy going spirit.
  She is 20 months old today and talks up a storm, is a puzzle queen, and insists on buckling herself in her car seat.  She wants to put her socks and shoes on herself and put her on diaper on.  Since that is near impossible, changing her diaper is sometimes a challenge:)  She likes fixing her own hair and is very independent.  Both our girls are that way, and Turner still has me dress him and wants me to wipe his bottom when he poops.  So funny!
  Maddie is reading up a storm.  Last year she had the most AR points in her class at the end of the year-117.  It is only November and she already has 102 points for this year.  She read a 150 page book in 2 days that was almost a 6th grade reading level.  She made an 80 on the test.  I was impressed and love her enthusiasm and determination for school.  We went to the library today and spent forever deciding which books to check out.  On the way home, she threw a fit that I had to stop and get gas.  I was not impressed.  That girl must learn soon the world doesn't revolve around her.  She is happy as long as we are doing what she wants.  Life at 8 is hard.  Being a mom to an 8 year old is even harder!
  I took Turner to Michael's this morning to paint a reindeer.  It turned out precious and I am so glad we went.  They have crafts every Saturday till Christmas and it only cost $2 to participate.  He starts playing basketball next Tuesday and I am anxious to see if he enjoys it.  I have been working hard to eliminate sugar from the kids diet and can tell a huge difference in Turner.  He is much calmer.  He does great while in school and has lots of energy to burn once he gets home.  It had gotten a little insane, or at least I felt like I was going insane!  Our family just wouldn't be the same without our boy in the mix.
  Parenting is hard....doing it times 3 sometimes is more than I can handle.  We make lots of mistakes.  The kids make lots of mistakes. I go to bed at times feeling like the worst mom in the world.   But then I remember his mercies are new every morning.  God gave us Maddie, Turner, and Harper to love and raise and what a blessing they are to us.  I am so very thankful for the responsibility and am honored to be their mom!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Big Sister Reveal!

This weekend was a fun one.  Aunt Marci came and spent Friday night with us and hung out most of Saturday.  Mo had gym and T had basketball evaluations.  We headed to Genghis Grill for lunch afterwards which everyone loves!
  Saturday night Maddie had her kick off party at River City for the upcoming competition season.  We decided  for Kev to stay at home with Harper and Turner.  Maddie and I went and all the girls were introduced, received their new competition leo, and found out their new big sister.
  Maddie's new big sister is Bradleigh and she is thrilled.  She is level 7 and that is who she wanted.  Maddie loved her big sister last year, so I hope this experience is just as great.  It was a fun night.
  We have had a few trials with gym this past month.  I was pulled aside by one of M's coaches and told that she was bragging some in practice.  She is in a TOP'S program that meets an extra night a week that focuses on conditioning and learning new skills.  Maddie loves it and is learning a lot.  I don't think her intention is to ever put someone down or make them feel bad.  But I do think she gets very excited and is proud when she accomplishes new things.
  That being said, we have had lots of talks lately on how to be confident yet still humble.  We have talked about the importance of encouraging others and how bragging makes others feel.  We told her we wouldn't allow her to continue gymnastics if she didn't have the right attitude and heart.
  Whew!!  This momma has lost lots of sleep over this and thinks we have helped her understand.  It is not fun being told your child is making others feel bad.  Another example of how the gym is teaching her life lessons and skills other than back handsprings.  Praying she applies these lessons in all areas of her life.  She is so focused and determined- we just pray she uses her talents in a way to bring glory to God. 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Star of the Week!

Last week Turner was Star of the Week.  We had to make a poster all about him and send it in on Monday.  He worried me to death until we got it done.  He also was able to bring in a favorite toy, a special treat, and something that was valuable to him.  On Thursday Boo Boo went and read to his class.  Kev also took off and was able to eat lunch with both kids.  It was his first time to eat with Turner and it was the perfect week to do it.
  I email his teacher a lot and learned that he had a few sad days and told her that he "missed his mommy".  She would hug him and he would be ok.  He would do it before circle time which is when he would have to share whatever he had brought for the day.  I don't think our little guy enjoys all attention being on him and he had a hard time.  I have never been a fan of public speaking but am pretty outgoing.  So, I totally get it and hate that he was uncomfortable during his special week.
  But the week ended on a good note.  Turner brought home a book that had a page in it from every kid in the class.  They had all drawn him a picture and said what they liked about him.  He loves it and it is a sweet keepsake.  Turner and I both just adore his teacher!

Maddie is 8!

Last Sunday our first baby turned 8.  Hard to believe our oldest is in the 2nd grade!  She is our outgoing, competitive, sassy, loving girl.  She loves gymnastics, reading, being with friends, and one on one time with us.  She has a mind of her own and is very determined.  I look at her and see a lot of myself.
  She had a skating party on her birthday and we invited a few church friends,  a few school friends, a few gym friends, and a few forever friends.  She had the best time and we loved celebrating her.  We are so thankful for you Maddie and can't wait to what the Lord has planned for you!  You are such a blessing to us!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Halloween!

This year was the first year Daddy wasn't with us on Halloween.  He had a football game-Boo!  They won though and now are in the playoffs.  If I am being honest....Boo again.  Ready for the hubs to be home and we all realized a long time ago I am not the greatest coaches wife.  Thankfully he loves me anyway.
  Back to Halloween.  The kids came home from school excited and ready to head to church.  We had quite the ordeal beforehand.  Turner picked out his wolverine costume months ago and loved it at the time.  Friday night he said the muscles on his chest made him look like he had "burbs" and he said he looked hideous.  He didn't want me to take a picture of them outside because a car might drive by and see him.  Ummm, we were about to be around hundreds of people.  He cried for about 15 minutes and finally got it together.  Luckily, he got over it and was fine once we got to church.  Maddie was throwing a fit about wearing a jacket, but quickly changed her mind.  It was cold!
  All three kiddos had a great time.  The big kids went car to car by themselves, and Boo Boo took Harper and Aubry.  It was Harper's first time and she loved it.  They all joined me back at the van and handed out candy.  Afterwards we had hot dogs and played games.  It was a great night!!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Menagerie Farm!

Turner had his first field trip on Monday.  The Kindergarteners went to the Menagerie Farm in Collierville and rode the school bus.  He was excited all weekend and since I don't work on Mondays, I was able to join him.  It was so much fun seeing him with his friends and being just with him.  One on one time is hard with 3 kiddos and we both really enjoyed it.
  He was able to ride a pony, feed some goats and fish, dig for gold, go on a hayride, and pick out another pumpkin.  When he first saw me he grabbed my hand and said "I love you mommy".  I love him much.  It was a fun day for both of us!

Picking and Painting Pumpkins!

This time of year proves to be a season of traditions.  My parents have always made fun of me saying that my favorite holiday was whichever one was next.  I LOVE them all.  I loved them as a child, and I really love them now that I have children on my own.  I am a pretty routine person and usually am slow in adapting to change.  These next few months we will be doing things we have done since Maddie was a baby.  The best part is the kids remember them and look forward to doing them.
  In preparing for Halloween, we always go to the same pumpkin patch, ride the same little train, and pick out pumpkins to carve and paint.  I usually take them by myself because the coach is always at practice this time of year.  This year was no different except Harper was old enough to join in the fun.
  The kids roamed through the patch and we bought 2 to carve and three little ones to paint.  It was great except Harper threw a few small fits about pushing the wagon you use to carry the pumpkins.  Or maybe a big fit that had me carrying her kicking and screaming to the car:)
  A few days later they all sat around the table and painted their pumpkins.  They all enjoyed it and I pray we do this for many more years.  Maddie is growing up before our eyes.  Hard to believe our girl will be 8 on Sunday!!  The carving is something always done with daddy and they did that as well.  I didn't take pictures but this was the first year M and T carved their own.  They turned out well.  Looking forward to the Fall festival at church tomorrow night!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Who knew? Close to 2!

This girl threw 2 fits over the weekend that were picture worthy.  The first one lasted over 20 minutes....over not getting a water bottle.  Didn't mean to die on that hill!  I don't even remember the cause of the one this morning before church.  Standing firm on my "No's" at this age is always hard for me...they are just so cute!  But I am hoping it will make life easier in the long run, so I am sticking to my guns.  We survived, and she quickly went back to her sweet self.  Till the next fit!

Ram Run 2014!

Friday was Ram Run at Oak and I took the day off so I could go.  I even took Harper to school that day so I could spend most of the day with the big kids.  Mimi and Boo Boo joined in the fun and watched both kids run.  I managed to squeeze in lunch with Turner and am eating with Maddie tomorrow.  A girl has to take a little advantage of a few hours alone:)
  I have watched Maddie before and knew that she would run hard, especially when she knew we could see her.  She didn't dissapoint.  I was however, surprised with Turner.  He isn't always big on getting hot and sweaty and definitely isn't a big runner.  I was proud of our little guy.  He ran a lot and had fun.
  Lunch with T was a surprise and I learned later that was a bad idea.  He informed me that he wants me to eat with him, but I need to let him know beforehand.  I guess he isn't big on surprises.  So thankful for my flexible job!