Monday, July 14, 2014

Reality at the Zoo!

Last Friday we met London and Cade at the zoo.  The weather was great and it wasnt too crowded.  The kids loved feeding the birds and going in the Animals of the Night house.
  Not gonna lie....the past few weeks have been hard with the kids.  Maddie and Turner are not doing great in the minding department and have been fighting a lot with each other.  It makes the days long and not a lot of fun.  We all need an attitude change and I definitely include myself in that statement.  I get very frustrated and could handle most situations better than what I do.  That being said, the zoo was fun but none of us were at our best.  At one point London said "my mom said we were being good today".  Maybe she was thankful they weren't acting like mine.
  Regardless, they are our kids and we love them with everything we have in us.  We make lots of mistakes as do they.  They are sinners just like us.  So very thankful for God's mercy and grace.  Working on showing more of that myself towards them.  I hear parenting only gets harder....I cant imagine. 
  Harper was on this adventure as well, just hasn't made it to the talking back or arguing stage yet.  I know her day is coming:)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Day Trip!

Nonna had knee replacement surgery about two weeks ago.  Kev and I went to see her in the hospital but the kids weren't with us.  Last Saturday I decided to take the kids for the day while Kev was at work.  The kids were great in the car and it was a great day.  Big Da went with us to Savannah's new sprinkler park and I was SO thankful.  I planned on taking them by myself and the park was bigger than I thought.   It was great to have extra eyes and hands so that we could split up.  It was fun and somewhere new to go.
  When we got back to the house Brayden and Sophia were there and the kids were thrilled.  They spent the rest of the afternoon swimming and playing.  Aunt Marci, Brittany, and Michael stopped by which was another plus.  Nonna was doing well and I think was glad to see us:)  I hope our kids realize how lucky they are to have two sets of grandparents  that love them so much.  We couldn't do it without them!
  On the way home we stopped in Somerville for dinner.  It was a great day trip and way to spend our Saturday.  Praying Nonna is back to herself soon!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Bartlett Fireworks!

Thursday night I took the kids to the Bartlett fireworks.  There is always lots of food, inflatables, family, and friends there.  This time was no different.....except Kev was at work.  Herding three kids in a crowd of 20 thousand people (for real 20!) has always been a favorite of mine. Ha!!  We made it, we had fun, and Kev even managed to join us before the fireworks began.  Miami and Boo Boo didn't stay for the fireworks and were able to pick him up and drop him off a few blocks away.  He grabbed a Subway and was happily eating dinner with our friends when I found him.  I was pulling the trusty red wagon and trying to let everyone do what they wanted.  We had faces painted, jumped in bouncers, and enjoyed snocones.  The all loved the fireworks.  Harper clapped and cheered the whole time:)  We got to our car close to 10.  We got out of the parking lot after 10:30.  So thankful Kev was behind the wheel - patience is NOT one of my virtues!!  Fun night!

The dress Harper is wearing is one Mimi made for Maddie at that age.  She wore it to the fireworks as well.  It had Maddie's initials on it, so Mimi put  pocket over it and added Harper's name.  Love it!!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

This Girl!

Our Harper Doodle is big fat mess!!  She is 15 1/2 months old and brings us more joy every day.  We were out of the baby stage when she came along, and this time has been so sweet.  She has a mind of her own and tries her best to keep up with Maddie and Turner.  Here are a few updates on just her.
  Words we hear multiple times a day from her- ball, side (outside), snack, boo boo, thank you, bath, shoes, and bow.  This sums up her favorite things.  Last night Harper joined Turner in the bath while still wearing her diaper.  I ended up bathing her and getting her out.  She had on another diaper and before I got her dressed, she was back in the tub:)  After I dress her, she always goes straight for her shoes and then starts looking for her bows.  I think this girl might be our girly one!  We don't call her princess for nothing!
  She loves being naked!  If she can get away from us between diaper changes, she will!  She laughs all the time and is our happy girl.  She has 6 teeth on top and 2 on bottom.   She puts herself to sleep at nap and we still give her a bottle at bedtime.  She only drinks water and milk and steals the big kids cups at every opportunity!   She had another ear infection recently and has a well check on Wednesday.  
  She can now climb on the couches, chair, you name it.  We have to keep our eyes on that girl!  She loves swimming, popcicles, and giving kisses.  This girl keeps us on our toes we love her to pieces!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Playing Catch Up!

I have gotten a bit behind in the blogging world.  Things are a little crazy here.  Kevin resigned from Bolton and accepted a position with Bartlett High.  He also is going to be the running back coach for Varsity this next year.  While we are very excited, it is going to be different and new.  It was wild how it all happened, and I am glad that we know and don't have to wonder any longer where he will be.  Looking forward to spending more time at my Alma mater:)
  Kev got a summer job with one of his buddies setting up and taking down bounce houses.   He has been working non stop on the weekends, until he messed up his back last Saturday.  Luckily, we think it is just muscular and he is on the mend.  Last week was VBS and we had a great week!!  The kids absolutely love it and learn so much.  We love EBC and I am so thankful I have been able to help with it the past three years.
  We are enjoying being out of school, but it seems like we are always going in different directions.   I am working twice a week at MDO and Kev will start back with football in another week.  Maddie is at gymnastics camp for the next few days and then immediately will go to an overnight kids camp at church.  Turner is going to a day camp tomorrow to have some fun himself at River City.  Harper is getting over an ear infection and has a well check next week.  Praying those ears are cleared up!  Sweet girl has moved up from me carrying a diaper bag to having her own little back pack.  Slow down time!!  Hard to believe our baby is quickly moving into a different stage!
  Today is our 10 year anniversary!!  Lots has happened in the past 10 years and I can't imagine doing life with anyone else.  I am updating this blog on my new tablet from the hubs.  I was so surprised when Turner told me this morning what I would be receiving:)  Bless him.  I have left a lot out, but things are going pretty well at the Wilkes house.  We just have to get Kev's back squared away and all will be well.  These are just a few pics from church the past two weeks.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Aubry Turns 2!

Sweet A turned 2 on Monday.  She had a Paw Patrol party over the weekend and it was super cute.  Aubry had fun playing, eating her cupcake, and playing like crazy.  Hard to believe she is already 2.  She calls me Issy (which I love:)  and she calls all 3 of my kiddos "Maddie".  Too funny!  Kevin stopped by afterwards but missed the party due to work.  That will be a whole separate post!  We love big and little A and loved celebrating her special day.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Zoo Day!

We decided Wednesday to go to the zoo and had the best time!  We stopped at Central BBQ for lunch and spent the whole afternoon with the animals.  Harper really enjoyed herself this time amd every animal was a "doggy":)  Turner normally complains about being hot and tired pretty quickly when we are doing stuff outside.  He loved every second of it and was running from animal to animal.  Maddie spent some time in the wagon with Harper, but she did great too.
  We fed the giraffes for the first time and the kids always love feeding the birds on a stick.  It was my favorite family zoo trip to date!!