Friday, January 31, 2014

Crimson Classic!

Last weekend we headed to Tuscaloosa for Maddie's second competition.  Nonna came to Memphis so she could ride with us.  It is a four hour drive and the kids were great.  They are great car riders.  Unfortunately,  Turner's tablet was stepped on and broken sometime on the way.  Thank goodness for warranties,  because he loves his tablet!
  We booked the hotel we stayed in mostly because it had an indoor heated pool.  The kids were pumped about swimming and I bought Harper a new suit for the trip.  The heater was broken and the kids lasted about 10 minutes:(   We decided to get ready for dinner and ate at Baumhauers.  It was a neat restaurant and everyone ate good.  After dinner we actually went to McDonalds to let the kids play for a bit.  They had been in the car too long that day!
  We went back to the room and got everyone ready for bed.  Maddie and Turner slept in N onna's room and Harper stayed with us.  We wanted everyone well rested.  The next morning we had the free continental breakfast and began getting ready.  We had to be at the gym by 11:30 to get ready for the meet.  I love all the girls amd moms on the team.  We have made some good friends over the year and we are all having fun.
  Maddie had a great meet!  She scored higher in every event than she did her first one.  She placed third on beam, 4th or 5th in the others, and finished 4th overall.  She was proud of herself and we were proud of her! Her team won 1st place overall!  She looks so confident out there and she is learning so much more than gymnastics.  It was a long day for Turner and Harper but they did pretty good.  I think it is important that they all learn how to support each other.  They will all be taking turns watching each other in their activities.
  After the meet we headed home.  It was about 9:30 before we got there.  It was a quick weekend trip, but a fun one.  Nonna made the trip much easier by helping entertain the kids.  It takes a village I tell y'all!!

Friday, January 24, 2014

10 Months Already!

In the midst of all the craziness Harper turned 10 months old.  Since getting sick at Christmas, this girls routines have gone out the window.  She spends most of her sleeping hours in bed with us.  She no longer puts herself to sleep.  Feeding her is a nightmare most of the time.  She is a hot mess and I am too tired to do much about it.  It is all about survival!
  She is still sweetest thing and happy, smiley long as she gets her way:)  She adores bath time, her brother and sister, playing in the toy room, and sneaking in Maddie and Turner's room.  She loves Mother's Day Out!  Aunt Marci gave her a big super soft blanket for Christmas.  It is her most favorite thing ever.  She likes her pack, but goes a lot of time without it.  She is loud!  She loves to laugh and talks all the time.  She is pulling up like a champ and very fast on her knees.
  She is a wiggle worm for diaper changes and takes 7 ounces of formula at a time.  She drinks water out of a sippy cup and ate a chicken fry the other night.   She isnt yet very interested in table food, but loves herself a Graduate cookie!  She has changed so much this past month and learned so many new things.  Thankful for our Harper girl and all the joy she brings all of us!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Births, Birthdays, and Breast Cancer

Last week was one for the books.  In a 24 hour period my sister had Austin, Boo Boo had a birthday, and my mom was diagnosed with Breast cancer...that is a lot.  I can't imagine going through any of those events as a nonbeliever and love that we praise God for baby Austin, praise God for giving Boo Boo another year, and are praising God for Mimi and have hope, peace, and an abundant amount of prayers going up on my mom's behalf.  Wow! 
  We have dealt with cancer before, a few short years ago when dad had prostrate cancer.  That time we found out about cancer before my grandmothers funeral.  Fortunately,  Dad was able to have it removed, fully recovered, and hasn't had a problem since.  I hate cancer.   I know so many families that have been affected by it, and it is hard to watch.
  I started writing this post before my mom saw the surgeon,  unsure of what they were going to say.  Wednesday we found out it is Stage 1, Mimi will have a Lumpectomy,  and 6 weeks of radiation.   Our prayers are being answered and this was the best possible scenario!  I am inspired by my mom, who is always so positive and is one of the most faithful people I know.  Her prayer is to use this as an opportunity to witness to others and for people to see Jesus in her.  I know that I do and am so thankful for my parents and everything they have taught me.  Never knew I would still be learning so much from them at 34.
  My prayer is that next Friday will go smoothly and that cancer won't be found anywhere else.  I pray that my mom has an easy recovery.  I am really praying that she will let us support her instead of trying to protect us.  I am so thankful for the many friends and family that have prayed with and for us this past week.  They are being answered and I stand in awe.  Our God is good and he loves my mom even more than any of us do.
  I will do another post with pics of precious baby Austin.  They are doing well and he is already so loved.  I knew I had to get thos post done before I got too behind.  As always, there is lot going on!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Maddie's First Competition!

A few of Maddie's teammates
Handstand during floor routine-beautiful:)
Dismount on beam
Bar routine-she Is a strong little girl!
Won 2nd on floor with a 9.1!
Placed 5th, 7th, and 9th in the others.  Proud of our girl!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Date Night!

Last Tuesday Chili's had a Daddy Daughter date night.  They were taking pictures, giving out goody bags and Maddie loves one on one time with us.  So Kevin was taking her and I decided to take Turner to his favorite spot-IHOP.  My parents had plans that night so Turner and I had Harper as well.
  Maddie was so excited and dressed herself, put on lipstick, and did her own hair.   Turner wasn't having the best day, but I know he enjoyed his pancakes.  It gets difficult sometimes  juggling three kids and meeting all their needs.  We are doing our best and are just praying our children know that, grow up happy and thankful for what they have.  It was a good night.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Shopping with Their Money!

I am behind...hoping that doesn't happen a lot this year.  It is so hard to catch up and so important to me that I document our memories for the kiddos.  Anyway....after our Savannah trip the kids were wanting to spend some of their money.  We had spent so much of our break in the house I thought it was a great idea.
  Maddie, Turner, and I headed to the mall with plans to visit the Disney Store and Build a Bear.  They don't play with a whole lot of toys, but they both love stuffed animals.  I don't see how they fit in their beds with all of them!    This experience showed me how different they both are.  Maddie did not want to spend a lot of money and kept most of her money at home.  Turner didn't care and brought it all.  I know some of this could be there age as well.
  We go to the Disney store and Turner heads straight to a talking Scilly.  Price didn't matter, that is what he wanted.  Maddie wanted a stuffed animal, but was looking for the cheapest one she could find.  She didn't care what stuffed animal.  I finally found a sale section and talked her into the dog from Lady and the Tramp.  She has never seen the movie, but it was only $9.99:)
  Next stop was Build a Bear.  Again Maddie was looking at prices and Turner looked at all of them before selecting a rabbit.  Maddie did get a rainbow bear that was cute but nothing else.  Turner then bought jammies,  shorts, a shirt, and shoes for his rabbit.  It was fun!!  I actually was able to go in a store for myself and they did great.  They are really growing up and I enjoyed our mall outing.
  We then got pretzels and lemonade before heading home.  It was a great afternoon!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas in Savannah!!

New Years Day we headed to Savannah for a few days to have Christmas with everyone there.  The kids got motorized scooters (Maddie LOVES, Turner will take time:), clothes, money, and Harper got a little playground perfect for her size.  Maddie got a pair of glasses that rarley leave her face and Turner got a Buzz alarm clock which excited him as well. 
  We had so much fun visiting everyone and catching.  We took the kids bowling one day and made a house visit to both grandparents as well.  We are so blessed by our Savannah family and always have a great time when we go.  Harper still wasn't totally herself but seemed to get better each day.  It was a great Christmas celebration and visit!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Years Eve 2013!

We normally don't have any plans for New Years Eve.  We either spend it at home or have been in Savannah a few times celebrating Christmas.  This year our Sunday School class got together with all the kids.  So.Much.Fun!!  We were home by 9:30:)  How things have changed since children!
  Maddie and Turner love hanging out with their church friends and we love hanging with ours-it was a win win!  Harper was passed around and got lots of loving as well.  We all brought food and played Telestrations as well.  We were so proud of the kids-they tore up the upstairs and they also cleaned it up before we left.  They are really growing up.  First time ever the adults did not have to clean up their mess-it was great!
  It was a great way to end the year and we are looking forward to 2014!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Day!

Christmas morning Turner came in our room around 5:30.  Her was burning up with fever.  We found out the next day he had an ear infection.  We gave him some tylenol and went ahead and woke up Maddie.  They were excited to see what Santa had brought them. 
  Everyone had fun going through their things and opening gifts.  Harper was just all over the place:)  Mimi and Boo Boo came by to see everything and then we headed to their house.   Maddie got a floor beam and Turner got a telescope.  The beam is too narrow, so has to go back but the kids enjoyed being with everyone.  We had brunch amd Turner quickly fell asleep on the couch.  This is the first year we had sick kiddos at Christmas.  I felt so sorry for him amd Harper:(
  Thankful for our families and for our Saviour's birth.  Even though everyone wasn't feeling up to par, we were all together.  So many blessings this year.  One more Christmas celebration to go in Savannah!