Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Ethan!

We went to Ethan's birthday party this afternoon and the kids had a blast! Ethan's parents always have the cutest parties!! It was Super Mario themed and there were several games that the kids played and lots of swimming. This was the first time that Maddie got in a pool without one of us in there. She was hesitant at first but ended up jumping in and swimming all over that pool. In the beginning, she was quite offended everytime she got splashed, but she eventually got over it. No other parents were in the pool, so unfortunately Turner had to sit this one out. I don't think he is quite big enough to be in there by himself, though he certainly thought that he was:) He sported his swimming trunks all the same, and got wet in the sprinkler during the obstacle course.

We didn't get home until almost six so we skipped out on the Red Bird's game tonight. We were supposed to go with our Sunday School class, but after Maddie having dance for two hours this morning and then the party, that would have just been too much. They have been sound asleep since seven and I am following shortly. Tomorrow at four we are having a church picnic and I hope to get lots more pictures. The plan is to go swimming after church for a little bit so both kids can enjoy the water together.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Pool Time with Little Man!

I LOVE laying out and being in the pool! It is my favorite part of summer and even though Kevin hates our pool, it gets used lots!! We have already been swimming several times this year, but with two kids, that means two parents are in the pool, and we have yet to take any pictures. Maddie absolutely loves the water, and it is looking like Turner does too. Today Maddie had a date with her daddy and they went fishing at my friend Kelly's. Kelly has a pond with a million fish in it and they always have lots of fun. Daddy's friend DJ and son Ethan went along for the adventure. That left little man and me at home. Megs took the day off so she came over to enjoy the sun with us. As soon as Turner got up from his nap, we threw on his swimsuit and headed outside. I had Megs take a picture of us and he looks mighty cute in his trunks:) Everyone had a great afternoon and it was a relaxing way to spend a Friday.

I also want to mention that we have been able to tell a big difference in Turner the last week or so. He is just such a happy guy all the time and so fun!! I think getting tubes was such a good decision. I think his little ears were bothering him a lot before and this has helped tremondously!! In fact, he feels so good we just realized today that he has 3 NEW TEETH!!! He is a little chomper, so it is rare that we go sticking our fingers in his mouth. But he has been sleeping well, been so perky, we had no idea he was cutting teeth. So now, instead of having 4 teeth, he is sporting 7! I have been wondering when more were going to come through. It has been months since he has gotten any. He has 4 on bottom, and 3 on top. I think another one on top is about to pop through. He is such a big boy!!

Making the Stepping Stones out of Love!

I meant to post these pictures with the Mother's Day post and forgot all about them. I just came across them while uploading pics for my next post:) Just wanted to show Mimi and Nonna all the hard work that went into their Mother's Day gifts and the fun we had making them!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Preparing for Recital!

Ok, I am not complaining...really I am not. But....the practices we are going to for our 3 year old to probably stand on the stage and just stare at us are getting to be a little much. Maddie started taking dance last August and I think she has really enjoyed it. We wanted her to have an activity to do and I think Kevin would have preferred to take gymnastics. That would have been fine but I wanted a RECITAL. I wanted Maddie to get all dolled up and dance her heart out on stage in the cutest little costume and everyone able to come watch her. So, I won and we signed up for a dance. Almost a year later, I am ready for that RECITAL to be over!! We have had fun, but I think we will be eating, drinking, and sleeping dance for the next 2 weeks. She had a rehearsal yesterday, pictures today, and practice tomorrow. Then she has practice next Saturday, Monday, Thursday, and then it is showtime! She will dance in the shows Friday and Sunday. I say she will dance-so far I have seen nothing that she has learned but shuffle step. I will not be surprised if she stands on that stage and doesn't move a muscle. But....she will look precious and we will be proud anyway:) Here are some pictures from today and we will have lots more to share soon!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Bonding with Boo Boo

Mimi and Boo Boo stopped by Saturday to give Turner a little "Get Well Happy" and Maddie a little "we don't want you to feel left out Happy":) We were all outside when they arrived, finally planting our tomatoe's. We were informed we probably put too many in the bed, but we will see...hopefully we will see a few tomatoe's before the end of summer. So both kids got little lunch pails that had a memory game inside for Maddie and tonka cars for Turner. Thanks Mimi and Boo and Boo! But while we were outside Turner just really took to Boo Boo and he spent the next 15 minutes putting Turner on the slide, and helping him down. It was precious!!! Maddie was swinging right next to them and they were all having a big time. We always laugh because sometimes the kids will run right past Boo Boo to get to Mimi and not even acknowledge him. But Saturday, it was Boo Boo that Turner's hands kept reaching up for and I thought it deserved a post. (you never know when it will happen again, HA!!) Here are some pictures.

Happy 1st Birthday London!!

We helped London celebrate her 1st birthday Saturday and everyone had a great time. The party was on Saturday and I was a little nervous about how Turner would feel right after his surgery, but he enjoyed the party. There were a lot of kids there Maddie and Turner's age, great food, and London was cute as ever! London is going to be a big sister in less than a month, so there is lots going on in the Arwood household! It was great to see them and we were so glad to help London celebrate her big day!! I can't wait to meet their newest addition, Cade, once he arrives!!

Surgery Stinks!!

Little man had his adenoids removed and tubes put in last Friday. What an eventful day!! We had to be there at 7:30 and he couldn't eat or drink anything after midnight. I knew it was going to be a rough morning because milk and breakfast comes immediately after waking up for him!! We managed to keep him pretty content before we had to leave. Once there, we had to wait until about 9:30 for them to take him back. My parents had kept Maddie the night before and took her to Ney Ney's for the day. They and Nonna came up to the surgery center to spend the day with us. Everyone was able to love on Turner before he went back and he picked out a toy right before they took him from us.

I think he was gone for about 45 minutes and they came and got us. He was pitiful! It was such a different experience with him than it was with Maddie. Maddie woke up crying and was unhappy for about an hour and a half. She then took a several hours nap and woke up fine. Turner was a crying a little when we first got in there, but he just didn't want to wake up. Our 30 minute recovery stay lasted 4 hours!!! He would open his eyes for a little bit and cough quite a bit, then go back out. They ended up giving him a breathing treatment, which required us to stay longer so they could monitor him. We didn't end up getting home till after 2. I am hoping that in the long run, having the adenoids removed will keep him from staying so sick.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

What a relaxing great day we had today!! I get quite excited about all holidays, always have, but I have to say this one is pretty meaningful and special. I definately think being a "mom" is the most difficult, rewarding job that I will ever have, and am so blessed to be Maddie and Turner's mommy!!! I can't remember what life was like before them and can't imagine life without them. We might be a little lacking in the sleep department, but it is so made up for by kisses and hugs from our babies. Daddy got up with Turner at 5 this morning so I could stay in the bed a little longer. They all came into my room at 6:45 carrying cards. Maddie and Turner had written on theirs and Daddy had given me one as well. They were very sweet and started the day off right. We are going to the beach in the month and so for my gift I am picking out a new swimsuit! Not real excited about wearing one but am happy to be getting a new one:)

We all got ready and went to church where both kids made me another card to bring home. After church we went to Mimi and Boo Boo's for BBQ and ribs. It was a relaxing lunch and nice to let the kids run around and not worry about how they were acting in a restaurant. We gave Mimi a gift card to Klassy Kat's and her stepping stone which imediately was placed in a flower bed. Meg's gave me a gift card to get a manicure and Mimi and Boo Boo gave us a plant to put on our porch. We had a long photo session and then headed home. We spent the rest of the day relaxing and letting the kids play.

Today I am so thankful for my mom and everything that she exemplifies and does for us. She is a great groupie:), role model, and friend. I am also thankful for my mother-in-law who is also a godly woman, role model, and friend. I am thankful for my two children who make this day so special for me. I am thankful for my husband who gave them to me. We are simply blessed beyond words can explain....

Fun Day with Nonna and Da!

Nonna and Da decided to come down last Wednesday and keep the kids for the day instead of us taking them Ney Ney's. They don't get down very often and this gave them a full day with just the kids. Maddie was so excited and had woken me up at 2:30 that morning asking if they were here yet:) I think that everyone had a good day while we were off at work. When we got home we gave Nonna her Mother's Day gift. We made both Nonna and Mimi stepping stones with the kids handprints on them for their flower beds. They turned out well and we were excited about giving it to them. Kevin was getting Nonna's out of the mold, it split right in half!!!! I felt terrible, but Super Da was able to glue it back together and you can't even tell (I have seen pictures!!) We also gave Nonna a new float for her pool and I think she was pleased with both gifts.

We decided to eat at Sekisui at the hibachi grill and Mimi, Boo Boo, and Megs met us there. I had forgotten that Maddie had eaten at one before, but it was a few years ago. I thought she would love it....not so much. She hadn't had a nap so I think she was just really tired, but she wasn't very impressed. She didn't want to watch and snuggled close to Nonna the whole time. Turner, on the other hand was mesmerized and he was quite content throughout dinner. Kevin, Megs, and I are quite the sushi eaters these days and were excited about getting some. We had both Boo Boo and Da try some-Da could have done without, but it wasn't as bad as Boo Boo expected. It was a great day other than a Verizon incident that would take too long to blog about, but I am so glad we were able to visit with Nonna and Da. I took 2 pictures at the restaurant from my phone but don't know how good they will show up. Thanks so much Nonna and Da and I hope you had a great Mother's Day!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Stormy Weather!!!

This weekend was insane with the amount of tornado warnings and rain that we got. It began Friday evening and literally didn't stop until Sunday morning. I know that there was lots of flooding and evacuations from this storm frenzy. I am so thankful my little family made it through safely and am praying for those affected by this storm. As I mentioned before, we debated getting out of the house Saturday because of the weather, but I am so glad that we did!!! The kids went all day strong and by the time we gave them a bath Saturday night, it was almost 9. It is rare they are still up at this time. So they immediately went to sleep and shortly after, the sirens began to go off. Watching the news, it looked like it was going to be pretty severe, so Kevin made the kids a bed in the tub. We had couch cushions in there, a big quilt, and it looked pretty comfortable. We picked both kids up and put them in there without so much as a blink of an eye. I was so thankful they stayed asleep. I didn't want them to be afraid and I really didn't feel like entertaining at 10:30 pm while tornadoes were going on all around us. We kept them there until almost midnight and then moved them backed to their beds. Again, they didn't blink an eye! It was an interesting weekend, but we managed to stay safe, and are looking forward to the beautiful weather this week!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spaghetti Dinner at Church

Another event we managed to attend during the storms was a spaghetti dinner at church to help the youth raise money for a mission's trip. There a silent auction as well and we left feeling like we had been to the fair (Mimi's words, not mine). They had a basket full of toys and items for the pool and beach. It was perfect for our upcoming trip to the beach. Well I put a bid on it and it wasn't long before someone else bid over me. Thanks to Mimi and Boo Boo they took control and made sure that we went home with that basket. There was also an Italian basket with a ton of food, Chef towels and pot holders, a colander, wooden spoons, and apron. Another thanks to Mimi and Boo Boo for letting us go home with that one as well!! I said that I wished I hadn't gone to the grocery store that afternoon:) So if anyone wants some pasta, come on over, we are going to be enjoying that a lot in the near future.
Maddie was able to visit with a few of her little friends and Turner sat on the floor most of the time digging through his diaper bag. Spaghetti is definately my kid's favorite meal and last night was no exception. It was a good ending to a very full day. Thankfully my kids were worn out because we did a lot of moving around that night due to the storms-they never even blinked an eye!

Jackson Turns 4!!

We helped Jackson celebrate his 4th birthday today at Pump it Up, even though the tornado sirens were steadily going off. What a wild stormy weekend this has been!! I will say that I am 99% certain Pump it Up is where Maddie's birthday party will be this year. We went to Joseph's party there 2 weeks ago and she just LOVES that place. We were debating on going because of the weather, but Maddie was just so excited. I hated for her to miss it and didn't want Jackson to have a low turnout. we went. I majorly procrastinated on this one and didn't have a present yet. So we left early and were going to stop by Target to pick up a gift....they wouldn't let me in! The manager was standing outside and said that everyone was in the back of the store and they were waiting for the storm to pass to open again. So next we tried Toys R Us. Thankfully I got in, got a gift and we were off to the party.

Jackson had lots of buddies come to celebrate his day and our kids had a blast. We might be having Turner's birthday party there too:) He was a big boy and went down that huge slide a hundred times-all by himself! I didn't want Kevin to let him to do it, but he loved it and kept wanting to go back up. The problem was he can't get to the top by himself-so by the end of the party Kevin and I were exhausted!!! It was a great afternoon though and we were glad to be a part of Jackson's special day!