Saturday, January 29, 2011

Asthma and a 4 year old Disappointments!

Well, the weekend hasn't gone exactly as planned-imagine that!! I picked Maddie up yesterday and she had a small cough. It was pretty dry sounding and inconsistent. We went to dinner with the family and she seemed ok. I gave her a breathing treatment before bed and she slept through the night. This morning she was coughing a lot. It was still dry and I had a feeling her asthma talking and not a cold. I got out my handy dandy pulse oximeter and started checking her finger every five minutes. It would read 95, 78, 86.....not good! About thirty minutes before we were to leave for the birthday party I called the nurse at her pediatrician's office. They asked me if I could be there in forty five minutes....they called back two minutes later and told me to come straight in and they would see her as soon as we got there.

Kevin thinks I overreact about a lot of things. In fact, he was quite annoyed that I was taking her and thought that she was fine. Boo Boo had also stopped by the house and that Maddie was fine and was just getting a cold. Maddie was QUITE upset about not going to the birthday party and terrified of going to the doctor. We had to stop at my work on the way so she could poop and then she went again as soon as I got there. If my child ever needs cleaning out, we just have to suggest going to the doctor. It upsets her stomach every time! Kevin went ahead and took Turner to the party and we were going to try and meet them there. We didn't make it and I hate that for Maddie but I imagine we will go to 20 more before the year is over.

Turns out this momma was right and we did exactly what we needed to do. Maddie was wheezing and the doctor said she could tell she was without even listening to her. She was tight both in the front and the back and had to have a breathing treatment in the office-I had just given her one two hours before. We are having to do breathing treatments every four hours around the clock for forty-eight hours and steroids twice a day for the next five. A way to tell if someone is wheezing is by looking at their windpipe. If you are breathing normally it doesn't really move. When you are struggling you can see it going in and out. Maddie's was doing that A LOT! We didn't see our regular doctor today, but I really liked her and made me feel much better. I am always told that if she gets any worse to take her to the ER. I told the doctor I wasn't sure I would really know if we needed to do that or not. She told me exactly what would happen if Maddie was in danger, and I feel much better about what to do in the future. Asthma is just so foreign to me and I want to make sure that we are always doing everything that need to for her. After we left the doctor we stopped for a much needed treat-ice cream! Because of her peanut allergy, this was the first time we have ever been. We went to TCBY and she had rainbow sherbert in a huge waffle cone! She loved it and said that Turner was going to be very jealous:)

Maddie has had two rounds of steroid and I can already tell a difference. Mimi and Boo Boo took Turner home for the night, so we have been able to love on our girl and will be able to get up through the night without worrying about him as well. The plan is for her and daddy to stay home from church tomorrow. I was going to keep her home from Ellie's party as well, but I think we will play it by ear. I hate for her to miss it, so we shall see.

Not exactly how I thought today was going to go....praising the Lord for a mother's intuition and and my two babies!! And a husband who doesn't mind apologizing when he is wrong:)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Brayden Turns 6!

Well, we are off to a new year and I am already behind in blogging:( It just gets harder and harder to keep up with everything! Last weekend we went to Savannah to celebrate Brayden's 6th birthday! I think this is the first time we have been in Savannah for his birthday party. The family drove to Alabama and went ot Chuck E Cheese. My kids love their cousins and they love some Chuck E Cheese!!! It was a good trip. We were able to visit and celebrate with Brayden. I have some pictures to post. When we got home Sunday night we went to Meg's and David's for a birthday celebration dinner for David. The kids love talking about punky, but are scared of her when she is around. So....Punky went to the bedroom and we had a good dinner.

We have a lot coming up in the next few weeks. Two birthday parties this weekend, Kevin has jury duty next week, and Little Man's 2nd birthday party is next weekend. So, I will have lots to post about and will try to keep up!! Here are some pics from Chuck E Cheese.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Little bit of Randomness!

It is Thursday night and I am in the den on Kevin's laptop. We got wireless internet for Christmas and I love being able to get on the laptop downstairs. The only downside is I can't download pictures to Kevin's work computer so I decided to just write a few things! We had our second snow today and they just closed Shelby County schools for tomorrow-Yay!!!! We are going to Savannah tomorrow so we will be able to leave earlier than planned, hopefully during Turner's naptime:) Monday was Brayden's birthday so we are planning on going to Chuck E Cheese Saturday to celebrate his special day!

I took Maddie back to the doctor yesterday because of her skin issues (warts). We have been dealing with this for about six months and after one getting grossly infected I think we are on our way to getting the issue resolved-thank goodness!!! Poor thing has had to deal with the oddest things.

We are planning a trip to Disney World in November and I am having so much fun figuring everything out. We are all so excited and are constantly looking at pictures of everything. We have a long time to wait, but it is such a big trip. I want the kids to be able to do everything appropriate for their ages and there are so many decisions to be made! This will be my first time to go and absolutely can't wait!

I have found several sites on Facebook that sale monogrammed/smocked children's clothing and have been picking up a few things for the kids for the spring and summer. I am a bit of a clothes horse and love buying them new things! Fun Fun!

Turner's 2nd birthday is around the corner and I have been busy getting that together. We are having it at our itty bitty house so are trying to keep it small. Since our little man is a chef in the making, we are having a cooking party. I need to start cleaning now to get ready for it, but I know he will have a blast. Another one of Turner's favorite things is Barney, who just so happens to be coming to the Cannon Center the week after his birthday. Mimi and Boo Boo bought us tickets so we will be ending his birthday week by taking the kids to see him. This will be his first live show and I hope he is old enough to sit through it. Should be interesting!

Kevin and I both have signed up for different Bible Studies to do at Church that will be starting in the next few weeks. We have started going to Church on Wednesday nights as well, since Maddie has choir practice and Mission Friends. My prayer is that this year we focus more on being Godly parents and teaching our children about his grace and love. Turner was not wanting to go to bed tonight and kept wanting me to hold him instead of putting him in his bed. I was hugging him while he was standing up in his crib and started praying with him. He became so calm and told me "again" three times. They are never too young to learn about Jesus and though Maddie and I talk about him all the time, Turner and I have not been. Tonight that is all about to change. Our little boy is growing up way too fast and already understands way more than I was giving him credit. When we pray before meals instead of folding his hands, he puts them up to his face and will shout out a big "Amen" at the end. I love these children so much and am so proud of them and proud of all the christian influences that surround them daily.

I have been rambling long enough. I am going to promise again (for the tenth time) to take my camera this weekend and I will post pics when we get back. Saturday is Bubba's (David's) birthday and we plan on going over there Sunday when we get back. Lots of fun things going on this weekend!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Boo Boo!!

This weekend we celebrated a special person's birthday---Boo Boo's!! Mimi had us all over dinner last night and Meg's and I both brought an appetizer and the kiddo's and I baked Boo Boo a cake. Mimi made some delicious chicken, corn casserole, rolls, and an apricot something or another:) The kids are going through a phase where blowing out candles is their most favorite thing to do. So it was very important that we brought candles for Boo Boo's cake and that they were able to help blow them out! We all had a good time and hope that Boo Boo enjoyed his special day!!!

***We also want to wish Grandmother Francis a Happy Birthday as well! She and Boo Boo have the same birthday and we hope that she enjoyed her day in Savannah!! We love you both so so much!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pre Church Creativity!

Sunday morning we got ready for church a little quicker than normal. Maddie put her creative juices to work. It is amazing what you can make with a hula hoop!!! It's amazing what Turner can destroy in we love those kiddos!!!

First Snow Day of 2011

Wow-we got snow early this year!! They predicted all weekend long, which had me believing it wasn't going to happen. Well, true to their predictions, the snow started falling Sunday evening and it snowed through the night. We woke up to 4-5 inches on the ground Monday morning. The kids were super excited!! Lucky for Kevin and the kids-they stayed home!! Unlucky for mom-I went on to work:( Kevin went out and bought a sled Sunday afternoon, so they were ready to play. Megs was off work as well so she came to help. Maddie-loved the snow, couldn't quite eating it, and didn't want to come it. Turner-didn't like the cold, the snow on his face, and went in the playhouse and watched everyone for most of the morning. He is the funniest kid. Hopefully next year he will like it.

When I got home, Maddie and Daddy bundled back up and went outside to make a snowman. Turner and I watched from the door. It was a fun day and everyone stayed home again today. Everyone but me!! Tomorrow we will get back in the swing of things!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Playtime with the Arwoods!!

My first post for 2011....a fun day for the Wilkes! We started this morning off by Maddie and I going to Bella's birthday party. Bella is a girl in Maddie's class and Maddie was the only one there from school. Bella was so sweet to Maddie and made an extra effort to make her feel comfortable-it was super sweet!! It was a tea party and Maddie wore her Sleeping Beauty costume. Everyone had a great time and we thrilled to help Bella celebrate her special day! While we were doing that, Daddy took Turner to get his hair cut. He has been going to a barber shop and I just never like the way they do it. Turner has a ton of hair, but the back of it is super straight. They cut the back short and he kind of has a big poof ball on top-he is still pretty cute though:)

Then this afternoon we had the Arwood's over to play and eat pizza. London and Cade are cute as pie and both my kids LOVE them! Maddie tries to be mother hen and Turner couldn't give them enough kisses! Turner has some work to do in the sharing department though. He was constantly taking toys away from London. Finally London had had enough and started saying she wanted to go home. I am so glad the Kelly and I have kids that are the same age and wish we saw them more. Maddie really loves Tim and he provided great entertainment for her and Turner! It amazes me that Kelly and I have been friends for 16 years and she is still one of my besties! I thank God for our friendship and love watching our children grow up together.

This was a great Saturday and they are predicting snow for tomorrow. So, hopefully we will have some pictures of the kids building the snowman they are dying to make in the next few days:)