Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Maddie's 100th Day of School!

  Today Maddie celebrated her 100th day of school.  They had to wear a shirt or something that had 100 somethings on it.  She picked out a gray shirt and we glued big sequins on it.  By the time I picked her up several had come off, but it worked:)  They made birthday hats and had to draw what they thought they would look like at 100.
  I read to her class most Wednesdays, so today I read "Fancy Nancy's 100th Day of School".  It worked out perfectly and I was able to stay and eat lunch with her afterwards.  She had a good day and I loved being able to be a part of it:)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Loving his new Bike!

I have several posts I need to do, but this has been a crazy week!!!  We have been at church every night for a follow up of the revival we had last year.   It was great, but everyone is tired.  I am waiting at the doctor now for my 32 week checkup so I thought I would share 2 cute pics:)
  It was beautiful Sunday so in between church services, we stayed outside.  Turner is loving his big boy bike he got for Christmas!   I got more exercise walking with him up and down the street than I have in a long time:)  I am so glad he is enjoying it, because he never really cared very much about his tricycle.  Maddie on the other hand thinks her new bike is too big and is scared to ride it.  We are thinking about putting the training wheels on it just until she gets used to riding it.  That girl used to love riding her bike!!
  I am definitely looking forward to spring and all the time that will be spent outside.  A pretty day makes you realize how cooped up in the house we have been!!
  The nurse just checked babies heartbeat-135.  I have been thinking it was a girl but the heartrate is staying pretty I think it is a boy.  7 1/2 more weeks and we can stop guessing:)  More soon!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

She finally pulled it!!

Maddie's bottom tooth had been loose for a while.  Her permanent tooth had already grown in behind it.  We are going to be paying for braces for sure!!  I had debated seeing thev dentist in case it needed to be pulled.  Fortunately Wednesday at church, her hot dog loosened it up for her:)  I think all of her friends were wiggling and messing with it in choir and mission friends that night.
   Once home it took about an hour and Maddie ended up pulling it herself!  This tooth pulling stuff is serious business!!  We were all excited and the tooth fairy brought her $2.  I am thinking that it  had something to do with being her second tooth:)  Fun stuff!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Boo Boo!!!

Today is Boo Boo's birthday and due to the weather we all got together for chili.  Schools let out early today and gymnastics was cancelled so we made cupcakes this afternoon to take for dessert.   The kids had made binoculars,  pictures, and super heroes to give Boo Boo.  We also made a birdseed wreath which I found on pinterest.  It was a great evening and we are so thankful for our Boo Boo!!!
  Back at home now wondering if school will be on tomorrow or not?!?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Starting off 2013 Randomly:)

  Hard to believe January is halfway over and this is my first post.  We have actually had quite a bit of downtime and I am so thankful for that!!  As you can see from above we have been playing a lot with our Christmas presents, trying to get a babies room together, and entertaining a very active 7 month old during the week:)
  Being off for two weeks at Christmas was so nice and has taken me a minute to get back in the swing of things.  We try and get the kids to bed as early as we can, but Maddie just struggles in the mornings.  Poor thing is tired!  By the time we get home from our activities, get fed and have a bath, it is usually always 8:30 or so before we get them to bed.  She does look forward to the weekends and "sleeping in"-this usually means 7:30 or so:)  Now if only we could get Turner on board!
  We have 9 weeks until baby is due and there is so much that needs to be done between now and then!  I definitely need to get some pictures to put in the kids room as you can see above!  There is a lot left to be done with the baby's room as well!  Turner man is turning 4 in February and we are planning on partying it up at Pump it Up!  This close to my due date I am making it as easy on myself as possible!!  We have birthday parties every weekend for the next month and also have a Thirst Conference coming up at church next week that we are very excited about attending.  Lots of exclamation points going on in this paragraph:)
  A very special Boo Boo is celebrating his birthday tomorrow and the kids are ready to give him his gift.  We had a birthday lunch yesterday at Abuelo's but will give him his gifts tomorrow.  I will be sure to get some pictures.
  Hoping to have a productive week and be able to check some things off the list.  Time flies and March will be here before we know it!  We can't wait:)