Monday, December 31, 2012

Wrapping Up 2012!!!

Wow, what a year 2012 has been!!  This has been an amazing year and I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for the Wilkes family!  I think the thing I am most excited about is meeting this new baby and finding out if it is "Harper" or "Beckett":)
  We have been so blessed this past year and I just want to highlight the big blessings that happened!

**  I was able to spend ALL of 2012 at home with my kiddos!  When I stopped working in 2011, I never imagined I would be able to stay at home as long as I have.  God is SO GOOD!!

**  Aubry was born and we all just ADORE her!!  I am fortunate enough to keep her while Megs and Bubba work and she has just fit right into our everyday schedule. This is also bringing in a little income for me to help support our family!

**  We found out we were expecting again and this pregnancy has been pretty smooth sailing!!  Baby is doing great and I stopped getting sick after first trimester!!

**  Maddie started KINDERGARTEN and Turner started PRESCHOOL!!!!  Hard to believe they have gotten so big, but both are doing so well in school and seem to really enjoy it!!

** Our parents stayed pretty healthy this year!!  Big Da had a little accident right at the end of the year involving his big toe, but he was able to keep it:)

I could go on and on, but basically 2012 was a great year!  I would say the biggest disappointment that we suffered was my miscarriage back in April.  It was a tough time, but like always-has made this pregnancy that much more special!  I didn't get quite as many posts in this year, but I hope to stay on top of it for 2013 for sure!!   There are going to be lots of things to document!!

It Snowed!!

We didn't have a White Christmas, but we had a white morning after!!  The kids and daddy got bundled up and had a blast playing outside!  I am hoping we have another snow or two this season!!

Christmas at Mimi and Boo Boo's!!

  We headed over to Mimi and Boo Boo's a little after 10 Christmas morning.  We had lots of good food waiting and the kids were anxious to open their gifts.  They both got new bikes!!!!  Megs and Bubba got both of them new helmets!  They were excited and I think a little overwhelmed.  Both bikes are quite a bit bigger than their old ones, but just what they needed.  We exchanged gifts with each other and then ate a big breakfast.  My kids never wait that long to eat breakfast and they both ate a FULL plate!  Aubry was good as gold and the kids enjoyed being together.  We watched Christmas with the Kranks and headed home around two to spend some more time with our toys and each other.  It has been a blessed Christmas and we have enjoyed every second of it!! 
  We woke up the next morning to snow filled yard and that will be my next post!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Morning at Home!

Kevin asked me several times to please let the kids sleep in and wake us up on Christmas morning:)  I get so excited and have always been wide eyed bright and early.  Well this year we actually slept till after 7.  Both kids were in bed with us, but that is a pretty late morning on a normal day, let alone Christmas morning!  Daddy grabbed the video camera and headed for the den while I got our camera waited for the ok.  The kids go charging into the den and were pretty excited.  I think they both got everything they asked for, plus quite a bit more!!  It was such a fun morning. 
  We decided we wanted to get them something big from us instead of Santa this year.  So, hanging out in the garage is a trampoline that we have to put together.  I thought the kids would just be jumping for joy, but I think it still being in the box took away a little bit of the excitement.  Maddie's big gifts were a tumbling mat, bar and beam for McKenna, and a school set.  Turner's big gifts were Jake's pirate ship and accessories, a dinosaur set, and a shaving kit.  I guess not big gifts, but their favorite gifts!  They also got a tv for their room.  They have enjoyed being able to watch a little tv the past two days while in bed:)
  Mimi and Boo Boo stopped by to see what Santa had left and then headed home to get ready for our Christmas together.  That will be the next post!!

Christmas Eve 2012!

This year we spent Christmas Eve at Aunt Debbie's and Uncle Warren's house!!  It was a full house!  We went to the candlelight service at church first and then headed their way.  It was great food, company, and chaos!!  We will actually have THREE more babies next year.  Emily, Rachel, and myself are all due between March and May of next year.  There are going to be lots of crawlers on the floor:)

  The kids were able to open several gifts and the adults played dirty santa.  Turner was full of energy and all over the place.  To say my kids were excited about Santa coming would be an understatement!!  We love the fun that Santa brings to the Christmas season, but we make sure daily to talk about the REAL reason for the season!!  We didn't get home till after 10 and the kids were ready to go to bed immediately.  They did NOT want Santa to pass by their house.  I feel like we have done so many crafts this past month and baking for the holidays.  Would you believe all we left for Santa was an apple and chocolate milk?  We didn't have any cookies in the house and we ran out of time to be able to make them.  He still ate it and left them lots of treats so it wasn't a big deal:)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas in Savannah!

This year we celebrated Christmas in Savannah the weekend before.  We were able to be with Big Da, but missed out on seeing Grace and Tyler.  We have realized that the older everyone is getting, the harder it is to be able to have everyone together!  We had a great visit!!
  The whole family came over Friday night for gift exchanging and pictures, we took the kiddos bowling Saturday, and went to Nonna's church Sunday where Maddie was the star in their Christmas program.  (Last minute T decided he didn't want to participate:(
  The kids both got a tablet and accessories to go with it from Nonna and Da.  Maddie was so excited and has spent a ton of time playing on it.  We have stopped letting them play on our phones, so these are great because we have downloaded all the games they used to like to play.  They also got new jammies and both received several toys.  They received some money from Dee Dee and Paw Paw Landis and they all got a shoe box filled with dollar bills.  Turner's face was priceless while opening this and they were both screaming "we are rich, we are rich"!  It was very entertaining to watch.  Baby Wilkes got a blanket and some cute sleepers.
  The kids always have a big time playing with their cousins while we are there and they had plenty of chances this weekend.  It was a great kickoff to our Christmas celebrations!!!