Thursday, October 30, 2014

Menagerie Farm!

Turner had his first field trip on Monday.  The Kindergarteners went to the Menagerie Farm in Collierville and rode the school bus.  He was excited all weekend and since I don't work on Mondays, I was able to join him.  It was so much fun seeing him with his friends and being just with him.  One on one time is hard with 3 kiddos and we both really enjoyed it.
  He was able to ride a pony, feed some goats and fish, dig for gold, go on a hayride, and pick out another pumpkin.  When he first saw me he grabbed my hand and said "I love you mommy".  I love him much.  It was a fun day for both of us!

Picking and Painting Pumpkins!

This time of year proves to be a season of traditions.  My parents have always made fun of me saying that my favorite holiday was whichever one was next.  I LOVE them all.  I loved them as a child, and I really love them now that I have children on my own.  I am a pretty routine person and usually am slow in adapting to change.  These next few months we will be doing things we have done since Maddie was a baby.  The best part is the kids remember them and look forward to doing them.
  In preparing for Halloween, we always go to the same pumpkin patch, ride the same little train, and pick out pumpkins to carve and paint.  I usually take them by myself because the coach is always at practice this time of year.  This year was no different except Harper was old enough to join in the fun.
  The kids roamed through the patch and we bought 2 to carve and three little ones to paint.  It was great except Harper threw a few small fits about pushing the wagon you use to carry the pumpkins.  Or maybe a big fit that had me carrying her kicking and screaming to the car:)
  A few days later they all sat around the table and painted their pumpkins.  They all enjoyed it and I pray we do this for many more years.  Maddie is growing up before our eyes.  Hard to believe our girl will be 8 on Sunday!!  The carving is something always done with daddy and they did that as well.  I didn't take pictures but this was the first year M and T carved their own.  They turned out well.  Looking forward to the Fall festival at church tomorrow night!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Who knew? Close to 2!

This girl threw 2 fits over the weekend that were picture worthy.  The first one lasted over 20 minutes....over not getting a water bottle.  Didn't mean to die on that hill!  I don't even remember the cause of the one this morning before church.  Standing firm on my "No's" at this age is always hard for me...they are just so cute!  But I am hoping it will make life easier in the long run, so I am sticking to my guns.  We survived, and she quickly went back to her sweet self.  Till the next fit!

Ram Run 2014!

Friday was Ram Run at Oak and I took the day off so I could go.  I even took Harper to school that day so I could spend most of the day with the big kids.  Mimi and Boo Boo joined in the fun and watched both kids run.  I managed to squeeze in lunch with Turner and am eating with Maddie tomorrow.  A girl has to take a little advantage of a few hours alone:)
  I have watched Maddie before and knew that she would run hard, especially when she knew we could see her.  She didn't dissapoint.  I was however, surprised with Turner.  He isn't always big on getting hot and sweaty and definitely isn't a big runner.  I was proud of our little guy.  He ran a lot and had fun.
  Lunch with T was a surprise and I learned later that was a bad idea.  He informed me that he wants me to eat with him, but I need to let him know beforehand.  I guess he isn't big on surprises.  So thankful for my flexible job!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall Break!

We had a good week.  Thankful for a little break from school and lots of family time.  Kev still had football  every day but was home for the afternoons and nights.  Mo got a little extra gym time in and we all got a little extra sleep.  It was nice and much needed!
  M and T spent one night with Mimi and Boo Boo.  They were treated to ice cream and a trip to sky zone.  They loved it and mom and dad loved a night out eating sushi with little H.  Our favorite!!  We also went to a corn maze, two birthday parties, and Kev took the big ones to see Malefecint.  Bad choice on our part.  I had to go pick up Turner halfway through the movie.  Bless his sensitive heart.
  There were other parts of the week I haven't decided whether to share or not yet.  This blog is important to me and it is always honest and shares our life.  I want the kids to have this to look back on and remember these times.  But they are also getting to the age where I want to respect their privacy as well.  How much should I share?  Can our story be a blessing to someone else?  Do I share how I have already seen God's hands in a chapter of our life I didn't see coming?  I don't know yet, but I know that our 3 biggest blessings deserve the best from us.  I know that the Lord allowed me do a Bible Study titled "Beautiful Mess" at a time I needed it most.  I stand amazed at the little details God has completely worked out, while I sit off to the side often trying to figure out everything on my own.  Not sure what the answer is yet, but it was mostly just a good week spent with my favorites!! 
  Of course there are a few pictures to share:)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Exhibition at Octoberfest!

Today Maddie had an exhibition at Octoberfest at Saint Francis.  She had practice this morning and then we all headed to the festival.  It was fun watching all the girls do their thing!  Maddie doesn't like her exhibition Leo because it is a little loose at the top.  I decided to buy her an Itty bitty sports bra to wear underweath, hoping she would be more comfortable.  My 7 going on 16 year old loves it and wore it by itself all the house.  That girl is going to keep our hands full.
  We got Turner and Harper Italian Ices and Harper sat in sprite 10 minutes after we got there.  Of course I didn't have a change of clothes with us.  Thankfully Megs had a pair of A's shorts she let us use until H's pants dried.  There were games and bouncers for the kids once the exhibition ended.  They had a pretty good time.
  Tonight Nonna left the hospital to go home for a few days and met us for dinner.  It was so good to see her and we are praying Granny Francis gets to go home soon.  It has been 3 weeks since her fall and Nonna is worn out.
  This next week is Fall Break and we are looking forward to being at home.  Not sure what all is on the agenda but I know that work and school is NOT:)