Monday, September 26, 2011

Daddy's 32nd Birthday!!!

Daddy turned 32 yesterday!! He had a great weekend. Friday the kids and I made him red velvet cake balls and he enjoyed them all weekend. Saturday I made our new favorite treat in the crockpot, Pumpkin Spice Latte, and it was delicious. Saturday night, Mimi and Boo Boo kept the kids and we went to eat at Rain, a sushi restaurant.....we celebrated all weekend long!!!

Then yesterday, we surprised daddy with a coffee travel mug that has our picture on it, and a new XBox game. We went to church that morning and celebrated with my family at Vinegar Jim's last night. He got a new pair of coveralls and two new shirts at dinner. It was a great day and we are so thankful to call him ours!!!!

Disney On Ice!!

Friday night Megs and Bubba took the kids to Disney on Ice. I was so excited they were going! The tickets went on sale about the same time I quit working. We debated buying tickets and decided not to since money was going to be tight. A few weeks ago Megs said they wanted to take the kids!!! It was the first time the kids went on an outing with just Megs and Bubba. I think everyone had a great time. Maddie's favorite part was Peter Pan and Turner came home wound up saying that he didn't get to see Pluto. I told him he would have plenty of chances to see him in Disney World:) (which, by the way is only 47 days away!!!!) Here is a pic of the kiddo's before they left.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tucker Turns 10!!!!

This post is a big shout out to our amazing and wonderful friend, Jene Smith, also known as Nay Nay!!!! Tucker celebrated her 10th birthday Saturday and it was an art party!!! Nay Nay spent tons of time preparing for this party and she did a great job!!! There was tons of love and detail put into this party and it was fabulous!!!! We are always so glad to be included in her families festivities and this party did not disappoint. We love you Tucker and Smith family and were so glad to part of the special day!!

Soccer Game #2!!

Saturday's was Maddie's second soccer game. I have no intention of blogging on every game. But......Maddie scored her first goal today!!! It was super exciting and she did a little happy dance off the field:) We also had some extra fans on the sidelines cheering her on. Kelly and her crew joined us for the game and Bubba was able to come. The Tiger's won and it was so fun to watch!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Last Weekend!

Before I get to last weekend, I want to comment on this week. It wasn't a great one-this has been the first week since I have been home that I actually kind of missed work. Kevin is never home and the kids were a complete handful! Turner was constantly in trouble and throwing tantrums. It is exhausting. I think every night I prayed for the next day to be better-I need more patience and I have to figure out what works best in ways of disciplining Turner. Maddie had a pretty good week, but had a few meltdowns of her own. I have been negative this week and seriously doubting my parenting skills. Fast forward to tonight and all is well in the Wilkes world. We had a GREAT night. Kevin went to his football game and the kids and I made cupcakes, took some to Mimi and Boo Boo, and then came home to put in a movie and watch it on the floor with a bunch of blankets. Turner said "I love you morer than the sky" and Maddie told me she loved at least ten times! I got a glimpse of the sweet children I know we have, and hope to leave this past week far behind. We all definately feed off each other and I think my final attitude improvement.....improved theirs!!!! Praise the Lord!! We are a work in progress and tonight I am again counting my blessings for being able to be home!

So.....back to last weekend-FUN FUN!!! We had Maddie's first soccer game and quite the cheering squad. Meg's, Mimi, Boo Boo, Nonna, Da, Brayden, and Kevin all were there. It was the first time for Daddy to watch the game and he was super excited to see her play! She did so good, and got so tired!! She played most of the game and you could tell she was wearing down. They don't keep score, but the other team scored a ton of goals. Our little group was a little intimidated and wasn't really sure about getting in there and going after the ball. But, they had fun and that is all we want:)

After the game, we headed to the zoo with Nonna, Da, Brayden, and Megs. We have been wanting to all go for a while and it was the perfect weekend to go. The kids had a great time and we stayed for 4 hours. When we got home, we were exhausted. I feel like it was a trial run for Disney, and we are going to be TIRED by the end of that trip.

It was a great day and I want to thank Nonna and Da for coming to watch the game and spending the day with us. It was their wedding anniversary and we appreciate you spending it with us!! Happy Anniversary!!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Go Bolton Wildcats!!!

Kevin has been coaching football since we got married. I am not a big football fan-not a sports fan at all really:) But, Kevin really enjoys what he does, so that makes his absence in a fall a little easier to handle. I have always tried to make a game each season (pitiful, I know) The past two years were difficult having a toddler and a baby. This year though, having a 2 and 4 year old, it has been much more manageable and actually enjoyable!!!

Our favorite Nay Nay's son, Tyler, is a freshman at Bolton this year and plays for Kevin. So, not only have we been able to support Kevin, but also Tyler, and I have been able to chat away with my dear friend. Tucker and Bailey go to the games as well, and my kids love them. So we have gone to the last two weeks, and I think we just might make most of them!!! The kids love seeing their daddy out there and I know that we need to be there to support them. This is his first year as head coach and we are so proud of them.

I got a few sweet pictures of the kids on the field after the game, but they turned out too dark. Here are a few from the beginning of the night though.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Meet Riley, Be Be, and Sally!!

Yesterday the kids, Boo Boo, and I went on an adventure. We visited the pet store!! Kevin and I decided to buy the kids a few fish, so they would finally have a pet and can learn the responsibilities that go along with them. They had so much running through the store. They saw cats, farrets, gerbils and hamsters, cats, and lots of fish. I was surprised that they didn't ask for any of the other animals. No way was I bringing home a stinky gerbil!! The lady that helped us was super nice and helpful. She put the tank together for us and gave us a crash course in everything we would need to do for them.

The kids picked out three fish and really do love them. Boo Boo brought the tank home for us and finished setting it up for us. The kids are able to feed them and watched them a lot yesterday. Megs and Mimi came over yesterday to meet our new friends and the kids were excited to show them off! They also loved showing their daddy when he came home.

First thing this morning they both wanted to check on them, and I was so glad they were all still alive!!! I have hidden the food, so that little fingers aren't able to overfeed and kill them:) So we will see how long our little fishies survive! They have already brought this family lots of smiles and I am so glad the kids can finally say they have a pet:)

Delta Fair 2011!

This past weekend was Labor Day weekend and we enjoyed having daddy home for 3 days!! Maddie was so thrilled to spend lots of time with her daddy. We had a picnic at church, had the family over Monday for a cook out, but the highlight for the kiddos was going to the fair. They are at a great age where both kids enjoyed all the rides, food, and magic show. Megs and Bubba joined us and it was nice to have extra eyes and hands. The fair was crowded!! One thing they didn't love was watching their Daddy, Megs, and Bubba participate in a hypnotist show. I mean REALLY!!

We had gotten food and went inside a tent to eat. About that time a hypnotist comes out ready for his show. He asks for volunteers.....Kev looks at me and says he has always wanted to be hypnotized. (I have no idea how to spell that-no way looks right to me) So off Kevin goes to the stage. Well, the guy needs more volunteers. All of a sudden Megs and Bubba are throwing their things at me and jumping over tables to get to the stage. (a slight exaggeration, but only slight!) This leaves me alone.....with a bunch of phones, wallets, food, a stroller and.....2 screaming children!!!! They were not thrilled to have everyone take off, and they were not thrilled to sit through a boring 45 show. I was doing everything I could to make Turner quit screaming and nothing worked. He was the time our family returned, I was too!! Nobody was hypnotized, it was pretty much a joke, and we were glad when it was over!

Maddie and Turner both rode a ton of rides and loved all of them, except a mini roller coaster that had Maddie crying as soon as it began:( She was very adventurous though, and tried every ride that she could. The kiddo's enjoyed some ice cream, chicken tenders and fries, and cotton candy. I had some yummy lemonade and a steak quesadilla. Kevin munched on some barbeque nachos. My favorite part of the fair has always been the food!! We overall had a great time and gave us a glimpse of what Disneyworld might be like in a few months. We are very excited!!