Friday, March 29, 2013

Fun with Nonna and Da!

Today Nonna and Da came down for the day and we made the most of it!  Harper spent the day on the town and did great!  She began fussing as soon as we got home though.   We are trying to figure out the best formula and bottles for her to use-she is not a real happy baby and it kills me to think she is hurting:(
  But back to our day.  We had lunch at Applebees, bought Easter shoes for the kiddos, went bowling, and ended the day at Baskin Robbins.  Nonna and Da came back to the house to visit before they headed home.  Everyone had a great time.   Thank you for spending the day with us!!
  I then dropped the kids off at gymnastics for a PNO that lasts till 9:30.  They were having an egg hunt and were super excited!  To say they are going to be tired when we pick them up is an understatement!!!

Easter Cupcakes!

Last night we made Easter cupcakes at Mimi and Boo Boo's.  It was our second year to do so and I am pretty sure it is going to be a tradition!   The stillest Turner had been all day:)  We had two new attendees this year-Aubry and Harper!  H slept just about the whole time in her carseat and Aubry was all over the place.  Thankful for this family time and for Jesus and everything this Easter season means!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Phone Dump

Here are a bunch of pics taken from my phone from the past week.  Just want to have them saved:)

I think it's safe to say we love her!

Disclaimer:  The pictures did not post in the order I uploaded them.  But I also don't care enough to correct it!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter Crafts!!!

We are always crafting, and we really enjoy doing them for the holidays.  David was so sweet and had bought the kids a cookie decorating kit for when we came home from the hospital.  So while we were getting Harper and everything situated they were able to decorate cookies.  It was great and made them feel special as well.  I am great at worrying, and I just don't want anyone to ever feel slighted, left out, not loved, the list goes on and on.....
  Yesterday we made Birds Nests.  We made these last year and the kids love making and eating them:)  We normally give them to teachers as little happy's, but I might have made them a little early this year.  We had fun and included Harper in the pictures at the end.  We also had plans on making eggs where you wrap colored string around a balloon.  You dip the string in sugar water and once it dries you pop the balloon.  My mom used to make them and I have seen lots on pinterest that turned out so cute.  Turner and I tried to make one while Maddie was in school......didn't turn out that great.  In fact-my sugar water egg ended up being used to figure out where all the ants were coming from in our bathroom:)  Kevin said sugar attracts them and he was right.  Problem solved!  So while the craft was a complete fail, it did help us out in other ways!
  Mimi doesn't know it yet, but last year we made really cute Easter basket cupcakes at her house.  I am hoping we can do that again this year.  Since Easter is next week, I probably need to call and ask her about that.  I think I will now:)  More posts to come soon!

A Few Firsts for H!!

  We have survived the first week!!  Maddie and Turner love little Harper to pieces and are ready for her to be wide awake and able to play:)  They are very sweet with her but have been acting out some for us.  I definitely have two kiddos that want to make sure they still get plenty of attention.  We are making extra efforts to make sure that everyone is getting one on one time with us.  We are just having to find a new balance.
  Harper is doing great!  She is a grand pooper, sleeps a lot, and is eating well.  I think we are a little confused about our nights and days, but she will get there.  She is taking 2-3 ounces every 2-4 hours. I am pumping as well as using formula (Similac Early Shield), so I think what she gets depends on how long she goes between feedings.  I never nursed with the other two and this has been an experience all in itself!!!  I won't go into much detail, but not sure how long this will last!  She is already sleeping in her crib at night and loves being swaddled.  She spits up some, but not near as much as my other two did.  That is a blessing and I am praying it stays that way.
  A few firsts for Harper this week--Daddy and the kiddos gave her her first bath.  She cried the whole time:)  (She cried the whole time for her second one as well!)  She also met Dr. Scott, her pediatrician and had her 5 day check up.  She looked great.  She was 8 lbs at birth, 7 lbs 7 oz when we left hospital, and 7 lbs 8 oz on Tuesday.  Hopefully she will be back up to her birth weight when we go for her two week check up. Nonna and Big Da also came yesterday with Grandmother Dee Dee and Paw Paw Landis so they could meet Harper for the first time.  The big kids were at school and we had a nice visit.  I think Harper opened her eyes for the last five minutes.

  Daddy has been off work all week and it has been wonderful having him take the kids to and from school.  I am anxious to see how next week goes when it is just me and the three kiddos.  Praying that there isn't too much chaos in the morning and that everyone makes it to school on time:)  The true test will come in 2 weeks when Aubry rejoins us!  It will get real interesting then:)  We miss her though and will be happy when she's back.  Our Church and Sunday School class has provided us with dinner every night that we have been home except one.  What a blessing that has been!!!  We have felt so loved this past week and had so much support from family and friends.  Harper is one blessed little girl and we are thankful that she is here and healthy!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Meet Harper!!!

Harper Wilkes was born March 15th at 10:20 am.  She weighed 8 lbs and was 20 inches long.  She is perfect and we are so glad she is here.  My mom, sister, and I had blue painted toes at the hospital thinking it was a boy.  Not finding out was the most fun surprise!!  Lots more to come but for now here are a few pictures!