Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer is Here!!!

And we are ready to play!
And work!!!
And I love having my little assistants at home all the time:)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend!

We spent the weekend in Savannah and had a great time!  It was Harper's first visit and all the family was able to meet her.  A few highlights were Lacey's graduation, swimming, a campout, bowling, and a Memorial Day cookout yesterday at Nonna and Da's!  It was a busy few days:)

We brought our tent and they set it up Saturday night.  We made smores and roasted hot dogs.  Kevin and the kiddos were going to sleep in the tent.  As soon as they said it was time for bed, Turner headed back for the house:)  Maddie and Brayden slept till 6:30 that morning then headed back in.  So, our first attempt was pretty successful.

Harper slept pretty good while we were there and received lots of loving!  The cousins got lots of playing time in and we enjoyed being able to visot with everyone!  It was a great visit and we hope to get another trip or two in before the end of summer.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Turner's Preschool Program!

Turner's last day of school and program was on Wednesday.  He sang his little heart out and we were so proud of him!  Mimi, Boo Boo, Aubry, and Harper were there to watch.  The best part of the program was at the end.  Mrs. Susan (the Director) called Turner and one other little boy to come up front with her.  They were the only 2 in the whole school who had perfect attendance for the whole year!!!  He got a certificate and felt really special:)  Turner loves school and has been a little sad about summer break!  I am sure that will change as the years go on, but for now he loves being there.
He has had a great year.  His teachers always tell us about the leadership qualities he has and that he is going to be a director one day!  Apparently, he lines all the kids up and leads them in song and play....on a daily basis:)  It is so funny because at home he lets Maddie be the leader.  I guess school is his time to try and be boss:)  He recognizes his numbers 1-10, all of the letters, can write his name, and recognizes shapes.  He does great at sitting still and paying attention which surprised me in the beginning.  We thought he was going to be the wild man at school like he is at home:)  We were wrong and are so proud of him. 

Turner had a wonderful first year of preschool and has grown up so much!!  Hoping he enjoys the summer even though he won't be going to school for a few months:)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

2 Month Pics

Just wanted to share a few pics of Harper from this week.  Mimi bought is the stickers to use each month so I wanted to post some.  I actually tried two different days and just couldn't get a good smile out of her.  But we still think she is pretty cute:)

A few things I want to remember:
-she loves sucking her fingers.  I think it is the cutest thing and she is the first one to do it.  She takes a paci some, but doesn't sleep with it.  I will sometimes hear her from our room sucking on her hand.  I know this could be a hard habit to break, but today it is cute.

-Last night she slept from about 8:30 pm to almost 7 this morning!!  She is definitely a good little sleeper.  She usually only wakes up once and this was her second time to sleep through the night.  I will take it!

I still have to post about Turners program once I download pics.  Today summer break has officially begun and we are excited!!  Planning on having lots of fun this summer!

Monday, May 20, 2013

EOY Celebration!!!

Hard to believe Maddie has completed Kindergarten and will be going into First grade next year!  She has had a great year.  She loved her teacher, made lots of new friends, and just had a good experience overall at Oak.  I am so glad that is where our kids are able to go.  She has been known to have to pull her clothespin a time or two for talking but......she was 1 of only 6 in her class this morning that received a medal for good conduct throughout the year!!!!  So very proud of her!!
  Mimi and Boo Boo met me up there to watch Maddie's program and help with the babies.  Daddy had to work since it is the last week and Turner was at school.  The kids sang a bunch of songs and then we went back to the classroom for a few minutes before we left.  I will say this.  Maddie was on the first row this time and could see Aubry perfectly.  She sang better than she normally does because she spent the whole time trying to make Aubry laugh:)  I am sure if anyone was watching her besides us, they thought she was a very silly girl!!
  This year Maddie has learned to read, add and subtract, spell a TON of words, values of coins, how to write sentences and use punctuation marks, and so much more.  We are amazed at how well she is reading.  It seemed to happen overnight.  She enjoys it which makes me happy, because I love to read.  We are so proud of her and are looking forward to just having lots of family time this summer.  I have missed her while she has been at school everyday.  Between school, gymnastics, and church time at home seems rare.  We are going to soak it up this summer!!

EOY Choir Program!

Last night the kids had their choir program at church.  Let me tell you-Turner is our little performer!  He loves to sing and has been so excited about his programs-he has one Wednesday at school.  As wild as he can be at home, you put him on stage and he takes it very seriously:)  People were calling him a little soldier!  He was standing up straight as a rod and very into his music.  I love that little boy and he manages to entertain us daily!!
  Maddie has been taking gymnastics on Wednesdays so hasn't been able to go to choir practice in over a month.  So we thought she would just be sitting with us watching her brother.  We got there and Mrs. Ashley grabbed her and asked her if she wanted to do it.  Thank goodness I had put a cute outfit on her but I sure hadn't taken the time to do her hair:)  She is quite the opposite of her brother.  I am surprised she said she wanted to do it.  She usually just stands there and looks nervous.  She did sing some last night, but just isn't as animated as her brother on stage.  And that is ok!!
  Little Harper went to the nursery for the first time last night so we could enjoy the program.  She cried quite a bit for them but they said she was fine.  I kept checking on her.  I knew she would probably be fussy but am so thankful for the workers and their willingness to keep the kids, even the fussy ones!! 
  It was a great way to start the week and I am getting everything ready to head to Maddie's celebration program in a bit.  Praying both babies behave and that I can enjoy the program!