Thursday, April 29, 2010

Random, Random...

I have been meaning to post all week and am just now getting around to it. First of all, I am tired. I am sure that all mommies are, but I feel like I have been dragging all week. We ended up going to Savannah last weekend, and no I didn't get any pictures. I had gotten my old camera out and then left it at home:( Normally I come back feeling refreshed and ready to go, but I just didn't this time. It was a very relaxing weekend too. It was Jon's birthday and we were able to visit and it was great seeing everyone. We don't get down there enough, and it is nice when we go and nothing is really planned. The kids had a blast playing with their cousins and love being spoiled by Nonna and Da. We picked Maddie up from Church Sunday to head back to Memphis for a packed day. We headed straight to the Johnson Park in Collierville for Bailey's 3rd birthday party. The kids ran wild and had a good time. After that we went home for an hour and then off to our church service and pizza with the pastor afterwards. The kids passed out once we got home for the night.

I think our week just started out hectic and we never quite slowed down. I haven't been to the grocery store this week....I must MUST go soon. So last night when I learned that my parents were taking Megs out to dinner, I was quick to invite my family to go as well:) We all met at Chili's and had a loud good dinner. Eating out with 2 that are 3 and under always proves to be an experience! Then today Kevin didn't come home till after football tonight and he is currently still laying with Maddie trying to get her to sleep. While he was at football, his phone was stolen, so that now must be replaced before my camera gets fixed. On the plus side, I did go into Michael's today and bought her several "projects" to do that all cost a dollar! I was very excited and she was too. She did one this afternoon.
Turner's new favorite thing to do is climb up on the couch and sit next to his sister and pretend to watch tv. He guzzles that bottle down and just smiles. It is precious watching them side by side. Tomorrow is the last day of the month and so not only do I have to work on a Friday, but will probably be there till 10 tomorrow night-YUCK!!!! I did take a picture of our tomato plant that I am going to share. The weather is supposed to be bad on Saturday, so after that we will plant them outside. I also have a picture of my cuddlers, wild man, and Mimi and Maddie. We have another full weekend and I will post more soon.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dr. Visits for All!

The coughing continued, the noses were pouring, the ears were to the doctor we went. Turner has ear infections in both ears and Maddie has one in her right ear. I am calling the doctor shortly to get Turner scheduled for tubes. Maddie has had 2 in her right ear in the past month. I am afraid we might be getting another set for her before all is said and done. No pictures but I do want to say how much we LOVE our pediatrician and everyone that works there!! Unfortunately they know us quite well, but they are all so sweet to our children. Maddie has such a fear of going to the doctor and getting shots. She cried the whole way there, was crying in the waiting room....The receptionists came out and talked to her and so did Denise, our favorite nurse. They try so hard to make her comfortable and not afraid. I am so thankful for Pediatric's East and their caring staff.
I have several posts I have been meaning to make about different activities we are doing with the kids. We now have a chore chart and are trying to grow tomato's, but I am going to have to pull out my old camera and get some pics before I post! We were supposed to be having a yard sale Saturday but the forecast doesn't look good. Chances are we will be going to Savannah for the weekend and I will have lots to post when we get home. I will not be posting again until I have some pictures to go along with it-so boring without them:)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oops...I did it again:(

I am so mad at myself!!! At that fun birthday party yesterday....where I was taking a ton of pictures....I dropped my camera....and now it won't work:( I rarely leave the house without it, I miss it already, we have done several fun things since it stopped working. I don't know what we are going to do. I got a new camera right before we went to Hawaii back in 2008 for an early birthday present from Mimi and Boo Boo. It lasted a year and I dropped it. 2009 for another birthday present I received a camera that I had picked out and have been so excited to have. Four months later we are back in the same boat and my birthday is months and months away. I am hoping to take it somewhere and have it fixed this week. So for now, boring posts with no pictures.
Last night we went to a rodeo for the first time and the kids had a good time. We were there again with most of our Sunday School class and I could have gotten some really cute pics. We were there for 3 hours and Turner was basically sitting in our laps the entire time. He was an angel!! I did not think it was very fun watching the different events. I was worried to death someone was going to get hurt by a bull and then felt sorry for the calves when they were being roped. So I finally convinced Kevin we needed to leave and get the kids in bed. I definately hope this isn't an activity either of my kids wish to pursue. I can only imagine the anxiety I would have then!!
Today after church and lunch I met Mary and Trey at the park with the kids. There were a ton of people there and I had a hard time keeping up with both of mine. I am not one of those moms that just let their kids run around while I sit on a bench and watch. I tried to be right next to both of them the entire time-I am sure it was annoying to them and quite exhausting for me! Mary and I both decided play dates are more fun at one of our houses. We definately didn't visit much but the kids did have fun.
I am upstairs listening to Turner cough from the baby monitor and Maddie has had a runny nose all week. I am praying this is just allergies and that they are not getting sick. We don't seem to have to many weeks where noone ends up at the doctor. I will keep you posted.

We Love Pump It Up!!

We went to Pump It Up yesterday for Joseph's 5th Birthday party! The whole family had so much fun!! Maddie went ninety to nothing the entire time and didn't even want to stop for cake and ice cream. Daddy and I both took turns going down the slide with Turner and he loved it too. Most of our Sunday school class was there with their kids and everyone had a great time. It was a great start to our Saturday and we are so glad we were able to help celebrate Joseph's special day!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Tunnel!

Kevin has wanted to buy the kids this tunnel for months! He thought the kids would love it and they aren't very expensive. So Sunday we were all at Super Target going down the toy aisles and there it was.....Kevin had to have it, the kids love it, and it was so worth the $14.99 we paid for it:) I have never heard Turner laugh so much, never seen Maddie move so fast, or watched Kevin try to wiggle his way through something that small before!! If I had done the "favorites post" this week, the tunnel would have definately made the list. It is providing entertainment for all!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Maddie and Trey

Friday night we had Mary and Trey over to visit and play. Maddie just loves Trey and from the time she woke up yesterday was asking when he would be there. I was quite excited when they knocked on our door:) I had decided to let them bake cookies with a kit I had bought before Easter. The box was so cute with pictures of cookies in different shapes and colors. Well....once you opened the box you had the dough and food coloring. You had to come up with the cute shapes and animals yourself. I am pretty good at following directions, but creative I am not!!! So....the kids had some blue dough, yellow dough, and red dough. We got out some cookie cutters and ended up with a bunch of plain sugar cookie balls that were different colors. The dough just wasn't acting right and we sure couldn't get those cookie cutters to work. But....the kids had a good time making them and they enjoying eating some when they were done! Turner sat in his high chair and observed it all. After cookies they wanted to put in a movie which they watched for all of five minutes:) I was so glad they were able to come over and always enjoy catching up with Mary while the kids play. They gave each other lots of hugs before Trey left and Kevin was trying to separate them. Poor Maddie-she just isn't going to have a chance with her daddy around. He is quite the protective one!! Seeing him when she is three makes me really wonder what he will be like when she is 16!! Thank goodness we have a while before we get there:)

A few Favorites!

The kids interests seem to change all the time! Turner just turned 14 months old yesterday and he is such a fun little boy!!! His favorite thing to do though hasn't changed in months-play kitchen!! It cracks us up. He is constantly cooking something up, dragging tupperware out of our cabinets, and pretending to drink out of a cup. We have bought him a ton of trucks, toys that make noise, push toys....those are all great for a few minutes, but he is happiest at his kitchen:) He also has learned how to climb up on the couch and really likes sitting there next to Madddie. He loves to snuggle (so do we) and is great at giving kisses. Another obsession is the telephone. I rarely get on it at home if he is awake. If he sees it he wants and it isn't to talk! He might say "hey" but spends the rest of the time pushing buttons. He is our very active little boy who is so much fun!!

Maddie-3 1/2 years old and so full of life. Her vocabulary is amazing and I often forget that I am only talking to a toddler! She can be quite the little sassafrass! She still loves to color, does it every day a LOT. She also loves to paint, and do "projects" with me. She is artsy but also athletic. She loves to be outside playing basketball, baseball, and riding her bike. Her energy seems to be neverending. When she is sitting still, she loves watching movies. Some recent favorites are Annie, The Wizard of Oz, and most recently Alice in Wonderland. She also likes Calliou and Barney (Kevin hates that:) She loves seeing her friends and playing with others. At the Church Easter Egg Hunt last week she was so talkative to everyone and just wanted to play. I love that about her. I hope that she is always so friendly and tries to make everyone feel comfortable.

Maddie and Turner are so different and yet alike in ways too. I think we are getting the best of both worlds by having both a girl and boy and are so proud of them. Most of the time they play well together and I would love for them to grow up being the best of friends. Here is a picture of Turner snuggling with Megs.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!!

What an exciting, exhausting, fun-filled, blessed day!!! I started my day about 3:15 in the morning when Turner woke up screaming. I gave him a few minutes, but he never quit. I went and got him and we never went back to sleep. I wasn't sure whether it was his ears or his teeth, so I gave him some tylenol, but he was just restless. I am assuming now that it was his teeth, because he has been fine ever since. So Daddy joined us about 5 when he came to see what all the crying was about. He went outside to hide the easter eggs and it wasn't five minutes after he was finished, the Maddie walked in the den-perfect timing!!

First thing out of Maddie's mouth-"Did the Easter Bunny come?". I think she was remembering Christmas, because she was looking around the den and when she didn't see anything she said "oh no, did the bunny hop over our house?" Yeah right-as if I would let that happen:) So we took both kids into the kitchen to see their baskets. Turner did perk up quite a bit as he got to playing and Maddie thouroughly enjoyed going through all her goodies. Since it was still dark outside, we fixed breakfast before letting them find the eggs. Maddie was so sweet to Turner. She really wanted to be the one to find and pick up the egg, but she had no problem giving the eggs to him once she had gotten it. Turner was able to get a few on his own with Daddy's help.

After the excitement from the Easter Bunny died down, we all got ready for Church. The kids and Daddy looked pretty dern cute in their coordinating outfits-I will have to participate next year:) The service at Church was great and we had a full house! Some friends of ours visited yesterday and we really hope to see them again. Their little boy is Maddie's fishing buddy. After Church we went to Jim's Place East with my dad's side of the family. There was a bunch of us, and we were there FOREVER!! I loved seeing everyone, but the service wasn't great, and 3 hours was asking a little much of my kids. So, after lunch we went by Mimi and Boo Boo's for the kids to get their happy's from them. Maddie got a cute swimsuit cover up, book, dominos, and a craft. Turner got some swimming trunks, book, and hammer set. Turner slept through the visit, but Maddie enjoyed her goodies. Megs and Davids also had them each a stuffed animal, which Maddie has carried around ever since. Thanks y'all!!

We spent the rest of afternoon playing outside. Maddie rode her bike and Turner drove his car. It amazes me how well he drives it. He looks so grown up!! Over all, we had a great day spent with family and are thankful for Jesus and everything he did for us!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sneak Peek

The Easter Bunny has come-the kids are in for a treat in the morning! More updates tomorrow. Happy Easter everyone!

Easter Egg Hunt #2!

The kids had a ball today! We had a church Easter egg hunt and there were kids everything. There were several bouncers set up and Maddie couldn't stay out of them. She was a chatty Kathy today and didn't know a stranger. We couldn't stop laughing at playing with all the kids, even the one she didn't know! We let Turner get in the bouncer some too and he just laughed and held unto the sides. They were able to sit with the Easter bunny and hunt eggs. I went with Maddie and Daddy had Turner. Turner got five which I thought was great. Maddie had a lot! She took it very seriously and ran hard until they had all been found. They both had such a great time. Turner is at the age where we can have fun with both of them and they just do their own thing. Turner was all over the place and hugging up to everyone. I don't think he realized I was behind him the whole time and kept looking for a "momma"-apparently any one would do:)

Mimi, Boo Boo, Megs, and David all came to watch and visit. Boo Boo helped Turner with a Capri Sun, which he loved. We only give him milk and water so this was a big treat! Maddie was too busy playing to socialize much but did give out a few hugs. They played hard and are already fast alseep. Maddie did ask me if the Easter Bunny comes in Santa's sleigh before she fell asleep. She is too funny!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Coloring Easter Eggs!

This afternoon we colored and decorated Easter Eggs. I made Maddie wait till Turner woke up from his nap. He sat in his high chair and watched. I felt bad because he wasn't really old enough to help. We had boiled a dozen eggs and only colored 10. We decided to eat the other 2 and Turner sure did enjoy it:) Maddie loves any kind of "project" so she really enjoyed getting the eggs out and putting the stickers on them. We have set them out for the Easter Bunny to enjoy tomorrow night.

One Maddie funny of the day-she rode with me to pick up dinner at Sonic tonight. I have been talking to her about the meaning of Easter and asked her what Jesus did for us. She kept saying "tell me". I told her that Jesus died on the cross for us so that we could.....she finished the sentence by saying "he died so that we can dye easter eggs!!!" Not quite, but we will keep telling her:)

Enjoying the Weather!

We have spent a lot of time playing outside this week, especially after Maddie's rash got under control. She has had a few bumps come up the past few days, but nothing like Tuesday. It has been fun letting the kids use their outside toys. I bought Turner a tool bench last year at a yard sale and this has been the first week he used it. Between it, the basketball goal, playhouse, and swingset, the kids have had a blast in our backyard. It is so nice now that Turner is walking and able to really play. Maddie is quite the basketball player and learning how to swing by herself. Today Daddy mulched the flower beds and Maddie was able to help. Here are some pictures I have taken throughout the week. I can't wait till we can open the pool and enjoy that as well!