Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Nashville Nights!

Mo's last competition of the season was a few weeks ago.  We love going to Nashville, and Nonna met us there.  In the past we stayed at Gaylord, which the kids absolutely love.  But the meet this year was at the Music City Center, which is downtown and a little drive from Gaylord.  So we stayed at the Renaissance, which had a pool and a Starbucks!  The kids might have split their first drink from there:)
  We had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe, which everyone enjoyed.  It is a fun place and a few of Kev's cousins met is there as well.  After dinner, we let the kiddos swim for a while.  We remembered Harper's floaties and she swam the length of the pool a dozen times!  We were back in our rooms and ready for bed by 9:30.  We had to be at the meet at 7:30 Sunday morning.
  Mo looked great to us, but didn't score very high and only medaled in vault.  This has been a much different season from last, but I think she has had more fun.  She doesn't practice as much, and I think it has been a good balance for her.  We are going to let her do Gold one more year and that will be it.  She will either have to go back to compulsory or quit.  And we are good either way!  Gymnastics was a big deal to me last year, I am afraid more of a priority than it should have been.  This is an area that cancer changed for me.  Gymnastics is fun, Maddie seems to have a natural ability....but there are much more important things!  We are thankful for the people that have come into our path from it and Mo has definitely learned a ton.  Who knows what this next season will bring!

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  1. can't find kevin on Facebook. I had him in highschool awhile ago. tell him I said hello!

    -Jacob Mercer